Would love feedback on my first Genesis site after being a Thesis girl!

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    As I move toward a publisher model and slowly move away from the service model in my business, I designed this site using the Mindstream child theme.

    I intended to have a more “visiting card” style personal site that gives a brief idea about what I do online through providing links to my projects.


    It’s the first site I designed on Genesis. It took around 16 hours. Working with Genesis does have a learning curve for me as I’m not a professional designer, but I totally enjoyed exploring it and playing in the backstage for a while :)

    The only thing I couldn’t figure out was how to add a favicon.

    I used to be a hard-core Thesis fan, but after the torment of the latest Thesis update, I feel good about switching to StudioPress.

    Thank you in advance for your ideas, criticism and suggestions!

    Glad to be here :)





    Gary Jones
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    For favicons, you’ll need to use FTP and upload a favicon.ico file to your theme’s images file.

    Interesting little layout :-)

    Suggest using the official Twitter logo, as per their branding guidelines, and I think the G you have is more for Google, than Google+.


    Beyond that, welcome to the Genesis community!

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    Thanks, Gary :)

    I’ll definitely work on those ideas!




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    Hi Cakobu!

    Just love creative people who have the courage to do their stuff. Great work. If it is something i want is a more clear navigation. Wich is the “home”  and what is the “story teller” does it belong to your site or other stuff. Its just that.



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    That is so simple and beautiful.   I switched from Thesis too about 18 months ago.   Very well done.

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