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    I have re-installed WP-cycle to my Enterprise theme and now cannot persuade it to work.
    I have used WP-cycle previously on this site quite ok and now decided to go back to it.
    So no problem configuring WP-cycle.
    Currently SlideDeck works fine in the header as do any widgets that I place there.
    Is it possible a conflict exists with another plug-in that would prevent WP-cycle showing up?

    Thanks in advance



    ChrisGray: This sounds similar to a problem I had with the Enterprise theme several months ago…and one of the more illustrious experts here (#Anitac) solved the problem for me.

    The fix was beyond my understanding, so she dug in and fixed it for me, but apparently there’s a problem with the PHP code in the Enterprise theme that causes some things to not show up on the home page.

    She fixed it and everything was OK then.

    Not sure what she did to fix it, but maybe she’ll see this note, and will come and give you some help.



    Thanks. I have read through most of what has been written before on this issue but these did not apply in this case.



    Hey Chris

    I’m also struggling, I’ve followed the instructions for setting up Enterprise in a similar fashion as the demo site, but I get nothing displaying in the header – not even an error message…

    Anyone have ideas / suggestions??



    No reply to that? :(
    I have a similar problem with Metric (fresh install).

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    Sadly no, in my case the images appeared all distorted and stretched, despite being sized correctly.
    I ended up using a different theme but have since read elsewhere that a way around this is to assign links to all images – just thought I’d throw that up here in case its of help to anyone.

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