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    Today I a ran into a problem with the wp-cycle plugin by Nathan Rice. After updating the website to WordPress 3.5 everything was still working. Since the images for the plugin needed to be changed I went and deleted the existing images and started uploading new images. That worked well for the first images, but then 1 of the images was to small for the set width option and it refused to update.

    After messing about a bit with the settings I found myself with a settings pages where the options did not show anymore. I deleted the plugin and uploaded it again. That did not help… by then I could not see the options nor the images in the backend. Somehow there where still 2 images left that I could not delete anymore.

    In the WordPress plugins support I found someone who has the same problem That person reported the problem 2 weeks ago so there is a good chance it is unrelated to the coinciding update to WP 3.5
    Unfortunately most post in the WP plugin support forum remain unanswered…

    A few questions arise:

    Are more people having problems with WP-Cycle ?
    How can I remove the remains of WP-Cycle from the database? (completely uninstall it)

    I put another slideshow in the website for now, so it is not urgent. But since I also use the WP-Cycle plugin on other websites I want to know if I should be careful running updates/changes on  sites that have the plugin installed

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    I haven’t had any issues. You can use a plugin like DB-Optimize to remove code injected by unused plugins.

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    Thanks for the reply SoZo… it’s been so long that I already forgot which site I was working on at that time :-)
    I have used DB-Optimize, but never for this purpose.. I will check it out.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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