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    Could anyone provide a list of themes that will support the WP Cycle plugin without additional coding?

    I have been using the plugin with blogs that use the Enterprise theme. I know that in the past the Metric theme used WP Cycle and it looks like the Crystal Theme also uses it. I find the plugin especially useful and am wondering if there are any other StudioPress or Genesis themes that can use this plugin without any hardcoding or special configuration that has not been built into the theme. I am looking for some alternatives to the Enterprise theme that have a different look but essentially the same layout and organization.

    Thanks for any help with this



    You can use the plugin with any theme.

    Its very easy to install.

    The best way is to hook it in using code. http://wpsites.net/best-plugins/3-ways-to-display-wp-cycle-slide-shows-in-your-theme/#wp_cycle_PHP_tag_In_Custom_Function



    Thanks for the link to the page explaining the customization of WP cycle.

    There are a couple of loose ends in the article that require further explanation.

    The page gives alternatives for sites that use simple hooks and those that don’t. All genesis sites used hooks.

    The instructions are not clear on how to position wp cycle within the layout of a theme. There is a short line of code to place in a text widget, but it is not explained whether the widget code is sufficient or whether additional editing of function files is required or whether the alternative coding for themes that use or do not use simple hooks can be used on any blog and why.

    I will experiment with this but unless the explanation addresses these unaddressed issues, it may be difficult to get wp-cycle working in the right layout division.

    Will check this out and see if it works with the Magazine Pro Theme. I will try to create a wp-cycle widget that can be placed in the home top division of the Magazine Pro layout.


    Do you need to add code to the function files AND add aditional code to a text widget or is the short line of code suggested for the text widget sufficient for this purpose?

    Thanks for any help with these questions.



    You can hook the slider into any hook position.

    Not all themes provide hooks and the slider works on any theme, not just Genesis/StudioPress themes.

    The link i included, links to the section on the post which provides the best solution for Genesis themes.

    Using the PHP tag is a better solution than using the shortcode.

    All you need to do is change the hook position to match the position you want to display the slider in your theme.



    Thanks for the tip.

    I have been experimenting without success with adding to the hooks page and also trying to add a custom text widget.

    So far its not workiong.

    I am having trouble identifying the right page to edit in the new Magazine Pro theme used with Genesis.

    The only pages available for editing in the WP themes editor are the css style page and pages called

    as well as styles.css

    The pages are named very differently from those of the Enterprise theme where I was able to locate the code integrating wp-cycle into the template.

    Do you have any idea which of the above listed pages needs to be edited with the wp-cycle tag added?

    Thanks for any additional tips.



    The tutorial states:

    Add the PHP tag for wp cycle to a custom function in your child themes functions.php file

    Please copy the code from the view raw link and paste it at the end of your child themes functions.php file using a text editor like Notepad++




    Thanks for the latest. I figured this out. On my first look, I didn’t see a good place in the functions file to place the code. The Enterprise theme has the code related to wp-cycle in the home.php page, not the functions.php page.

    I just added the code sample to the functions.php page for the Magazine pro theme. It does cause wp-cycle to appear in the header of a blog using the theme.

    I want wp cycle to appear in the home-top division for the theme, not the header, so some change in the coding of the recommended tag needs to take place in order to instruct wp-cycle to appear in the home-top division instead of the header. I tried some changes in the coding, but so far have not been able to get this to work.

    The code suggested above causes wp-cycle to appear only in the header area. Also there is no padding between the images loaded into wp-cycle and the black header. It appears some additional modifications are needed such as an added spacer image to make this appear well in the Magazine Pro template.

    Some additional changes to the suggested code need to be made before wp-cycle will appear in any area other than the header are for this theme.

    The general principle for adding wp-cycle is there, but it takes additional changes in the theme to make it look good.



    You can easily install the plugin and add support for shortcodes in widgets and then use the shortcode in the home-top widget area.



    Thanks again.

    I do have the plugin installed and was using it with the Enterprise theme. The one thing I need to learn is how to add support for shortcodes in widgets. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. I would guess its some place in WP or Genesis’s documentation. Maybe by the time you get back to me, I will have found it. I think I’m getting a bit closer to the critical mass for a breakthrough on this problem.

    I’m going to see if I can enable support for shortcodes in widgets.



    I almost got this right.

    I added a line to the functions.php file to enable shortcodes.

    Then I added the text of the shortcode suggested on the page to which I was referred.

    WP-Cycle is appearing in the text widget in which I added the code recommended. However there is something wrong with the phrasing or syntax used in the code I placed in the widget, because in addition to WP-Cycle which is indeed visible and functioning, there is some unwanted code that apppears above and below thw WP-Cycle Images.

    How do i get the unwanted code to disappear from the widget so that only WP Cycle appears?

    Here is the site where I am trying this.


    Here is the shortcode segment I copied and pasted from the how to page. Something needs to be edited out of this:

    add_action(‘genesis_header’, ‘wpcycle_slider_header_home’);

    function wpcycle_slider_header_home() {
    if (is_home()) {
    echo do_shortcode(‘[wp_cycle]’);
    * @author Brad Dalton – WP Sites
    * @example http://wp.me/p1lTu0-a1K



    Something is causing both the code and WP Cycle to appear in the text widget.

    Does anyone know how to get the code to disappear?

    Thanks for any additional help.



    You only need to add the shortcode to the text widget [wp_cycle]



    The problem is that there is no WP-Cycle widget with the Magazine Pro theme. The WP Cycle widget that was available in the Enterprise theme is no longer there.

    I will keep looking to see if I can find it.

    I just checked and with the enterprise theme WP Cycle is built into the theme itself and is not a widget. It is built into the header of the Enterprise theme.

    There is no wp cycle widget in either theme unless there is a simple way to create one that works. As can be seen the WP Cycle shortcode that was added to a text widget shows up in the blog along with the WP Cycle itself.

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    The shortcode has been added to a text widget, but the code itself continues to show up in the widget in addition to the WP-Cycle image changer.



    I almost have WP Cycle working in a text widget using only this code:

    echo do_shortcode(‘[wp_cycle]


    However the code text continues to show up in the widget cluttering the layout.

    I found a trick that gets the text of the shortcode to disappear from the widget and display only the WP Cycle Image display.

    If you simply add

    <form echo do_shortcode(‘[wp_cycle]

    the unwanted code disappears and you see only WP Cycle.

    However this destroys the theme layout and causes the main sidebar to float down to the bottom of the blog.

    There must be some piece of code that will get the shortcode to work in a text widget without cluttering the display.

    I would be very appreciative if anyone can explain exactly how this should be done.

    I found the suggestion that adding the statement


    to any line of html, or shortcode will cause at least some of the unwanted code to disappear from the widget. It works for the use of WP Cycle in a text widget, but it causes other problems with the theme layout, shifting the sidebars to the bottom of the homepage.

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