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    hello there

    I find WP in itself to be a hard editing platform since I’m uploading content from word document files. Most of the times there is a blank line between all paragraphs, so I have to manually delete those to make text look good.

    I use TINYMCE plugin but it’s useless in this aspect… any idea?

    Also, does Genesis use a shortcode or something to enable me to have a graphic on the left/right side, and at the same time accompanied text ? I kind of wished to have anĀ invisible table insert option, to help with that.

    Any input on this too?

    Thank you,




    My for your first question is not to use Microsoft Word as a text writer – that application formats text to make it look nice for documents etc., but wasn’t designed for adding text to web applications (from years of working with Blogger, it does that same thing, so I know it’s not WP specific).

    I recommend writing posts in plain text format in something like notepad or textpad. Then, when you copy and paste, there is no formatting needed to be stripped out.

    As far as graphics – if you’re saving them in a jpg. or .png format, they will be treated as any other kind of image by your media library, and can be inserted into your post like any other kind of image – if you chose “image aligned left”, your text will appear on the right of the image.

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    thank you Susan. I wished to find a WP-proof word document editor, as we can easily bold text and use different fonts which is key for readability. I didn’t know about the image aligned left option. Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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