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    Calling all WP Experts

    I am trying to locate the best route for creating a WP Plugin that I would assume utilizes API.

    I have very limited programing knowledge and would most likely just want someone to make this to my specs. Would this be something to reach out on odesk.com to have completed? What is the going rate for making a plugin?

    Also when you have a plugin made, does the programmer then own the rights to the plugin “idea” or do you have to put in contract language that they are simply making this for me?

    I hope that make sense.

    Thanks in advance..



    You could put a listing on oDesk or similar sites, but I would be very cautious in choosing someone to hire – you never know if the files provided are well-coded, contain malware, etc. There are a number of devs in the Genesis and WordPress communities who make custom plugins; see this post for more info about hiring someone: http://chrislema.com/wordpress-plugin-ideas/

    Ownership depends on your contract with the dev – some want to retain rights, while others will sign them over for an additional fee. Hope that helps!

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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