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    I have a client site who has another theme set up for their blog. Their website is a static site. We are wanting to use the crystal theme to convert their website AND blog. Because the current blog is live and using another theme, how do I set up a development area on the server that is separate from all existing files? Understandably, I don’t want to be working on the live blog.

    Preferably, I’d like to switch the new one on and delete the old off when the time comes to go live. Don’t know if it can happen that smoothly. Current hosting is a windows environment. I am willing to change to BlueHost but still not sure how to set it up when the domain is pointing to the windows server.

    Any suggestions on best approach will be appreciated. Thanks much and Happy New Year.



    If you are setting it up on the clients server – just create a folder called “newsite” under their domain – http://client.com/newsite. Then install WordPress there. Once you get everything all worked out – then all you need to do is point the domain name to the file folder “newsite.”



    Here are the complete directions on how to leave WP in the folder you are using for the new site and then are able to replace the old site with minimal effort –





    Marc, Thank you so much. This will get me started.



    I purchased a new theme and want to try it out without putting it on my “live” site. However, I don’t understand well enough to use the info in the link you provided Marc.



    Hi, couponsinmotion. You can set up your computer to run WordPress ‘locally’, so that only you can see the site. You can use a package called XAMPP (http://apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html) Get the version for your operating system, download the installer version, and follow the instructions. You will end up with a directory structure: c:\xampp\htdocs. Install wordpress into that folder; it is the equivalent of your root directory on your hosted site. Then you can play with it all you want. No one else can see it. Hope that helps!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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