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    Is anyone here familiar with working on ZigZag themes?  I found a few that I like, but my concern was about the sidebar width and its ability to hold a 300×250 ad.  I tried contacting the theme vendor a couple of times, though without success (not a good first sign).

    I’m not adept at digging into code to make changes, so I’m curious if I can easily adjust the dimensions or not.  Thanks for any help.



    If you are at all familiar with the basics of CSS then it is pretty simple to change any of the dimensions

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    Thanks for the reply.  I am barely familiar with the basics of CSS, as each person who creates a styles.css sheet seems to have his or her own way of putting things together.  I’m a photographer and writer, not a designer. Code is something I gave up over 20 years ago, except for following explicit instructions.

    Even when trying to modify the font-family inside of the Executive theme, the results don’t seem to appear.


    Posh John

    It should be fairly straightforward to alter the size of the sidebar in any theme – if you have a specific theme in mind, i would be happy to take a look for you…

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    Thanks.  I hadn’t bought the theme yet, but that was my only concern.  As I mentioned, I’m fairly inexperienced delving into CSS – just don’t have the time to get experienced with it, either.

    Once I get the theme, I’ll take a look for myself and speak up here if I’m still befuddled.  I appreciate the offer of help.



    Hi William,

    We can offer a support once you have the theme. We suggest to use the support forum  so we can directly make some support to you.With regards to your concern on the sidebar, little manipulation on CSS could do that.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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