Genesis Community Link Showcase for Sept. 27th

The Genesis community is one of the most active, vibrant, and reliably helpful in the WordPress ecosystem.

We mean it when we say that the Genesis Framework would not be what it is — the industry standard for premium WordPress themes — without this amazing community that supports it and constantly pushes development forward.

Our team here at StudioPress never ceases to be amazed at the creative and innovative ideas Genesis developers come up with for extending the Framework in ways we never even imagined. And the amount of tutorials and other learning aids available for new and even experienced users grows by the day.

This regular link showcase will highlight these community contributions that we appreciate so much.


  1. Brian,

    I am quite impressed. Thanks for these resources. I’ll be taking a deep look at each one!

  2. Brian, the Article written by Brian Bourn was very helpful. I made the edit to my comment form. Very painless edit. This is why I love StudioPress so much. It’s so easy to made edits to your theme files because of how well the framework is coded/set up. I’m not even a programmar but feel like one now. lol

    Brian’s blog design is outstanding as well.

  3. The Masonry tutorial is really a great one.

    Are you going to be posting something more often? Probably few times a month?