Affiliate Program Promotion – 40% Commissions for 2010

For those of you who aren’t a StudioPress affiliate, we’d like to invite you to join. For those of you who already are an affiliate with us – we’d like to reward you as well. As you know, the Genesis Framework is the foundation of any smart WordPress design. The premium theme market continues to grow rapidly along with WordPress, and there’s good money to be made by savvy bloggers and online marketers. Why not reap the benefits by promoting both Genesis and WordPress?

Genesis by StudioPressOur affiliate program is now hosted with Share a Sale, and we typically pay out a generous 35% commission to affiliates. Through the end of the year, however, all StudioPress affiliates will earn a whopping 40% on every sale, whether of Genesis, the new Prose theme with point-and-click design controls, any of the turn-key child themes designs, or the popular Pro Plus All-Themes package.

Our top affiliates make many thousands of dollars a month, and it’s because they use and believe in StudioPress solutions. This allows them to do high-value reviews and tutorials that naturally result in commissions. Now that we’re part of Copyblogger Media, our flagship content site Copyblogger also promotes the work of our affiliates to its 62,000+ Twitter followers, driving you more traffic that increases your sales even more.

Sign up for the StudioPress affiliate program here, and also consider optimizing your own site with a Genesis-powered design. At a 40% commission rate, you should be able to easily recoup your investment before the end of the year.


  1. I love E-junkie its better to deal with them but if the commission rates going to rise this better ofcours

  2. Share a Sale is fantastic and now that you’re offering 40%, it’s even more of an incentive to use the affiliate program. Here’s hoping I can generate a few sales. 40%! Wow.

  3. Yeah, we love high affiliate commissions, but we hate that they raise up the commissions for months and they get a lot affiliates, then they drop down the commissions…

    • We feel that increasing our current affiliate commissions to 35% is very fair. Sure, we have a promotion going, but I doubt you’ll find many other theme development affiliate commissions that are at 35%.

      • Yes, the studiopress is the best, much better than woothemes, pres75 etc,for affiliates I have to say.

        I have more than 3 sites that promote wordpress themes, and almost every post I mention studiopress!

  4. Great program. I just signed up tonight.

  5. Thanks, I have just switched to SAS, nice banners too

  6. 40% is very nice, i will surely try.

  7. That’s a pretty heavy affiliate cut! As always, you guys are kill’n it! :)

  8. My one and only beef with StudioPress: long lags between updates and new theme releases a rarity. With such a talented staff of designers, SEO experts and marketing specialists you guys would have a good amount to offer as far as daily tips and tricks on a variety of subjects – would be nice to see something like that instead of the same old update from October 25 when I make a visit in the hopes of a new theme (or theme preview) on November 3.

    Friendly advice from your local peanut gallery :)

    • Chris – thanks for the comment, and don’t worry – it’s taken well.

      Because of the recent merge into Copyblogger Media, we’ve had our hand full. As for theme updates, the only ones you should really expect are with Genesis. Child themes rarely warrant an update, unless we’re adding more color styles to it – but the bulk of code updates, feature updates, etc will come by way of Genesis. (which we have v1.4 planned to release soon.) We are also releasing another child theme at the end of this week, and will begin work on more.

      All in due time. :-)

      • Cheers Brian, thanks for the quick response. Sorry I wasn’t more clear in my initial post as I did mean child theme releases as opposed to updates to existing themes. I find myself a bit of a Genesis junkie, impatiently waiting for that perfect theme or for the latest theme that gives me my next big idea :)

        In any case, a pleasure as always – if I didn’t like it here so much I’d not have so much to say. G’night!

        PS: My impatience is now focused on Genesis 1.4; I will be back, potentially to nag again 😉