AgentPress 2.0: Coming Soon & What’s New

I am very pleased to announce that we’re closing in on the release of AgentPress 2.0 – the updated version to our most popular child theme for Genesis. While I admit that this update is overdue, we’re excited to reveal why it’s taken so long.

Updated Design

AgentPress 2.0 will include a brand new design as the “default” look. Here’s a screenshot that shows you one of the color styles that will be included:

AgentPress 2.0 Design

Custom Post Types

With the release of WordPress 3.0 a feature called Custom Post Types was introduced. When this took place, we decided that AgentPress 2.0 should have a “Listings” post type in it. This would separate posts from listings, and make it much more user-friendly in our opinion.

We won’t go into all of the details now, but here’s what part of the Listing post type screen looks like:

AgentPress Property Details

AgentPress Listings Plugin

Not only is AgentPress 2.0 going to be different with custom post types, we’ve also decided to pull that functionality out and place it into a plugin, which will be available on the WordPress repository. This gives us a way to update the plugin with new features and bug fixes, and to allow users a seamless (and one-click) way to obtain the new version.

Aside from that, the Agentpress Listings plugin can be integrated in any of the Genesis child themes with a few steps (tutorials coming soon). That is something we’re very excited about.

AgentPress IDX Integration

While we have no intentions (and never will) of creating our own IDX solution, we plan on making the AgentPress 2.0 theme compatible for the most popular IDX solutions around. First and foremost will be integration with the Diverse Solutions’ dsIDXpress plugin. You’ll see how that looks very soon.

AgentPress 2.0 Demo Site

We figured this question would be asked, so we’re rewarding those who took the time to read this entire post. Go on, you can now check out the AgentPress 2.0 demo to see what it looks like. Please keep in mind that this is a staging environment, and what you see now might change. We are still working on the design and functionality of various things, so don’t hold us to anything here.

AgentPress 2.0 Release Timeline

Last, but certainly not least, you’re probably dying to know when it’s coming…

We’re doing our best to wrap things up, and we know the danger of 1.0 being the Loneliest Number. (or in this case 2.0) Considering that we’ve published this post, you can assume it will be soon.

Ultimately our plan is to release the AgentPress Listing plugin as well as the AgentPress 2.0 child theme in beta to our Pro Plus members before it’s officially released. A lot of hard work has gone into the development of these, and we want to make sure we have a chance to thoroughly test it.

What does this really mean? It means possibly next week you can get your hands on them…