AgentPress 2.0: Coming Soon & What’s New

I am very pleased to announce that we’re closing in on the release of AgentPress 2.0 – the updated version to our most popular child theme for Genesis. While I admit that this update is overdue, we’re excited to reveal why it’s taken so long.

Updated Design

AgentPress 2.0 will include a brand new design as the “default” look. Here’s a screenshot that shows you one of the color styles that will be included:

AgentPress 2.0 Design

Custom Post Types

With the release of WordPress 3.0 a feature called Custom Post Types was introduced. When this took place, we decided that AgentPress 2.0 should have a “Listings” post type in it. This would separate posts from listings, and make it much more user-friendly in our opinion.

We won’t go into all of the details now, but here’s what part of the Listing post type screen looks like:

AgentPress Property Details

AgentPress Listings Plugin

Not only is AgentPress 2.0 going to be different with custom post types, we’ve also decided to pull that functionality out and place it into a plugin, which will be available on the WordPress repository. This gives us a way to update the plugin with new features and bug fixes, and to allow users a seamless (and one-click) way to obtain the new version.

Aside from that, the Agentpress Listings plugin can be integrated in any of the Genesis child themes with a few steps (tutorials coming soon). That is something we’re very excited about.

AgentPress IDX Integration

While we have no intentions (and never will) of creating our own IDX solution, we plan on making the AgentPress 2.0 theme compatible for the most popular IDX solutions around. First and foremost will be integration with the Diverse Solutions’ dsIDXpress plugin. You’ll see how that looks very soon.

AgentPress 2.0 Demo Site

We figured this question would be asked, so we’re rewarding those who took the time to read this entire post. Go on, you can now check out the AgentPress 2.0 demo to see what it looks like. Please keep in mind that this is a staging environment, and what you see now might change. We are still working on the design and functionality of various things, so don’t hold us to anything here.

AgentPress 2.0 Release Timeline

Last, but certainly not least, you’re probably dying to know when it’s coming…

We’re doing our best to wrap things up, and we know the danger of 1.0 being the Loneliest Number. (or in this case 2.0) Considering that we’ve published this post, you can assume it will be soon.

Ultimately our plan is to release the AgentPress Listing plugin as well as the AgentPress 2.0 child theme in beta to our Pro Plus members before it’s officially released. A lot of hard work has gone into the development of these, and we want to make sure we have a chance to thoroughly test it.

What does this really mean? It means possibly next week you can get your hands on them…


  1. awesome, nicely designed. exceptionally great..

  2. The biggest flaw in the dsIDXexpress is that there is no forced registration. If you are super rich you can get both of their solutions but I think it is Diverse Solutions way of trying to squeeze the most amount of money for their product out of agents. Is there any interface to incorporate a forced registration through AgentPress WITHOUT any other plugin?

    • Are you suggestion forced registration in order to view listings?

      • You can always go with IDX Broker. You can set that IDX up to do force registration.

        • I’m curious as to whether the results are better with or without forced registration. I know you want to own the client, however in non-real-estate websites, many experts feel that forced registration is sales suicide.

          I am a believer that, if you have a great website that does a good job of stating why YOU should be the agent to choose, the clients will come to you voluntarily…and you’ll get more clients than if you forced registration. This is especially true since many potential home buyers spend months on their search…and they don’t want to be pressured into signing up for anything in their initial exploratory period. But I don’t know what studies or facts may (or may not) back up my opinion.

          I’ve always thought of forced registration as something like demanding that a person marry you on the first date. You can be pretty sure they won’t…but if you didn’t force the issue, you might end up married to that person in the end.

          • Hmmmmmm……..That is almost exactly what the sales team @ Diverse Solutions tells you when you sign up. I have tried it, had great traffic, great content, Avg. time on my site 5.2 Minutes plus, 0 registrations. My only challenge is, if all the data claims that force registration is not good, why does DS offer it in their bigger, more expensive packages?

          • Mark: we can debate forced vs. open registration all day long. As you know, there’s two camps:

            1.) you should absolutely force users to register,
            2.) you should never, under any circumstances force users to register or they’ll go somewhere else,

            My take is this, if you ditch forced registration, near-term lead volume will drop. But long-term, you have higher quality leads.

            If you ask me, the trick is to get good and make sure your conversion experience is optimized (whether it’s our product or anyone else’s for that matter).

          • @Ricardo,

            Sorry, I can’t reply directly below your post.

            I wasn’t trying to start a debate…as mentioned, I have my opinion but am not sure how much any studies back it up. And I think you’re absolutely right…there are two camps, and after reading the comments I’m not sure which camp I’m in now. :-)



          • We use 3 different searches on our site. dsIDXpress for SEO that generates traffic but then when the person searches they end up on our IDXBroker site which has forced registration.

            We also offer visitors one of the “lifestyle listing” engines but I like it too much to share what it is.

            Forced registration after 3 – 8 views of property details pages almost always results in many more qualified leads.

            That said, the real key for agents who are constantly told to do x, y, and z related to technology is to (a) BE BETTER than your competition, (b) PROVE IT, (c) Communicate that proof effectively, and (d) Appear Uniquely matched to your target audience’s geographic area, demographic or – better yet – psychological profile.

      • Yes. Just like in the other product by Diverse Solutions.

        • Well we can’t do any forced registration to see Diverse Solutions IDX listings… but for manual listings, folks can password protect a page if they want, and make people submit their info in order to receive access.

          • That is great news Brian. You and your team are always ahead of the curve.

          • Or you can mark pages as private so they’re only visible to logged in users.

            This is a core WordPress feature so StudioPress doesn’t need to do anything to make it work (although if this feature is in demand it might be nice to provide a tutorial).

          • The problem with password protecting manual listings or hiding the pages is that the big listing syndication sites (Zillow, Trulia, will still publish that listing on their site based on the info that they pull through an IDX from the MLS.

            So, instead of the listing agent getting the credit for marketing their property online, the other agents in town who have listings indexed by Google will be the first ones to show up in a search for that property address.

            Think about how uncomfortable the conversation will be when the agent tries to explain to their seller why every other tech savvy agent in town and national listing syndicate are marketing their property, yet the actual listing agent has chosen to hide their property behind a registration wall in order to help the agent generate more buyer leads.

    • Hey Michael,

      dsIDXpress was initially created as an easy (and fast) solution to add functional and indexable IDX content to WordPress for a low price. Still (and as you know), it works in conjunction with dsSearchAgent – which is enabled for lead capture, mobile and email marketing.

      That said, we ARE working on an update to dsIDXpress which will include a variety of upgrades including forced registration. More details on that soon…

      • Ricardo, with all due respect, we have been hearing the “we ARE working on an update to dsIDXpress which will include a variety of upgrades including forced registration” for quite some time. I don’t believe that Xpress and Agent truly work “in conjunction” with one another. They are 2 products working in the same site. If they worked “in conjunction”, wouldn’t you have forced registration while you search for properties?
        $300 startup plus $130 a month is way above market pricing for the combination of the 2.

        • Actually Michael you are incorrect on both counts. The two do in fact work in conjunction with each other as anyone who has used them attest, particularly since dsIDXpress makes use of custom links made in dsAgent. Used in conjunction with a well SEO’d site your second assertion is wrong since the lead generation has always in my experience increased by around a factor of 8 after switching over from a rather limp IDXbroker service to that of Diverse Solutions. How that, plus the VASTLY superior product put together by Diverse Solutions, doesn’t justify an increased service cost is frankly absurd. Garbage in, garbage out also applies to IDX service, plain and simple.

      • Ricardo, very interested in the new dsIDXpress functionality. Where is the best place for us to keep up to date on the new features?

        • Brian: You always know where to reach me. As always, I’m sure we’ll have beta testers so I’ll be sure to get in touch. And you know I’ll always keep people updated :-)

          Releasing mobile was big on our development calendar and now that we’ve hit that mile-stone, we can move forward.

    • @Michael why all the hostility towards DS and IDXpress? I freaking love the plugin! If you are looking to transform your site into an organic search power its got to be the first plugin you activate IMO!

      @Ricardo very excited to hear you guys are working hard on it too!!! YES!

      • I’ve got to agree with Seth, the dsIDXpress plugin is fantastic. It’s extremely easy to use … gives you the ability to use listings to create evergreen content … and is tailored for SEO – by having every listing indexed, you open yourself up to address-based search traffic that you wouldn’t normally get.

        Once the DS guys add the ability to force registration, it will be all the better; however, even without that functionality, I think it stands on its own as a great product.

    • After testing several different strategies over the years, we have had the best success by setting up forced registration after 5-8 actions on custom IDX maps, which are strategically placed throughout our site on targeted landing pages and blog posts.

      We use the DS plugin as a way to get as many properties indexed as possible. And, equally as important, the DS Plugin creates an awesome home search experience for buyers and sellers.

      We’ve found that the more pages we have indexed through the plugin, the more calls and emails we receive every day from motivated buyers who want to look at particular properties.

      So, having forced registration on the DS plugin would significantly hurt our SEO, as well as reduce the amount of quality contacts we get every day.

      Buyers want to see properties, so that is what we give them. And, the easier we make it for people to view properties, the more loyal our potential buyer clients become.

      Actually, I don’t even consider the IDX registrations as true “leads.” We just have that function in place to keep bringing people back to our site, similar to how an RSS feed “registration” works for a blog.

      Either way, the plugin currently works seamlessly with the traditional Diverse Solutions IDX component in the way our “view this property” requests filter in through the various pipelines that we have on a round-robin to the agents. Plus, the custom links are killer ways of adding dynamic content for a target audience and increasing the amount of time people spend on our site.

      With regards to the new AgentPress design and DS integration, I wonder how difficult it would be to make that property search box on the home page work with the plugin’s search widget? Or, just make that spot to the right of the slider a widget area, and give tutorials on how to customize the CSS for the search widget.

      Another question – Is it possible to have several different nav bars, sidebars and widgetized footer areas with AgentPress?

      Other than that, I love the new design. Smart move separating the listings from the blog posts using custom posts types and making that functionality a plugin vs theme setting.

      Good job.

  3. Integrating IDX is a great idea. That’s definitely something real estate agents struggle with.

    Just a thought: Why not generate maps from the address rather than copying and pasting the embed code from google?

  4. Awesome! This new design and outfit looks amazing ๐Ÿ˜‰ Really great ideas with top and bottoms bars too. This could also be useful for a lot of other areas not only Real Estate IMHO. So really waiting for this one to get my hands on!

    Will there be any option to change the slugs of the custom post type/taxonomies? This would be very very cool!

    All in all thanx to the whole team for putting out such stunning work!

    Servus from Germany, Dave :)

  5. Looking great, Brian. My clients use IDXBroker but perhaps you’ll consider that in the future. Can’t wait for it to be released!

  6. We’re still using the Classic Theme – and haven’t the funds to do a site redesign at the moment. Will the plugin work with the Classic theme?

    • If you are referring to the Classic AgentPress theme, yes – it should. There will be a few steps that will need to happen (ie adding a few files to the theme and some CSS) but we’ll hopefully be covering this in a tutorial.

      For what it’s worth, anyone who has purchased the Classic version of AgentPress, or the child theme for Genesis, are entitled to this version of AgentPress at no cost.

  7. This looks amazing, and the listing feature is going to make this such a useful theme for building online storefronts. Thanks for the updated theme!

  8. Amazing work as always!!!

  9. Very happy to see this. I have a car dealership on v 1 who’s very happy and will never move, but I’m about to sit down with a realtor to discuss re-doing their existing site. This will help. Any chance of a working demo in the next, oh, 4 or 5 days? :-)

  10. Looks fantastic. Not sure if this is the goal or not, but the plugin would not only work great in other child themes, but if easily configurable to another post type (say “cars”) it would be huge for Genesis. All in all, it all looks very promising.

    • Completely agree. There are two options… fork the plugin for custom situation and rename the folder, etc so it doesn’t get prompted for an update. Or the possibility of what’s being discussed here.

      • Absolutely wicked, Brian. If Genesis has a plugin that can plug and play custom post types into child themes, well, I can see a lot of great projects on the horizon. Bravo!

  11. That was brilliant timing!!

    Had scheduled a project site to start with the AP1.0 theme but am going to hold back now.

  12. It’s very cool. I love StudioPress!

  13. What about additional photos? I had to forgo this theme for another one because it wasn’t easy to add more photos to a listing. I didn’t see any in the demo that had more than one photo. Can you do this and how easy is it?

  14. GREAT work team! Give us a hint on the default layout colors?

  15. Yay! A little birdie hinted me a couple days ago this was in the works but I had no idea it was coming so soon. Looking forward to the beta release.

  16. Wow
    I’m never likely to use this theme, but it looks so good… I might just go into the property business. LOL

    Great clean looking theme.
    Love the constant development of Genesis and appreciate your efforts.

  17. Looks wonderful Brian! I can’t wait for the final release.

    I am curious though…will the property search feature in Agent Press 2.0 permit searching by more than one variable? I don’t use an IDX or have an MLS affiliation nor do I plan to.

    It’s a great day for all Studio Press developers, designers and theme users – great work Brian!

  18. Awesome! Can’t wait to get the final version.
    Now, going to plan a good property listing website. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. I read your comment on Pamela Wilson’s blog about a similar upgrade to the prose theme. Can we expect something on a similar note.

  20. Looks great! Can’t wait for the release.

  21. I have got to figure out a way to use this in commercial real estate, especially in returning results from a CoStar or LoopNet database. That’d be huge!

    • You’ve certainly have got my interest Bob. I too have been looking for a way to present searchable commercial real estate info from a proprietary database (in this case my own) into WP via Agent Press 2.0. Up until now I have been limited to using iframes.

      I’d be interested in your general thoughts. Thanks Bob

      • I think the ultimate success of doing this for the CRE side depends on what CoStar/LoopNet are willing to supply vendors like us, data-wise … it’s been awhile since I’ve looked into their data offerings. And with CoStar and LoopNet merging, that’s going to be doubly interesting.

        In the meantime, I imagine AgentPress sites for CRE would probably require the AP-equipped brokerage supplying CRE listings from their local/regional MLS (from other cooperating brokers), via the AP property search box and a dsISX-type of solution.

        Assuming the broker running the AP site will be supplying their own listings to MLS, their properties would appear in any commercial-related MLS search run from their own AP site.

        At the same time, I imagine the AP-equipped brokerage would able to feature their own listings through the custom post types and the listings plug-in Brian talked about in the post.

        (Wow, I hope all of that made sense.)

        I’m speaking a bit out of turn, though, considering that I haven’t see the new AgentPress in action. I’ll have a better opinion after next week. Thanks.

        • Thanks for your thoughts Bob.

          In the CRE arena it essentially brings us full circle – 1. how to the develop an easy to use alternative to the regional MLS (which most CRE brokers don’t use to a great extent); 2. not having as an alternative to rely on if and when data & structure might be available from Loopnet/Costar for example; and 3. having available a handle it yourself system that is efficient and configurable to a reasonable degree?

          However, I do believe AP 2.0 brings us closer to that goal although scaling to several 100 listings may not prove most efficient.

          There is the possibility that a dsISX-type of solution can be used on a captive basis (i.e., with the emphasis on the end user/buyer or tenant and less on attracting co-broke transactions as evident in the Loopnet model) vs. cooperative basis (sharing listings cooperatively as in the MLS model). I’m not sure as I have no background with such dsISX-types of solutions.

          Bottom line, a robust & configurable database component which isn’t using an MLS model and doesn’t rely on others data & structure, all complementary to WP, would be great. Actually it would be perfect! Thanks again Bob.

          • Not a problem. It was nice to stretch some mental muscles I haven’t used in a couple of years — I was on a team that started a full professional/social networking platform for CRE that included some really nifty features. It was a bit ahead of its time, though.

            Another possible option, in terms of listing data, is the various CIS’s set up by Catylist. But they offer full Website services, so I’m not sure how amped up they’d be to work with outside companies (like mine).

            And my previous post had a typo … I meant to type “dsIDX,” not “dsISX.” But I think you got my drift on that.

  22. I love the new look. Especially the layout of the property pages.

  23. I am wondering if the search widget will return results that are true for all fields or any field. Only 4+ bedrooms AND 3 bathrooms?

    I am assuming we can reconfigure these headings and use them for anything. Perhaps on a restaurant site visitors can search by cuisine AND city. Vegan AND Dallas?

  24. Outstanding! This just what I need for my redesign. I agree with Cyndi Papia – I prefer IDX Broker. Hopefully you can work that in soon. Thanks again Brain!

  25. I looove the new look! Can we get a feature where we can use our idx to feed our featured properties as another choice to posts? Or can that be done already and I just don’t know about it??!! Also, will we ever have the option to have the images fade in the slide show as well as slide? I would loooove that! Keep up the good work guys, love your stuff!

    • Hard to say without knowing what kind of IDX feed you are using. As of now, we’re going to try to make the theme compatible (out of the box) with dsIDXpress and IDX Broker. From there we can see where things go.

      • I am using IDX Broker. I just wished that I could have an easier way to link the search box you guys design to my IDX without having someone program it for me. It appears the search only pulls from listing posts. That’s my wish

        • Hi Andrea,

          Whether you’re using dsIDXpress or IDX-Broker, there should be some type of “quick search” widget that you can add to the home-page to search. There really shouldn’t be a need for additional programming.

          If I’m not mis-taken, the Quick Search that you see on the AgentPress demo is simply a widget. Replace that widget with your IDX company’s widget and you should be set to pull listings properly.

  26. Great news Brian, thanks!

    Any challenges from converting Agent Press 1.0 sites to 2.0? I have a couple in the works right now, and not sure how long I can stall the agents to wait for 2.0.

    Can’t wait to try out the beta, when it’s available will info be posted on the blog and/or forums?

    Please add another vote for IDX Broker support.

    Any thoughts or plans on having the default Property Details include fields for non-embed links for virtual tours, video, floor plans, document downloads, etc… If so, it would also be great if these were searchable and displayed an appropriate icon for each link type.

    Thanks! Alan

    • Video Tour would be a great add in. I agree with Alan to have icons for each item.

      Video, Photos, Map, etc… rather than all on a longgggggg page/post


  27. Brian,

    I love the new design and the separation between posts and listing.

    Any chance you’ll add a “for rent” status for those of us who do rentals/property management?



  28. Wow! Looks great! Waaay better than the current Agentpress theme (in my opinion)!!

    I especially love the property search at the top of the page. Can we integrate that with dsIDXpress? I hope so, because that would be awesome! The property search at the top is great! Love it.

    • Hey Seth,

      The “Quick Search” will definitely function – as you know, it’s one of the available widgets with dsIDXpress.

      If you’re referring to the links on the navigation however, just above the slider, that can be done with Custom Menu’s. All you have to do, is create your menu and link to the link structures generated by dsIDXpress to achieve the same effect. I’ll probably write up a tutorial for this in the near future. Otherwise, it’s pretty easy to do. :-)

  29. Wow Brian. Great. Finally it’s happening.

    A couple of questions.

    1. Is the listing Text customizable?

    2. What is the communities I see on the demo site? (Forgive my ignorance. I am from India and maybe this is something location specific)

    3. Are we able to choose how the ordering happens in the price category? In AP 1.0, since it orders in ascending order, I had to use a work around like 1. 2. and so on. Will that change?

    4. On the slider, is text no longer displayed?

    • 1) yes it is

      2) those are pages created in WordPress, and we are displaying them on the homepage via a widget

      3) currently it’s by ID, but since we are making this into a plugin, we can add a way to sort

      4) I left it out for the demo site, but you can show title/content if you want

  30. Looks very good and interesting. The wait is nearly over!

  31. As an agency that provides WordPress Real Estate Marketing websites for Agents and Brokers we are happy about this new release and update.

    As more and more real estate professionals consider WP as a foundation this will give them the tools necessary to achieve high level results.

    We look forward to the upcoming release and helping our clients attract + engage + convert using this powerful technology!

    Great job Studiopress!

  32. Not that it really has anything to do with AgentPress 2.0, but when it comes to “forced” registration, IMO the best thing an agent can do is test “forced” vs non-forced.

    (Why is he putting “forced” in quotes? Because I don’t “force” anyone to register. It’s not like I’m holding a gun to their head and saying, “Register or else!”…)

    We require minimal registration info after 5 listings are displayed. Believe me, I used to be very “anti forced” registration. Then I tested it. Requiring registration after five listing views increased home registrations almost 25x. One could debate long into the night about whether or not those are better or worse leads. But the simple fact is, collecting web-based prospect info is a numbers game. If you have the tools in place to convert those prospects into clients — without bugging the crap out of the prospect and getting all real estate salesy on them — then the more info you collect, the more you will convert.

    A *striking* number of agents rant for and against “forced” registration WITHOUT EVER TESTING IT. If you don’t test it, how do you know which method is best? Personally, I think it’s different for every market. But you know what? I don’t care about other markets. I care about my market and what works for it and my brokerage. And I know what works because I test it, measure it, and tweak it.

  33. I’m looking forward to AgentPress 2.0. Thanks Brian for all of your help and updating of this cool theme.

    Jay T – I agree with you.

  34. I’m all for “forced reg” they are using you money to search for homes they should give something back for the privileged of using the website you have spent hundreds of hours adding content to and thousands of $ paying for design, programming etc. If you have a good internet sales person internet leads are a ++.

  35. When is 2.0 coming out because I’m ready NOW!

  36. great news on the update…any ideas on release date? ready to launch:)

  37. I have a large Agent press 1.0 website. Will this easily convert to the new version or will I need to edit every listing?

    • You would need to edit every listing – the main reason is that AP 1.0 is using posts, and AP 2.0 is using custom post types. I’ve heard that there might be a general WP migration tool for this, but not sure.

      • My site has worked well I think because it is structured as a blog and using posts as property listing. How do custom post types differ and would this have a negative affect on SEO? My new posts are indexed in minutes a the moment.

        • I usually tend to err on the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” side of things. That being said, I probably would suggest not moving over to the new version.

  38. Iยดd agree, main thing I need so far as upgrade is a decent search box, apart from that everything else seems fine. but I am setting up a new site for a realtor and dont know which version to use now. Lots of new features, but the blog post aspect seems to work very well for me.

    • I can’t say for 100% certainly, but I don’t see why custom post types would get indexed any differently than posts. On the current site it makes sense to leave as is, but on a new site I’d probably recommend making the update.

  39. Now I’m a bit lost. I thought custom post types were just regular posts with backend bells and whistles. Can you explain the difference – in layman’s terms?

  40. Is there any way to use the new search facility on Agent Press 1 sites?

  41. Is it wrong to be this anxious about a 2.0?? I’ve checked in everyday, just to be sure I didn’t miss the release. lol! I feel like my 6 year old the night before x-mas….

  42. I haven’t worked with AgentPress before so forgive me if this is an obvious question. Is it possible to refine search results within a given category? Similar to Trulia,, etc. – to specify location AND price AND number of bedrooms? It didn’t look like that was an option (based on the demo) but I wondered if I’d missed something.

  43. I know you cant add forever all kind of fields, like Location, Prices and so on. There is one that I think is important: View.

    1) BeachFront
    2) Ocean View
    3) Mountain View
    4) River View
    5) River Front
    4) Whatever

    Buyers for example could just want to see ANY kind of listings, any kind of prices BUT they want only properties in front of the beach.

    My $0.02 cents!

    Roger Pilon

  44. What’s the latest update on 2.0 beta release? Still this week?

  45. Stop teasing…do you have a release date set yet?

  46. What about IDX broker integration?

    • It’s something that we’re talking with them about – more to come.

      • Please Please Please do this. The love affair with IDXpress is driving me crazy. They don’t cover my region and very curtly told me they never would. Basically implying the town I live in with 100k people, an education level 20 percentage points higher than average, and major university would never be worth their time or effort. They were pretty much ****.

        IDXbroker on the other hand has been very courteous and easy to work with. However, their product is ugly as sin and leaves a lot to be desired. Fortunately with some tweaking it can be prettied up, but the extra time because of lack of integration is tremendous.

  47. 1. “Forced registration” almost always generates more qualified leads but creatively combining the registration with additional offers, testimonials, and other social proof is really important since so many other sites like don’t require it.

    2. dsIDXpress is a terrific tool for SEO. You can a popover to generate leads. I’ve also developed a plugin that makes visitors click “FB Like/Share…Google +1 …. or Twitter Tweet” before being able to access the site content.

    3. IDX Broker has nice functions but does better when customized so the photos are bigger. They are also coming out with a new system later this year that should be much more easily customized.

    I do like the upgrade to AgentPress….but it REALLY needs some artistic help :) to ensure websites built on it look as sophisticated or local as the geographic area and psychological profile of the audience targeted.

    Maybe I should develop a design for the Marketplace? :)

  48. any chance of having an ajax based search form instead of the drop downs – they are getting kind of outdated aren’t they? just wondering…

  49. nice updated and awesome theme.

  50. I have been looking around for a template to use for the past few days and I really want to get set up and running with this. How do I go about getting a download of this child theme? When will the full version be released and out of beta? Can I download the beta version for free or does it cost anything? Thanks for your response in advance.


  51. Will the listings page via the plugin still be 100% configurable like it was in AP 1?
    Is there anything so far as subscriber options built in? Or will we need something stand alone to add this functionality?

  52. Does AgentPress 2.0 support the use of HTML5 for display of VR images like what appears at ?

    • Peter,
      Since AgentPress runs on the Genesis framework, the question really is “Is Genesis HTML5 ready?”, and the answer to that is no. At least not right now. We do have an HTML5 transition planned for Genesis 1.8, which should be released in a month or two.

      Once Genesis has switched to HTML5, the upgrade is simple, and can be done from the dashboard. Then, you can pretty much take advantage of any HTML5 feature.