AgentPress to Become a Genesis Child Theme

In October of last year, we launched the AgentPress website, which provided a solution for real estate agents who wanted to use WordPress. Now, nearly 6 months later, we’ve launched the Genesis Theme Framework which has become the foundation of all of our future themes.

We are very proud to announce that the AgentPress “classic” theme will become a child theme of Genesis (see the child theme demo here). As the continued development of Genesis occurs, it’s a sensible transition that will benefit everyone. The AgentPress “classic” theme code is great, but now that AgentPress will become a child theme, members will find it easier to update and most importantly is on a framework that is our future direction and will include additional features.

Here’s a screenshot of the AgentPress child theme with Image Slider on the homepage:

AgentPress Child Theme

What Exactly Does All of This Mean?

I’ll cut to the point – when the AgentPress child theme is ready, we’ll be closing down the AgentPress site as it stands now, and move all of the information and support over to StudioPress. It doesn’t make sense to offer a product on a separate site from where the actual support will take place. All AgentPress “classic” members will be upgraded to the Genesis/AgentPress child theme membership.

We will be importing the current AgentPress members and support forum over to the StudioPress forums, and then all support from there on out will take place in one spot. This allows better support across the board and will keep all of our theme users in one spot.

This also means that the AgentPress child theme will be included in the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme package, and we’re happy to offer refunds to members who became Pro Plus members and also purchased the AgentPress theme. If this applies to you, feel free to contact us after the transition takes places.

In Conclusion

The bottom line for us is to provide our users with the very best solution – after the AgentPress theme was released, we began development of the Genesis Theme Framework. In my opinion, it wouldn’t seem fair to neglect those who’ve purchased the AgentPress theme by not moving AgentPress onto this awesome framework. Having said that, it also didn’t make sense to provide a Genesis/AgentPress solution on a separate site from StudioPress. Deductive reasoning consequently shows that the only good solution at that point was to make AgentPress a child theme of Genesis, and make that transition as beneficial to all members involved.

We are very excited about this because it consolidates resources, which in the end means a better experience and further development. Once this transition takes place, we fully intend on working with IDX integration, and taking the AgentPress theme to places you never thought WordPress could go.