Give Your Site a Fresh Look with the Bluebird Skies Makeover Kit

The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. With state of the art code built that allows search engines to clearly see your content, Genesis also follows security best practices.

So we’ve built you a solid framework, which isn’t really news – right?

Well the part I haven’t mentioned yet is the extensibility of the Genesis Framework and that comes by way of child themes.

In other words… Design.

You can radically change the look of your site every week if you want to, and you’ll never hurt your search engine rankings because the design is kept completely separate from the core code.

While we have an incredible selection of our own WordPress themes, today I’d like to introduce you to something new.

Makeover Kits by Creativity Included

The Genesis community is filled with talented designers and those who know how to wrangle code. But like every community, there exists a few who are unique, who stand out and are truly one of a kind.

This is how I feel about Chris Ford, of Creativity Included.

While I could go on all day about how great she is, I’ll cut to the chase and am proud to introduce Bluebird Skies – a makeover kit for our Lifestyle theme.

Bluebird Skies Makeover Kit

(click to view Bluebird Skies demo)

What’s Included in the Bluebird Skies Makeover Kit

1. Two Header Graphics – The kit comes with two whimsical flattened headers with graphics by Mel’s Brushes © You can easily upload either one through the WordPress dashboard.

2. Google Fonts – The “logo” is simply the title and description of your site set in a stylish Google font combination – you don’t need to do anything! They’re also used for stylish titles, navigation labels and body text.

3. Three Backgrounds – Three colors of tileable backgrounds are provided. Like the headers, these are easily uploaded through the WordPress admin panel.

4. A Bunch of Goodies learn more about the Bluebird Skies makeover kit.

* Please note that he Bluebird Skies makeover kit requires that you purchase the Genesis Framework and Lifestyle child theme separately. Customization support is not provided for Makeover Kits.

We Proudly Promote Genesis Community Members

The Bluebird Skies makeover kit is not a StudioPress product, nor is it included in our Pro Plus Package. Just wanted to be clear with that.

Our community is filled with quality designers and developers who exclusively use the Genesis Framework for their client work and WordPress business.

It’s only natural that we reciprocate by promoting the awesome things they do.

Want in?

Be an active member of our Community Forums, design sites that can end up in our Showcase or simply evangelize about Genesis on places like Facebook and Twitter.

That’s all it takes.


  1. Beautiful upgrade!

  2. It looks great Brian. I love StudioPress AND the community.

  3. really cool upgrade, thank you Facebook post :-)

  4. I’m excited to see what other makeover kits Chris comes up with – awesome way to give an old, trusted theme a new look!

  5. I’m so impressed with the Genesis community. Everyone is so helpful…and willing to give back to the community! Awesome.

  6. Add this to the list of reasons why every site I build/design uses the Genesis framework!

  7. Unique concept. I think very soon, only Genesis and its addons will be needed to do everything with WordPress.

  8. I think studiopress should also release similar stuff for all pro-plus members.

  9. Love, love, love, I’m a new & huge fan of Creativity Included & have been so excited to see their new makeover kits!!! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Wow!
    Attention to detail… white border and drop shadow for Simple Social icons… makes such a difference.

    Great pricing at $15.

  11. Love this creative idea! It would be great if StudioPress implemented something similar, but approached in a manner that the “Makeover Kit” would be something that would allow the changes to stay when the child theme it is based on is updated. Almost like a grandchild theme.

    • I’ve called a special Genesis development meeting while we’re at SXSW next weekend to talk specifically about this kind of thing. More to come. 😉

      • That would be super-awesome! Right now, I’m relying on the style switcher and body class, but could see conflicts happening (easy enough to fix, but a little hack-y). The only real problem comes in when you want to style a specific layout, like a sidebar-content-sidebar, which also relies on a body class. I am really excited to see where this goes!

  12. These are really cool. I’ve always loved the level of detail Chris has put into her themes. Everyone I show a group of SP child themes comments that they want something like BeeCrafty and FamilyTree (especially the hover over effects on Bee Crafty’s grid).

    I too would really like to see more theme skins/makeovers beyond “color options”. for existing themes… especially some that incorporate a little JS/JQ or CSS3 transitions.

  13. Oh! I didn’t know we could help design goodies!

    I’m actually getting prepped to start up Dubbed Publications again and was going to take a shot at designing a child theme for it myself. I am more and more impressed with the versatility of your products, and I REALLY dig the new version of Premise (fantastic timing on that release, BTW.)

    I hope to be able to play with you guys and gals a lot more in the future. I’m officially an “unofficial” evangelist and I don’t get that impressed with these kinds of products easily. (You’re stuck with me now… lol!)

    Keep up the awesome work!

  14. Really cool and a great design. I see a conflict with themes that have multiple color style choices and the style select plugin. Like Chris says, easy fix to comment out but would be nice to avoid it somehow. This is really great for those that are not coders.

    • We did run into some problems with the style switcher working on themes that use the new SP way of adding multiple color options, which caused the style options to not save, so we’re in the process of having a plug-in made, so you can install a new Makeover Kit just like installing any other plug-in.

      We’re planning on switching the files over next week. Eventually we’ll need to build in logic to support multiple makeover kits on a single theme, but until we have more than one per theme, this seems to be working really well!