Buy One Theme Package, Get One Free

We are very pleased to announce that as we are now offering a Spring special for our theme packages – BUY ONE STUDIOPRESS THEME PACKAGE, GET ONE FREE!. Yes, you heard that correctly – for $59.95, you can have access to 2 professionally designed WordPress themes and support!

How can you take advantage of this great offer?

Simple. Just add two of our theme packages to your shopping cart, and then use BUYONE as the discount code when you are on the shopping cart page. As soon as you make the purchase, you will receive an email with download links to both of your themes!

Which themes are included in this offer?

All of them of course, feel free to choose from any of the following themes:

How long will this buy one, get one free offer last?

As of right now, the special offer will end at 12:00 midnight CST on Friday, April 3rd.


  1. Exciting news! Good to hear that!

  2. Hello Brian. Do you have a link that we can click on that will take us to the 2 for 1 buy page or do you want us to include the other requested theme in the question to the the seller box. (I am using paypal.)


    • Brian Gardner :

      Just add two items to your cart and then use the discount code!

    • Awwww Brian,

      I just missed the two for one sale!

      I am still using Revolution and really like it. I am seriously purchasing the Church Theme. I was planning on getting Streamline and Church.

      Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. My mistake. I should have read the whole thing. Got hypnotized by the amazing title. lol. I hope you are having a good day. I sure am. Love your themes man.

    God Bless!


    • Brian Gardner :

      It is buy one get one free, you just need to add the two themes to the cart, so then the discount code will knock off 1/2 the price.

  4. Thanks for the awesome deal Brian. I just purchased the themes. :)

  5. I purchased a theme couple of days ago, and I’ve only just seen this offer now! is there anyway I can download a 2nd theme…Pretty Please!

  6. Brian

    I did not see this until after I purchased one (just now)- is there any way I can get another for free somehow still? I have proof of purchase and what not.


  7. I was on the fence between one of these themes or to purchase from another site that was offering 2 for 1…but you just sealed the deal buddy!

  8. That’s cool…I am a affiliates of studiopress. I hope I can sell as many themes as possible.
    All of the themes designed by StudioPress are pretty cool.

  9. Hi,

    Trying to do the two for one thing and it doesn’t seem to be working. When I put the BUYONE code in and update the cart it says “invalid code”.

    Anxious to get the themes!


  10. Hi, I want to make use of the buy one get one free.
    I want the church and lifestyle theme.
    I go to checkout where I have 2 themes for $119.90
    I put in the discount code ‘BUYONE’ but it says invalid discount code.
    Any ideas?

  11. Wow! I just became aware of this. I was out of state when this was announced. Is there any way I can still take advantage of the deal?

  12. I’ve just found your site, is your 2 themes for 1 promotion still available? I’m interested in your Agent Theme. thanks