Help Us Make it to the Final Four at Theme Madness

For those of you who don’t stay in touch with what’s going on in the WordPress community over at WP Candy, they are hosting a virtual event called Theme Madness 2011. While we haven’t made any effort to “compete”, I figured it was time to step up and have a little fun.

If you want to support StudioPress and help us get to the Final Four of Theme Madness, you can do that 3 ways – feel free to do all of them if you *really* like us.


  1. Hands down, the best themes ever made for WordPress can be found right here at StudioPress.

  2. Just voted, you guys rock!

  3. Just voted … the platform, the templates, the support … everything is great about StudioPress!

  4. Also voted – I’ve been a StudioPress freak for going on two years, and now use the Genesis Framework almost exclusively. It’s hands-down the most solid, flexible framework, and the guys at SP constantly work to improve it. The support is unbelievable . . . the amount of tutorials, the amount of personal response from Brian and other gurus on the forums and much more.

  5. Last year I fully switched over to Genesis and never regret it! — Love your themes, support and overall feeling! Keep up the awesome work 😉

  6. Voted / Tweeted / Commented! Thank you SP team for an unreal framework and fantastic support!

    I <3 SP

  7. How about a few new templates. Updates don’t count.

  8. C’mon StudioPress! 😀

  9. I am a total supporter of Studiopress, you do such a great job, you doubled my love of wordpress and it keeps growing day by day.
    Keep it up

  10. Yes, I voted StudioPress! Good luck! I hope SP can make it to the Final Four

  11. You guys have always been on the cutting edge of WordPress themes … keep up the awesome ingenuity.

  12. Of course I want to see SP win. I don’t think there is any comparison.

  13. You make it so easy to make WordPress even more awesome than it already is. I only use SP themes in my biz, because when you have found the best, no need to look any further!

    PS: Your support forum rocks!

  14. StudioPress is the first premium theme provider I ever knew and the first place I check for my design needs. I like your generous pricing model, focus on Genesis development, excellent support and useful free plugins.

    Just voted. My best wishes.

  15. StudioPress For The WIN!!!!

  16. StudioPress, the best!

  17. I am proud to say I have a first generation StudioPress design back from the Revolution days and it keeps on ticking I will always support StudioPress as Brians Gardners passion bleeds thru every single theme they produce.


  18. I <3 StudioPress, for sure.

  19. Voted for StudioPress in each of the three ways. The support forum is outstanding. Keep up the great work.

  20. Surely Studiopress will beat Catalyst Theme, I make the vote right now.

  21. I use Genesis for as many sites as I possibly can. Definitely my favorite WordPress theme framework. Lovely code. Thanks!

  22. Studiopress beats Catalyst Theme!

  23. Studiopress Rocks. Voted for you.

  24. Voted for StudioPress!

  25. Studiopress is a Winner!

  26. We heart StudioPress. Buzz buzz buzz!!

  27. I voted, I tweeted, I left a comment on the WPMadness post and I’m posting here. Studio Press Rocks and is a great product. Thanks for making my life easy!

  28. If it wasn’t for StudioPress my site wouldn’t be what it is. I love SP!
    I’ve voted, tweeted, and posted here. Go StudioPress!

  29. Chicagouser :

    although I’m member of this Studio Press since many years for now, but currently not using any themes, but just voted behalf of Studio Press because your themes are very professionals, and always using nice color combinations.

    for the future upcoming themes i would like to see them more professionals to meet all businesses requirements.

  30. I guess Studiopress vs. ThemeForrest will be the final. Let’s do our best to support Studiopress. They deserve to win this “competition”.

  31. I voted. The only way I could give back to studiopress. Twitted… Hope StudioPress win..

  32. Best of luck guys – be good to see you win!

  33. count my vote in!

  34. You got my vote, I’m a believer!

    I’m now a 4-month daily user and am getting more impressed with StudioPress all the time.

    Rudy Pohl

  35. StudioPress all the way baby!

  36. All done Brian.
    Voted for Studiopress and… Elegant Themes.

    Hope you two get to the final.
    Only problem is… who do I vote for if you both get through? LOL

    Good luck boys.

  37. Voted – Good luck!

  38. Brian, I’ve been a fan since your “Revolution” days and have been along for this fun ride ever since! Vote is in and you’d better win or I’ll have to call my Uncle Guido in Chicago to “manage” things. 😉

  39. Happy with the Themes, Happy with your fantastic forum support, Happy with your awesome services, tutorials and up-to-date info .. so done voting & done tweeting too, keep up the good work, you are the champion :-)

  40. Good luck to StudioPress team :-) You got my vote!

  41. Definitely voting for StudioPress.

  42. Randy Reddick :

    I’m support for StudioPress

  43. The results are in….
    Studiopress are through to the next round.

    Well done Brian

  44. I voted for you guys at for WP Candy’s contest at #wpmadness Twitter spot! You deserve the win! Your designs are by-far the best quality and I love your page layout options! Keeps me from having to make extra sidebars for two-columned themes. Thanks guys! Keep up the great work. Look forward to your new child theme designs too.