Help Us Make it to the Finals at Theme Madness

For those of you who don’t stay in touch with what’s going on in the WordPress community over at WP Candy, they are hosting a virtual event called Theme Madness 2011. While we haven’t made any effort to “compete”, I figured it was time to step up and have a little fun.

If you want to support StudioPress and help us get to the Finals of Theme Madness, you can do that 3 ways – feel free to do all of them if you *really* like us.


  1. Sharing my support for support for StudioPress!

  2. Sharin’ the love for StudioPress.

    BTW, check out my preliminary take on the new Midnight child theme at … I plan on doing more, but that’s a pretty good start.

  3. StudioPress is the best!

  4. Studiopress is no doubt the best!

  5. Studiopress all the way. Here’s my third vote. Good luck!

  6. Got my vote!

  7. “…Trust I seek and I find in you
    Every day for us something new
    Open mind for a different view
    And nothing else matters

    Never cared for what they do
    Never cared for what they know…”


  8. Good luck! I love Genesis Framework,

  9. Thumbs up for StudioPress!

  10. Randy Reddick :

    There’s no doubt about it. StudioPress rocks them all.

  11. Do you mean… there are others???? Love StudioPress!!!! You guys rock – THE best!!!

  12. No doubt, StudioPress! No regrets!

  13. Studiopress always has my support :)

  14. Joe Siegler :

    Voting for StudioPress. And yeah, I voted in all three places. :)

  15. Really like StudioPress! Did them all =)

  16. Studiopress has my vote too (or was that three?)

  17. After lots of research I thought StudioPress and Genesis looked like the best – and I was right!

  18. Off to the finals! Voted again this week! Looks to me like StudioPress is a shoe-in!

  19. I would like to open Champagne Bottle, Where is it?? You are going to win, since I am with you. Ha.. Ha.. Ha..

  20. What can I say? Studiopress themes are AWESOME! So I took it a step further and created a blog post.

    Glennette Goodbread, Owner
    Premium Web Design and Hosting

  21. Voted for Studiopress and Elegant Themes.
    Hope those are the two finalists.

    If they are, who will I vote for?
    Oh dear what a decision – help!

  22. You’ve got my vote!

  23. Genesis het my stem
    Genesis hefur atkvæði mitt
    Genesis hat meine Stimme
    Genesis a mon vote
    Genesis je moj glas

    Damned, if only strings were all translatable in the core files, that would make my life so much easier 😉

  24. I’m cheering for StudioPress. :-)

  25. I’m thrilled to be able to vote for StudioPress. Love the themes, excellent support, upgrades work with all the WP upgrades, new features added and tweaked all the time, Pro Pack is unbelievable (to have all those themes at your fingertips). Go SP!

  26. StudioPress gets my vote! Great framework, child themes and of course support too!

  27. Cheering for StudioPress. The finals is going to be thrilling :)

  28. Team StudioPress! 😀

  29. Cheering from the WPCandy bleachers for StudioPress! You got my vote!

  30. I voted for you at Twitter and at Candy site every round of comp and never noticed a blog post here in your blog to vote. Now I voted early in Round 4 so I honestly missed your posts here and now you are out by such a close margin :(

  31. Bad luck boys.
    If the comments are anything to go by… it looks as though ET are going to romp home.
    You was robbed Studiopress. LOL

  32. Hope you guys are winning #wpmadness

  33. Woot.. I’m voting for studio press.

  34. Sequester McKinney :

    StudioPress is the best hands down. Awesome!

  35. Mad respect for Studio Press themes. I heart you.

  36. My vote goes for U guys ! best of luck

  37. Done my part. Heres hoping you guys make it to the finals!