11 Essential Resources About the Upcoming Genesis 2.0 That We Think You’ll Enjoy

Earlier this week we released Genesis 2.0 Beta 2, which puts us one step closer to the stable release of Genesis 2.0. In the spirt of preparing our users for what’s coming, I wanted to share some really great posts that talk about it.

There are a lot of great features coming in Genesis 2.0, from the introduction of HTML5 markup to a new default design. Our community has done an excellent job in writing about some of the changes and things that are new.

Here’s a list of resources on Genesis 2.0 that we think you’d enjoy:

1. Genesis HTML5 Visual Markup Guide

HTML5 introduces new CSS classifications. They may take learning and getting used to for some, but the effort will be worth it for the benefits provided. Here, Nathan Rice provides a helpful visual layout of some of the basic HTML5 markup.

2. Genesis HTML5 Markup Comparison

As a useful companion piece to Nathan’s visual layout above, here are several tables that compare HTML5 markup to XHTML. For those excited about learning the new markup, this “cheat sheet” is a useful starting point.

3. Genesis HTML5 Loop Hooks

Now let’s get Genesis-specific with the HTML5 changes. This post provides more tables that show what the pre-HTML5 loop hooks were and what the HTML5 loop hook locations will be.

4. New Loop Hooks in Genesis 2.0

And here is how the loop hooks look in action. Nathan Rice breaks down the new standard loop in Genesis 2.0.

5. Genesis 2.0 Hook Changes

Carrie Dils provides yet another breakdown of the changes to the hooks in Genesis 2.0.

6. Genesis 2.0 Explained

Wow, what an intro! That’s what you’ll be saying after you read this post by Nick Croft, which is the latest in his renowned Genesis Explained series. In this edition, Nick provides a complete hook reference for all Genesis 2.0 hooks.

Once you’re done reading, you’ll likely echo the thoughts of a commenter, who said, “Thank you so much, Nick. I too am a little uncertain about what 2.0 brings, so this is extremely valuable.” Indeed.

7. Schema.org & Genesis 2.0

An incredibly profound article written by SEO expert Joost de Valk covering the new Schema.org markup found in Genesis 2.0. He has already implemented it on his own website, and he explains in detail the many benefits of using it.

8. Preparing for Genesis 2.0

Rebecca Gill and her company Web Savvy Marketing has your back here with an overview of what’s coming in Genesis 2.0. She highlights some of the main features and gives you a little bit more about HTML5.

9. How To Convert Your StudioPress Child Theme From XHTML to HTML5

Remember that HTML 5 will not work in your child theme until you have updated to Genesis 2.0 and added support in your child theme for HTML 5. But don’t feel intimidated by this process. Brad Dalton provides point-by-point instruction for bringing your current StudioPress child theme into the future.

10. DOM Changes updating to Genesis 2.0 HTML5 support

Upgrading to Genesis 2.0 will not break your current site. HTML5 support must be added separate from the update, which you can do easily by adding a simple line of code. This post at Wandering Jon shows you how to do this, and shows you a side-by-side comparison of Genesis code with HTML5 enabled and without it.

11. What’s the deal with Genesis 2.0?

So … should you update to Genesis 2.0? Do you need to enable HTML5 support? What are the benefits of converting to HTML5? Do you need to change your CSS? Get answers to all of these pertinent questions here.

Updated: Here are some more resources we’ve found. If you find others that you think we should add, drop us a comment below.

12. Genesis Child Theme CSS Converter from XHTML to HTML5
13. Genesis XHTML To HTML5 CSS Converter