Genesis Child Themes at Theme Garden – December 5th

Many of you are aware that Jason Schuller of Press75 recently launched a WordPress theme marketplace called Theme Garden. We are excited to announce that Genesis child themes can be developed/sold there – and we’ll be announcing new child themes every other week.

*NOTE: The themes that are made available at Theme Garden are completely independent from StudioPress, and aren’t included in the Pro-Plus package. We will continue to develop our own child themes here – which of course, will be included in the Pro-Plus package.

PhotoPro – Developed by Creativity Included@cfordrun

PhotoPro Child Theme for Genesis Framework

Grime – Developed by Jared Atchison@jaredatch

Grime Child Theme for Genesis Framework

Endeavor – Developed by Gil Rutkowski@flashingcursor

Endeavor Child Theme for Genesis Framework

Twenty Diez – Developed by Jared Atchison@jaredatch

Twenty Diez Child Theme for Genesis Framework

Extended magazine – Developed by Agus MU@wpchildthemes

Extended Magazine Child Theme for Genesis Framework


  1. Will support for themes be provided from Studio Press or Theme Garden? Photo Pro looks really nice!

    • Just for clarification, all themes NOT sold by StudioPress on Theme Garden are supported by the developers. Obviously the themes we have listed there are supported by StudioPress.

    • Thanks Cy! I am the person providing support for PhotoPro – right now it’s all by support ticket, but I am working on getting WP United set up so I can run PHPBB from within a WordPress site. The forum is pretty much ready to go, just need to get it into the site (without breaking the comments like my first go-round! Time to try it on the staging server, not the live site).

      I was a StudioPress customer before I was a Genesis child theme developer (actually Revolution (the original, not Rev2)…I’m from waaaaaay back, lol!), so I totally understand your love for SP support. We are striving to provide the same level of support you have come to expect for PhotoPro. We also provide support on a couple of themes that *are* supported by SP, so hopefully we’ve picked up a tip or two 😉

      And don’t forget, for general Genesis support, you still have the great minds at SP to pick…

  2. I had noticed Extended Magazine over the weekend, and fell in love with it at first sight. I had already started playing with LocalPress, but Extended Magazine swept me off my feet… first time in years that’s happened with a theme NOT made by the Studio Press/Revolution team!

    Between the Genesis child themes and the Genesis helper plugins, I’m *never* going to be able to get away from my computer and get fresh air, am I? 😉

    • Thanks for using our Extended Magazine theme. :) And thanks for StudioPress who give me a chance to be featured in this article. We are working on Business, Gallery, and Tumblog now.

  3. Yeah I’m not sure this is such a great idea — not everyone offers the same level of service, especially when speaking in terms of compatibility/documentation using your product.

    I just bought

    While the work is phenomenal, it’s turning into a headache instantly. I received a simple zipped up child theme, no psd’s as advertised, and ZERO theme documentation. While I’m sure Ryan is a stand up guy and will fix me up, this purchase is violating my service expectations that I’m accustomed to via you guys.

  4. Amazing collection Brian. I really love these themes & inspired of the design works done with. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful listing. Keep posting nice listing like this, Congrats.

  5. I have to say that I simply love the Extended Magazine theme! I’m currently using it on my very opininated website ( This theme combined with Genesis is a dream. Thanks!