Genesis Child Themes at Theme Garden – October 15th

Many of you are aware that Jason Schuller of Press75 recently launched a WordPress theme marketplace called Theme Garden. We are excited to announce that Genesis child themes can be developed/sold there – and we’ll be announcing new child themes every other week.

*NOTE: The themes that are made available at Theme Garden are completely independent from StudioPress, and aren’t included in the Pro-Plus package. We will continue to develop our own child themes here – which of course, will be included in the Pro-Plus package.

Belvedere – Developed by Ryan Holder@ryanglobal

Belvedere Child Theme for Genesis Framework

Elle – Developed by Lauren Mancke@northboundesign

Elle Child Theme for Genesis Framework

LocalPress – Developed by Marco Galasso@twittgrinder

LocalPress Child Theme for Genesis Framework


  1. I’ve been working consistently with Genesis for the past few weeks now and love it. Still learning the ‘Genesis’ way but I’m confident it will come with time and repetition.

    I love seeing what designs others come up with using Genesis. People seem to be rockin’ and rollin’ with it.

  2. Love it! When is SPress gonna roll out the next theme for the Pro-Plus package crowd?

  3. i found themegarden website address from here, what is their standard/quality of service?

    as so far i wrote them three pre-purchased emails, but no one answered me yet.
    so just think what if i buy theme from them and need help?
    when they don’t answer sales question

    • ThemeGarden is strictly a sales platform for theme developers to sell their themes, but the actual Developers of the Themes are responsible for supporting them, not ThemeGarden.

      • Craig is absolutely correct. These types of inquiries are delivered directly to theme authors which means that theme authors are individually responsible for answering pre-purchase and support related questions. Which theme author are you trying to contact?

  4. actually i was submitted my pre purchased question on themes garden website link. open any themes which is there, click on pre purchased question and then ask your question there.

    or they need to be removed form
    when buyer never know to who they gonna ask question

  5. i think studiopress stopped productions new themes
    and got busy with doing business with other companies
    the last one template which released was look like
    somebody designed in rush

  6. Has anyone purchased a theme from ThemeGarden? Just curious as to the logistics for delivery of purchased themes. Must be a manual process as it’s been over an hour since I purchased of a Genesis Child Theme.

  7. i would never ever purchase anything from theme garden
    because no customer service
    when they even never answer sales email
    so what should i expecting from them for support after service

    Genesis is much better than them

  8. Brian Gardner your themes
    support after sales is thousands times better than them

    actually now concept of themes / templates designing are just put good / attractive pictures

    no more functional or technical things
    over 70% buyer purchase themes
    just because on themes pictures was so good
    but they never look technical requirements