Genesis Child Themes at Theme Garden – October 1st

Many of you are aware that Jason Schuller of Press75 recently launched a WordPress theme marketplace called Theme Garden. We are very excited to announce that Genesis child themes can be developed and sold there – and we’ll be announcing new child themes each week.

*NOTE: The themes that are made available at Theme Garden are completely independent from StudioPress, and aren’t included in the Pro-Plus package. We will continue to develop our own child themes here – which of course, will be included in the Pro-Plus package.

Matrimony – Developed by Jared Atchison@jaredatch

Matrimony Child Theme for Genesis Framework

Meadow Ridge – Developed by Josh Byers@joshbyers

Meadow Ridge Child Theme for Genesis Framework

Nightlife – Developed by Josh Byers@joshbyers

Nightlife Child Theme for Genesis Framework

Photo-Genic – Developed by Gil Rutkowski@flashingcursor

Photo-Genic Child Theme for Genesis Framework


  1. Congratulation i see themesGarden creator doing nice job with the site and also addition of studiopres themes going to give him very big step foreword

  2. Nice to see Genesis spreading it’s wings, I thought it was a pity that your original plans for a Genesis child theme marketplace never took off but understood your decision to stand back and give Jason Schuller the opportunity instead. Good that he is finally moving forward with it, although it is a pity that Genesis is not the only framework, that adds needless extra confusion for his customers and pretty much rules out the hope that Genesis would establish itself as a solid standard across many marketplaces.

    • Thanks (as always) Donnacha – I’m glad you see why we held back with out own marketplace. While it would have been nice to be the “only” framework over at Theme Garden, I understand why that won’t happen. I really wish Jason the best of over there, and I know that with his credibility and the incredible job he did building the site, it’ll mean good things for Genesis.

  3. Hi, would people who have purchased the full membership for this site get any discounts for the themes on the themegarden site? It would be great! 😀

    • Israel – that’s really a question that you should ask Jason Schuller over at Theme Garden. He’s the only one who can answer that question, since he runs the site. While I agree it would be great, it’s not in our place to offer that.

  4. Am I to understand that this Theme Garden will actually *replace* all plans for a true Genesis Marketplace? That would be a big disappointment from my position, given that Pro Plus customers will not benefit and that the designs are on the site are not Genesis exclusive.

    It’s your business model and I’m only one customer, but the promise of an in-house marketplace being broken comes as a big shock to my general plans to utilize Genesis as my framework of choice as a developer. An in-house marketplace would have allowed for a broader range of designs and served as a home for Genesis-specific designers and developers, a big plus when WordPress helps you to make a living.

    I think Genesis could easily rise above the crowd on a long-term basis – why outsource part of its development to a site that advertises it as an equal to other frameworks and themes?

    • Chris – as of right now, yes that is what it means. That doesn’t mean at this very moment we might not pursue that – but we’re also in part decided to take some of the themes that were going to be used in the “Genesis” marketplace in-house here on the site and make them available to Pro-Plus members. To be clear – the original Genesis theme marketplace idea we had would not have been something that Pro Plus members would have had access to – the intent was always to make a platform for 3rd party folks to sell their work. My point is that as a Pro Plus member, you somewhat benefit by us not doing a marketplace – because we are taking those themes and making them available here at StudioPress.

      • Understood, and I would have assumed that Pro-Plus members would not have been given third party works for free, but I’m guessing there would have been a discount had the marketplace been constructed in-house whereas that is not guaranteed under these circumstances.

        Either way, just my two cents – you guys are doing a great job as always and I’m sure I’ll be spending some time in the Garden as well.

  5. Lots of cooks in this kitchen now. We will see how it works out. It was plain to me that the business model of sell once was in jeopardy when the merger with Copyblogger happened. Is this the “big thing” that you were speaking about on the StudioPress Merges Into Copyblogger post?

    • P.S. I’m a big fan of Jason Schuller’s work. He provides a great selection of themes @ the
      Press75 site.