GenesisConnect 1.0 Plugin for BuddyPress Available

We are very happy to announce the GenesisConnect plugin for BuddyPress is now available. Many of you are aware that Ron and Andrea Rennick had built an add-on called GenesisBuddy, which integrated Genesis and BuddyPress.

One of the issues was that GenesisBuddy took the form of a child theme that had to be integrated with our Genesis child themes in order to work. While the process wasn’t difficult, it added an extra step which together, we felt was unnecessary.

Rebuilding the GenesisBuddy Add-On

After discussions with Ron and Andrea, we decided that rewriting the code for GenesisBuddy was a good idea, and that there was a way to provide an easier solution to our users. Ron rebuilt the code in the form of a plugin, called GenesisConnect, and will be supported at StudioPress.

For anyone who purchased the GenesisBuddy Add-On, we have already emailed instructions on how to obtain the new GenesisConnect plugin, as well as how to get support. (which, by the way, is now available on the StudioPress support forum.)

So if you are ready to integrate BuddyPress with our child themes you can now do it simply using the GenesisConnect plugin. This plugin is not included in the Pro Plus All-Theme package, and will be sold separately here.

GenesisConnect supports all of the Genesis child themes listed below:


  1. Yay! We’re super-excited to be a part of it all. :) Thanks so much to you too Brian.

  2. Great work! All of you!

  3. At this point in time I don’t have a use for GenesisConnect but I can certainly appreciate the forward thinking. Nice!

    • yeah, I still don’t get it either … why is it needed?

      Might be because I have not dug into buddypress enough, but I am not getting it either.

      The “sales page” does not really explain what it is either.

      • I’d be happy to explain – Buddypress is a great plugin for adding social networking features to your blog. What they don’t mention up front is it requires sometimes extensive template work for the Buddypress areas to look right, or even function properly, with your chosen theme.

        In many cases, you’ll see people suggesting users set up a second blog and use the Buddypress default theme (yes it ships with its own theme).

        We created GenesisConnect to make it an easy one-click process to make sure your genesis theme looks perfect when using Buddypress. We’ve also added other features to the plugin, so it’s more than just doing the template work for you.

  4. Maybe it wasn’t difficult for a ninja like you, Brian, lol. For us mere mortals, it was a challenge.

    The best I could say was that Genesis Buddy worked and was worth the money. Genesis Connect is a whole new ball game.

    Good job, folks!


  5. So if I’m understanding this correctly, I would purchase the plugin and download BuddyPress from

    Will there be a tutorial on how to set this up?
    Any launch discount promos?


    • Harry, You are correct. Use the plugin to integrate BuddyPress with your StudioPress theme.

      Yes, there will be a tutorial & the support forum to get any help.

      No, we have no plans at this time for a promo.

  6. Being able to use BP on any / most Genesis Child Themes sounds fantastic, I do have one or two burning questions,
    1) Is the price mentioned a “One Time” price, will all future upgrades be Free?
    2) Can the Plugin be used on “Multiple” sites, or is it a “per site” license?

    Thanks for making it possible


    • de Paulus,
      Yes, it is a one-time investment & yes you receive unlimited upgrades, at no additional cost.
      Yes, you can use it on multiple sites.

  7. Hey Brian,

    Excellent post again! Great job of posting with the number of different plugins available for Buddypress. The plugins are looks awesome & easy to use. It will be more helpful to us. Thx for sharing such a great listing.

  8. Excellent one, now we can build our own community within wordpress :-)

  9. This is awesome. I’ve been dreaming of a plugin like this one for a long time. Add another reason to the list of why I love Genesis.

  10. Chris Dickman :

    I am currently running a BuddyPress MU site. I have never used Genesis but it sounds promising. If I understand correctly I would need to purchase Genesis, purchase a child theme and purchase the plugin. Will there be a package price for this at some point?



    • Hey Chris – you are correct. On each child theme page there is a Genesis + Child Theme package price. Also of note, that when you purchase GenesisConnect, it’s only a one time fee – and includes support for all child themes listed. In other words, if you try it on one theme and like it, than any other sites/themes you want would only require you to purchase the child theme ($24.95) by itself, since you’ll already own Genesis and GenesisConnect. Make sense?

  11. Will u be making cool BP themes?

  12. Just bought this because it’s cool and i long since wanted to buy their themes. Now i have the perfect solution with this plugin. Thanks! :)

  13. Could someone tell me where I go to get specific questions answered on Genesis Connect?