Meet the Genesis Developers: Part One

Are you looking to have your site built on the Genesis Framework? Have you had a chance to see all of the amazing sites built with it? If not, take some time to check out the Theme Showcase, and you’ll see just how powerful Genesis can be.

At StudioPress, we believe in giving credit where it’s due. Genesis serves as the foundation of more than 250,000 sites, and we’d like to show you who’s behind some of the best designed sites on the internet. Below you will meet 2 very talented people – whom we consider friends and are among the Genesis Developers we recommend that are available for hire.

Lindsey Riel, Pretty Darn Cute Design

Pretty Darn Cute DesignPretty Darn Cute Design is my absolutely necessary creative outlet. Without it I would explode. I have had a passion for design my entire life. I first indulged my passion by creating websites in Notepad then later discovered the magic of WordPress. Since then my continuing education has enabled me to build PDCD into a rapidly expanding graphic/web design consulting business. I’m a Military Wife and feel incredibly blessed to have a portable career that’s allowed me to work with amazing people from all over the world.

I love what I do and enjoy bringing my clients web and graphic design ideas to fruition. I work with everything from the whimsical and light hearted to the serious professional. Discovering Genesis was a turning point in my business.

Website: Pretty Darn Cute Design · Twitter: @lindseyriel · Portfolio: View Showcase Sites

Bill Erickson,

Bill EricksonI believe that a successful website doesn’t just look great; it should be simple to maintain. When possible, I build client sites using the Genesis Framework. This reduces the time and cost of developing the website, and I can build a custom child theme to your exact specifications. I use WordPress platform, an open-source Content Management System. It makes editing your website as easy as editing a Word document. I focus on building visually stunning websites that are easy to maintain, using WordPress as a CMS.

I’ve been a web developer for 8 years and a WordPress developer for 5, and work with all business types, from individuals to startups to large corporations and universities. I collaborate with talented designers and customize WordPress to your specific needs.

Website: Bill Erickson · Twitter: @billerickson· Portfolio: View Showcase Sites

Ok, Now it’s Time to Say Hello!

If you’ve worked with any of these developers, or want to comment on their work, go ahead and leave them a comment below. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you!


  1. I want to give a shout out to Bill. His awesome Genesis Base Child Theme has made developing one-off custom sites so much faster and easier for me. Thanks Bill!

  2. Hi Everyone
    It’s good to know that there are people out there who understand all this PHP stuff. LOL

    Me, I can cut and paste and I’m hoping that with your help, that will be enough.

    Developing a site on a local install using XAMPP and so far… so good.

    Pleasure to meet you.

  3. I think you’ve just copied a page into a post and called it news, come on, you can do better than that and really give us an insight into genesis and the people that work with it, even just an interview? Mucho respect if you allow this comment as think genesis is great and planning to use on a new project

    • You are correct in that I copied their bios from the Developer page – this post wasn’t meant to introduce new info, rather to allows folks who may never end up on that page via the Showcase to get a straight shot into the bios of Genesis developers.

  4. Hey Brian,

    Every now and then I see you tweet a new design built on the Genesis Framework using the #genesiswp hashtag. I know some of that work comes from the developers you mention here and others… To that end, I wanted to say job well done to you, and all of the developers that pour their creativity and smarts into building killer sites!

  5. Not sure about the other guys, but I can speak from experience that Bill is great to work with and is definitely worthy of the list. He’s a great guy who really knows his stuff and is willing to share his knowledge if you need help. I definitely recommend him for -anyone- needing WordPress work done for their site!

  6. Sequester McKinney :

    To all the designers on this post. You guys are awesome and done fantastic work. Thanks so much for the inspiration and examples of how to put great pixels on the web. Thanks to you too Brian for showcasing their hard work and yours. Great post!!!

  7. I like most of themes from Josh Byers. Especially, the theme of