Meet the Genesis Developers: Part Two

Are you looking to have your site built on the Genesis Framework? Have you had a chance to see all of the amazing sites built with it? If not, take some time to check out the Theme Showcase, and you’ll see just how powerful Genesis can be.

At StudioPress, we believe in giving credit where it’s due. Genesis serves as the foundation of more than 250,000 sites, and we’d like to show you who’s behind some of the best designed sites on the internet. Below you will meet 3 very talented people – whom we consider friends and are among the Genesis Developers we recommend that are available for hire.

Darcy Milder, Graphically Designing

Graphically DesigningGraphically Designing was born in 2007 from a casual love affair with design and typography. From trying to make my own blog beautiful, grew a network of blogs and websites on 5 continents and in several languages. I love beautiful things, and after about 2 years making the blogosphere beautiful, I began to focus on what makes a beautiful blog work. I poured myself into SEO, browser compatibility, learning best practices of CSS and began to tackle php.

The marriage of the Genesis Framework and my designs is no coincidence. I searched out the very best in theme frameworks and knew this is where I wanted my clients. From custom, one-of-a-kind spaces to beautiful designs, I can offer something beautiful for every blogger.

Website: Graphically Designing · Twitter: @GraphDesigning · Portfolio: View Showcase Sites

Jared Atchison,

Jared AtchisonI am truly passionate about two things: making websites and WordPress. Combining these obsessions, I create websites that are professional, effective, and super easy for clients to maintain. I’ve been using WordPress as a CMS for more than 4 years and have been developing on the Genesis Framework since early 2010. In working with WordPress, I specialize in the Genesis Framework and am an active member of the StudioPress community. I truly believe that Genesis is the best foundation for any WordPress site.

I work with clients of all sizes – from WordPress VIP customers to small businesses and individuals. When I’m not knee deep in code, my enthusiasm for WordPress continues. I regularly attend WordCamps around the country each year.

Website: Jared Atchison · Twitter: @jaredatch · Portfolio: View Showcase Sites

Shannon Dow, EightCrazy Designs

EightCrazy DesignsMy journey with design began in high school when a family friend lent me a computer for the summer that had some design software on it. I fussed and fiddled that summer and my love for graphic design was discovered. As years went by I taught myself and focused on print work in the communications field. Eventually it was starting my own blog that opened the door to web design. Once again I began self-teaching and along the way I have had a wonderful community of designers that encouraged me to grow.

EightCrazy Designs blossomed out of that growth and since beginning to work with WordPress I have found the Genesis Framework and Child Themes to be the most comprehensive tool.

Website: EightCrazy Designs · Twitter: @eightcrazy · Portfolio: View Showcase Sites

Ok, Now it’s Time to Say Hello!

If you’ve worked with any of these developers, or want to comment on their work, go ahead and leave them a comment below. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you!