Genesis Beta 0.2.2 Available + Child Theme Preview

We are very happy to announce that version 0.2.2 beta of the Genesis theme framework is now available for Pro Plus members to download in the support forum. This update primarily includes the SEO Options page and added an inline layout option for posts/pages.

Yes, you heard that correctly – we had announced 5 (which, by the way, is now 6) layout options that could be selected site-wide. We have also given you the opportunity to select layout options per post/page, which will override the default setting if you wanted a particular post/page to have it’s different layout.

Take a look at the inline post/page layout option:

Genesis Theme Framework Layout Options

Another thing we are excited to announce is the development of child themes that we are creating for the Genesis theme framework. While the intent is to slowly migrate current designs over to the framework, we also have a number of new designs being worked on as well. Below you can see the first two child themes that will be available – obviously there will be many more coming, but these are the ones that are available for beta testing. Pro Plus members can also download these in the forum as well.

Take a look at Mocha and Executive child themes:

Mocha Child Theme

View Demo

Mocha Child Theme

Executive Child Theme

View Demo

Executive Child Theme


  1. looking SOOOOO GOOOOD

  2. That’s awesome Brian, you keep reaching new heights of greatness.


  3. Very exciting!! I can’t wait to work with this!!

  4. Damn this framework is gonna be awesome :!

  5. With stuff like this, StudioPress is worth every penny I paid for it and then some!

  6. It will be interesting to see how much flexibility this new framework allows developers and whether or not it can be a nice and one stop shop for the majority of blogger/developer needs. I’ve certainly got my fingers cross cause what I see so far looks great!

    And who on earth is that heavenly creature in the very first photo. If she comes with the framework, I’ll take 2!

  7. I would like to sign up for this. But could you clarify this before I pay.
    Are you saying that the framework allows you to select a different layout per post, per page, per category – in the same way that you can with page templates in WP? And if so: how is this achieved?
    Many thanks

  8. I Love it! And i want the Mocha Theme – NOW! :-)
    So excited!

  9. I love that Mocha theme! Great work as always!

    • Rebecca Diamond :

      Thank you! We’re pretty excited about it as well, and look forward to seeing how everyone uses it…

  10. Very good job Brian as usual. Already have a clients project that will be based on Genesis. Will let you know once it´s finished.

  11. Hi There! I wanted to know if the Mocha theme had the ability to have the featured content like the Platinum theme?


  1. […] We took it upon ourselves to assume that a user who’s working with the Genesis theme framework would want some flexibility. That’s one of the reasons why it will offer 5 6 default layout options. (An additional Full Width Content option was added after the post was written.) In addition to having 6 universal (or site-wide) layout options, we have also given users the opportunity to select any of them on an individual post/page basis, all without having to create a separate theme template. In other words, if your entire site is using the content/sidebar layout, but you want a sales page to have a full width content layout – not a problem. Its as simple as clicking a button on the write post/page screen, which you can see here. […]