The Genesis Theme Framework Launches

We are very happy to announce the release of the Genesis Theme Framework. This has been an ongoing development project for over two months and we’re ready for liftoff! In addition, we’re also pleased to announce that two child themes are available – the Executive child theme and the Mocha child theme.

About the Genesis Theme Framework

The Genesis Theme Framework is built on a simple vanilla blog-type parent theme, and can be extended with the use of child themes. Each child theme will come with it’s own home file, which will make extending the parent theme very easy. It will also have it’s own functions file as well. In addition, we’ve built some custom widgets that will make adding content much easier on the User.

Here’s a List of Custom Widgets We’ve Built

  • My Tweets – displays an unordered list of your latest Tweets (view widget)
  • User Profile – displays the Gravatar of a user, as well as their biography and a link to an about page (view widget)
  • eNews & Updates – displays an opt-in box for users to sign up for delivery of your posts by email (view widget)
  • Featured Posts – displays post excerpts and a thumbnail to be used in a homepage featured section (view widget)
  • Featured Page – displays page excerpts and a thumbnail to be used in a homepage featured section (view widget)

The Genesis Theme Framework Marketplace

We are also in the preliminary stages of the Genesis Theme Framework marketplace, which will allow designers to develop/sell child themes here on StudioPress. You can take a look to see what a featured Designer page will look like. There are two ways to be involved in the Genesis Theme Marketplace:

  1. Designers can submit PSD designs, which StudioPress will be responsible for coding
  2. Developers can submit full child themes, which we will review for code compatibility, efficiency, etc

Now’s the Time to Become (or Upgrade to) Our Pro-Plus Membership

If you have been sitting on the fence about becoming an All Themes Pro-Plus member here at StudioPress, now’s the time – as of Monday February 8th, we will be increasing our package to $249.95. Until then, we will be maintaining our current $199.95 price – which is a complete steal if you think about it. With the launch of the Genesis Theme Framework, and a number of child themes in development, you won’t find a better bargain. And oh, did I mention that the Pro-Plus membership includes access to and support for all StudioPress current and future themes/child themes, too?

BuddyPress Add-Ons Currently in Beta Testing

We’re very happy to say that WPMU/BuddyPress gurus Ron and Andrea Rennick will be developing “add-on” packages that can be purchased/supported at Premium BuddyPress Themes. We felt that made sense, since they both have extensive knowledge with the software and how it can be implemented. You can sign up to test-drive the Genesis theme framework/BuddyPress integration over at their site.

How About Some Customizations?

Even through the beta testing of the Genesis Theme Framework, some of us have used it to launch new site designs. Chris Ford, of Creativity Included and myself have both redesigned our sites with it. Take a look:
Creativity Included

Brian Gardner


  1. This is looking great, Brian! I’d been wanting to use the Executive theme for a project, but didn’t want to delve in the code too much to edit it to my needs. With the Genesis framework powering it now, it should be a lot easier. Thanks so much!

  2. Well done and congratulations, if this is anything like your normal standard we’re in for a real treat.

    I am totally loving the features that you’re building into the framework and I am certain that this is going to be huge.

    I wish you and the crew all the best for continues success in 2010. Rock on!

  3. I am really looking forward to getting to know Genesis! I couldn’t wait another whole day, so I gave in yesterday and joined the Pro Plus group so I could get a feel for it since I’m going to use it for a client’s site this week. So far, so good and now I can get the official version and see how easy it is to upgrade. Also, I plan to redesign my own website soon and I will be basing it on Genesis. Exciting! :-)

    • Thanks so much Susan for the purchase, and for the kind words. We’re so excited to see what comes in 2010 with StudioPress and Genesis, and glad you’re along for the ride!

  4. Mike Hutchison :

    Finally the wait is over! I cant wait to start designing sites using Genesis. 2010 is going to be a great year for Studiopress:)

  5. Really really excited to not only be a part of it, but to see it grow. :)

  6. Brian, this is outstanding! The work you and the others on your team is doing continues to be oustanding and is one of the many reasons I recommend StudioPress to anyone who asks. Kudos!

  7. This is amazing, I joined yesterday knowing that this may come in few day ahead, but launch the proyect ontime? Amazing. As a small developer finding the studiopress website was a bless. Thank you Brian.

  8. Brian and Team:

    I’ll follow in-line with the comments and express my sincere congratulations on the release of the Genesis Framework.

    I have been watching your developments for a while and see signing up for the Pro Plus program as awesome.

    I’ll be signing up today – no doubt !!

    Site owners, bloggers, developers…there’s a lot of “noise” out there regarding theme groups and where to download premium themes, but Studiopress needs to be the place you go with (with Brian Gardner and Nathan Rice, et al. – you can’t go wrong)

  9. Old customer here, from way back when Revolution was first launched – if I had the Developer’s package then, will I autpomaticlaly have access to the equaivalent for this?

    Surely you must get tiredof this question, LOL…. but as I am eager to update my extant sites I gotta ask!


    • Alex – as a purchaser of the original Revolution package, you should receive access to and support for all themes here on StudioPress. Follow up with me and tell me what your support forum username is.

      • Brian, love the Genesis layout and simplicity. I am an original Revolution Developer purchase but cannot access the downloads to all of the new themes. Any ideas?

  10. Brian,

    Congratulations to you and your team on the launch of the Genesis Theme Framework. You “Revolution”ized WordPress themes a while back, and you continue to raise the bar. Genesis looks great!


  11. Congrats on the launch and thanks for listening to my feature requests. Genesis is going to be a great base for creating all types of themes but for me I think it will really shine when creating magazine/news/portal type sites.

    • Congratulations to you Brian, and all your staff !
      I agree witk Brad. When the news theme will be adapted for Genesis ?

      • Thanks Brad & Mat – that was probably one of the top reasons we built the Featured Posts widget – to allow easy customization and content display for sections on a news/magazine homepage.

  12. Congrats on the new theme — I’ve been waiting IMPATIENTLY for it to come out. Going to use it to finally get to redo my own site. Thanks to all of you for your hard work!

  13. Congratulations!

  14. Brian as usual, great work – no if you could create one that fixes coffee for me in the morning it would be great – cause i am going to be playing with this for while tonight

    • Rebecca Diamond :

      Not Brian 😉 but thanks! and I keep asking for one that will let me IV coffee, but he won’t make one of those either 😀 Be sure to show us how your site turns out!

  15. Excellent work Brian and Nathan, I’m waiting for Nathan’s tutorial on using “Hooks” to get started.
    Best of luck guys!

    • Rebecca Diamond :

      Deven, we do have a tutorials section for Genesis that should give you lots of info to get you started – it’s under the tutorials link in the forum :)

  16. For those interested in the new marketplace but do not know coding, you have the option of submitting psd files. Could you give the requirements or guidelines for that. For example a full mockup with different layers for each div etc…

    • Initially, only invited Designers will be involved with the Marketplace. This will give us an idea of what requirements will we need/want for others. There will be an announcement when we move to phase 2 of the marketplace.

  17. Thanks for this extremely helpful illustration:

    It shows the ‘above-and-beyond’ commitment Studio Press has to it’s community.