6 Stunning Genesis-Powered Websites

The team here at StudioPress works hard to constantly create the very best premium WordPress child themes on the market.

However, we often pause to marvel at what others are accomplishing through their creative uses of the Genesis Framework for WordPress.

We take our hats off to some of our favorite designs currently out there on the web that utilize the power and flexibility of the Genesis Framework and our themes.

Here are six of those amazing sites, in no particular order …

Creativity Included

Creativity Included

With a simple, colorful site design that truly pops, Creativity Included introduces an inventive set of products and services aimed squarely at making life easier for those who aspire to customize or design great child themes for the Genesis Framework.

Creativity Included makes good on their name and offers memorable graphics and easy to navigate categories that make learning design tips and tricks a snap for anyone interested in effectively harnessing the power of the web. They also sell their own StudioPress themes.

They don’t sugar coat their ebooks, video tutorials or content-loaded classroom experiences because they know that to get the most out of Genesis, some perspiration is required. They also understand that with Genesis there are “…no limitations but your imagination.” Go ahead, dream big.

Designed by: Chris Ford

Eat Life Whole

Eat Life Whole

Eat Life Whole really takes the power of Genesis to new heights with their enlightened take on a nutrition and lifestyle website that offers “nutritious solutions for body, heart and mind”.

The clean, uncluttered look of the site offers a rich reader experience that utilizes the flexibility of Genesis by offering lots of content with image-rich design.

Multiple product and consulting offerings are easy to navigate and the blog is filled with an array of helpful categories for healthful living advice. With their utilization of savvy email signups and social media widgets Eat Life Whole has a spacious feel and overall enriching design, which matches their philosophy perfectly.

Designed by: Bill Erickson

Red to Gray Creative

Red to Gray Creative

Red to Gray Creative proves that a minimalist design with some innovative customization can do a lot more … with less. Their site shows that the flexibility of the Genesis Framework can truly work with any unique website, especially those designed for expressing a strong point of view.

Every pertinent detail about their services and creative processes are reduced to simple, easy-on-the-eye graphics that show off their distinct style. And the clever placement of social media widgets blends seamlessly with the overall design.

Even though the team at Red to Gray Creative wear a lot of hats, the elegant and uncluttered look and feel of their site frame their services brilliantly. Kudos to them for showing us all how it’s done.

Designed by: Lauren Mancke

Seward Helicopter Tours

Seward Helicopter Tours

Choose your own an Alaskan adventure with the bright, refreshing website design of Seward Helicopter Tours. They use a portfolio-style homepage and photo slider to tell their breath-taking story.

By offering a content rich site that utilizes both photo and video galleries and multiple topics to highlight their helicopter and dog sled tour services, they present the great outdoors with adventurous and passionate design.

Genesis and Alaska have never looked more appealing together than with the website’s wide-open feel and airy color palette. The smart use of footer widgets, social media links and testimonials truly enhance the client and reader experience. “Book Your Adventure”!

Designed by: Sundog Media

Spyr Media

Spyr Media

With a sleek, modern portfolio-style design, the designers at Spyr Media have taken Genesis a step beyond by keeping it simple, yet showcasing their talents with some great tongue-in-cheek humor. Their credo is “We don’t just do it. We live it.” And they have photos to prove it.

Not ones to take themselves too seriously, they have wisely placed an emphasis on building email opt-ins and word-of-mouth business for their inspired work. The image heavy site is simple, savvy, and easy to navigate with a layout that focuses on communication and contacts.

Less hype means more personality for these designers and it comes across with the use of footer widgets for encouraging direct conversation about Spyr’s services.

Designed by: Spyr Media

The TomKat Studio

The TomKat Studio

The TomKat Studio offers up some eye-popping sweetness with their incredibly useable Tumblog style site, that offers decorating and party ideas with a host of related Etsy products and services you can use for any celebration.

The bright and crafty design of TomKat Studio enlists some innovative sidebar widgets that give readers and clients easy access to more of the wonderful confections this team of designers have to offer and recommend.

The site’s 10-post homepage harnesses the power of Genesis by encouraging easy exploration of a multitude of categories and opens up the discussion with a great comment functionality. And you can “Pin” all of your favorite ideas easily with the utilization of the Pinterest widget. Very smart.

Designed by: Lindsey Riel

What have you done with Genesis lately?

Have you done some great work with your Genesis website? Have seen some great Genesis-based sites out in the wild?

Let us know in the comments below, we’re always looking for ways our customers are taking WordPress further with Genesis.

And, pop over and say hi to the people above when you get a chance.


  1. Exceptionally great designs…..Spyr Media is too good…

  2. A lot of tremendous work here!

    I’ve been leveraging the Genesis platform and themes now for a while. I would love to know, if anyone would care to share, the price points you’re doing your work at.

    If you don’t feel open to discuss it, ping me internally. This is a sincere and open question and not spam etc.

    A lot of folks see the StudioPress pricing of $79 per theme and then think that major overhauls are going to cost just a couple hundred more. I’m really struggling when showing them the trusted platform (studiopress.com) selling them on that – but then the theme costs immediately devalue our hourly labor charge.

    Any advice is appreciated!

    • Great skins!

      @ Matt – I would have to agree that the listed price on these themes are giving way too much leverage over to potential Clients. I think the idea of downloading pre-made theme and then customizing it for them results in a mind-set that devalues the work provided by the web designer/programmer. I think there is a notion of contrast in play that the Client perceives inaccurately.

      The way I deal with this is to offer value-added services and get their sites ranked on 1st page of Google while structuring a converting website. Ultimate, you have to educate the Client that they don’t just want a glorified business card but instead want a nice looking website that attracts and converts traffic.

      • Great strategy!

        The value-add is something we’ve been crafting over time. Pitching themes as a great way to reserve that marketing budget to “work” for your site.

        Good luck my friend and thanks for your honest answer!

    • Hey Matt – very valid concerns. One thing that some developers have done is to set up their own demos of the themes on their server. This way they can showcase the themes, but not have them tied back to our site where customers can potentially see the prices.

      Or we can change our pricing to $300 a theme. πŸ˜‰

      • Brian, as always, thanks for the great advice. Let’s talk before you change that price! haha! πŸ˜‰

        • Matt: We do what Brian suggested. We have created demos of sites using different premium themes and we sell from our demo sites, not by sending clients to Studio Press. We are also Studio Press affiliates and we have a link to them elsewhere on our site. There will always be people who think they can do it themselves. They should not be your target market. Market to people who value your expertise and who want to pay someone to do it for them. However, were happy to get an affiliate payout if a client decides to try and do it themselves.

          • Michelle,

            Thanks a lot for the response! I really appreciate it.

            I think that’s the way I’m going to go!

          • We’ve got a similar set up… We have a demo site with “generic” layouts (sidebar-content, three-column) on our demo site. Our clients work with us to pick a “general” layout first, then a colour scheme, then they get to see one of the samples (all built on Genesis themes) so they have an idea of what they’re getting into. No numbers at all.

      • Stacy Thompson :


        I just bought the “Pro Plus Package” for use with my new web design business. Could you give me some guidance on how to create a “demo site” with all the themes?

        • There isn’t an easy to way just create a demo site with all themes, rather they’d have to be setup one by one. We have a tutorial that explains how to import the demo site content.

          • Stacy Thompson :

            Thanks Brian,

            But to me it seems like someone could…
            1. Set up a demo site
            2. Install all the themes
            3. Insert all the screen shots of all the themes
            4. Create a little (javascript or something like that) that would deactivate the current theme and activate next theme when you clicked on the various screen shots.

            I bet people would pay good money…but not too much money…for something like that…

    • @Matt, all the projects in my portfolio have the price along with it, including Eat Life Whole which is featured above: http://www.billerickson.net/projects/

      I’ve also built a landing page that educates prospective clients on what I do and how much it costs ( http://www.billerickson.net/wordpress-consulting/psd-to-genesis/ ).

      I think it is really important to set pricing and service expectations on your website before the client contacts you.

      • Hi Bill

        Pricing services and projects on the website has been pretty thorny issue with us, We discussed it at length for a couple of our websites that offer services etc and decided in the end to trial no pricing fixtures,

        Over the last few months this has worked in our favour as clients have come to us via word of mouth and they have flipped through our website prior to contacting us.
        This gives us the flexibility to discuss all there needs and requirements and can give a custom price band.

        Overall we are finding we can be pretty keen with our pricing for small businesses who are just starting up or decided they need a website. This is good for us as we tend to go for a regular smaller recurring monthly fee. You only need a few of these and it is surprising how it builds up.

        • I think it really depends on the typical user to your site and who you desire as your client. I used to receive a ton of unqualified leads (looking for projects below my project minimum). Once I clearly posted prices on my site, and described why they are priced the way they are, the ones who don’t want to spend that much don’t contact me and the ones who do are more motivated because I’ve been clear about my pricing.

          At least that’s been my experience.

  3. Very stunning homepages. Thank you for sharing inspiration!


  4. Great collection! How about our site, http://websitehall.com/ ?

  5. I work for a company called Vivid Image. We LOVE Genesis and the cool stuff people are doing with it.

    I really like the Spyr Media site. The sense of humor is fantastic.

    Here are a few of the sites I built in the last few months for some inspiration to other Genesis Developers.


  6. I opened this site about a month ago or so. It uses the Amped child theme, and Genesis.


  7. Love to see your platform in top notch forms. Could you also share which themes they started with? Or are these just totally customized? (Sorry if I missed that).

    I started with your Enterprise theme and continue to tweak it to my own (and my readers’) satisfaction: http://thewordchef.com

  8. I love AgentPress :

  9. Spyr’s site is gorgeous, and TomKat Studio is really cute! I run my blog on Genesis, right now I’ve got a modified Pixel Happy design up! http://eef-etc.com

  10. Sincerely honored to have The TomKat Studio featured among such amazing sites! The Genesis framework has truly taken my business to the next level (and then some). Thank you!

  11. Great designs! It really is amazing how flexible Genesis is and what the end result can be in the hands of a good designer.

  12. We are big fans of the Metric theme. Also a number of others are really good to work with. Check out http://www.bluepony.com/ . Thanks StudioPress your team is amazing!!

  13. We’re not designers, but have a decent site we’ve submitted to the showcase _twice_ and haven’t had any response regarding its situation, not even a simple “no, thanks”. Is this the usual way you treat sites?

    Thanks and great sites here, specially “Eat Life Whole”.

  14. These are great sites, really inspiring. I especially like Bill Erickson’s work.

    I love customizing Genesis for our real estate clients using custom child themes:
    Agentpress 2 is also great, I have a lot of requests for customizations to that theme.

    Anything Genesis-based works great with IDX Broker, which makes my job so much easier. The framework is just so smooth and fun to work with and the forum is a huge help for when I’m stuck on a mission critical problem. Hands down one of the best support forums I’ve ever used. People like Nick the Geek are a huge help. The forum has saved me a huge amount of time and helped make me a fair amount of money.

  15. The only thing I do not like about any of these websites is that it frustrates me that I am not that create lol I am joking about not liking them they are amazing and gets me pumped to get working on my own great sites.
    Mat Lipe- Great sites as well

    • Thank you Gayle,
      I’m not that creative myself. Luckily I have a graphic design team that handles the “creative side”. I am simply the programmer. πŸ˜‰

  16. Great designs.. and “Spyr Media” is creative.
    Today i read the article <ahref="http://wpmu.org/the-wpmu-100-the-top-wordpress-related-blogs-on-the-internet/"The WPMU 100 – The Top WordPress Related Blogs On The Internet, which is very nice but it not included StudioPress. For me, StudioPress is great resource for design.
    i submitted my website(http://www.southdreamz.com/) to your showcase, but it not included. any reason?

  17. They are all sweet! My favorite is Spyr Media.

  18. These are nice. I began using the News Theme a few weeks back and couldn’t be more excited about it.


  19. hey,
    This is great and check out the Creativity Included link to philosophy ..it’s a perfect example of what I was trying to say over on another post with a comment about how at first…clients and new people are a bit daunted by Genesis..but hang in there!..its worth it!.. Here are 2 quotes from CI If I may enlighten anyone :)…[quote from CI] “The real power of Genesis lies in being able to hook into the framework and manipulate it to do exactly what you want, with no limits but your imagination.” [quote from CI]”You don’t need to trade in your Wacom tablet for a pocket protector or anything” End qoutes]
    So I don’t remember who’s rant I was answering in that comment on another section of this blog but the above says it all..:)

  20. Those are some great examples of how flexible the Genesis Framework can be. We use a slightly modified version of the Church Theme for our safety glasses blog, but it’s always nice to see how other sites are using the framework.

  21. Some really great sites! I just wanted to say what’s so great about Genesis/StudioPress themes is that someone like me can create a professional looking site with no programming skills. I had never used WordPress before {widget was a foreign word to me} and I started from day 1 with Genesis/StudioPress – was the best decision I ever made. I am so amazed my “little fish” blogs can swim in the big pond without feeling shabby! Never could have done it without such a wonderful foundation.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Jenifer! I have to say, that’s actually how I wound up working for StudioPress/Copyblogger Media – using Brian’s themes allowed me to expand my skillset in ways that I would never have imagined possible.

  22. All of these designs look great!

    I really like the eat life whole website,
    because it has great content.

    @Matt: Value added pricing is important, as well as targeting
    the right clients who will appreciate it.
    I am a copywriter, and my ideal clients are
    busy enough to value having their website project
    done for them. That includes website development,
    website content, etc.
    They don’t shop on price, because they are focused on value.

  23. My company supplies technology solutions for the healthcare industry. Since I started here 7 months ago, I’ve built three websites for our products and services, all running on WordPress and the Genesis framework.

    The newest site is for a product called Harmonia, a collection of high quality video content for hospital patient healing and relaxation. I adapted the site from the “Metric” Theme. It can be viewed at:


    I’m learning more about Genesis each day and love using it to develop in WP. Keep up the great work, SP!

  24. Hi, I am looking to build a medical website and have done HTML before and just don’t have the time for it, since I am working. I am thinking about picking up the corporate theme, but my issue is that I need a “log in” for my group to check the calendar etc. How do I do this? I could not find a plug in for “secure log in.”

    Hope there is someone that can guide me to setting this up and then it will be full go to make the purchase and start the build


  25. Some very cool designs!! I personally love Spyr too! And think Red to Gray is very creative and simple – something I’d like to have a go of on my own site which definitely needs simplifying!

    Here’s a recent client project (originally BackCountry) with WooComm

  26. Stop it now. I want to swop themes every time I see these!!!!!

  27. I for one think this is an exceptional list of custom-themes!

    Spry Media is my favorite because of the modern appeal! It is a downright sexy-meets-chic design!

  28. Those are all lovely sites above. I really appreciate having the Genesis framework and child themes to use on the sites I build for my customers *and* I appreciate the awesome support forum you folks provide. Most of my customers are creative types like us and never want anything “right out of the box,” so I tend to use Pixel Happy as the basis because I’ve become familiar with the code structure and can tweak it as needed… and my customers love being able to do their own updates easily.

    Some recent site completions using Pixel Happy as the basis:

  29. Spyr Media’s site looks pretty awesome!