Genesis Slider 0.9 Beta Plugin Now Available

We are very proud to announce that the Genesis Slider plugin we’ve built is now available. You can see the Genesis Slider in action on the upcoming Associate child theme.

Genesis Slider in the Associate Child Theme

A few of our child themes, such as Serenity and AgentPress, currently use a similar slider, which is loaded via the child theme (and makes universal updating quite difficult.)

We’ve been asked many times how to take the slider from one of those themes and place it into another theme – which was somewhat tedious because of the steps involved. So we decided to create a plugin that can be used easily across any theme, and would have auto-updates enabled since we’re hosting it at

The Genesis Slider plugin is easily added to any theme because it is now added via a widget. This means you can place it at the top of the Minimum theme where the welcome text is, for example.

We’re releasing the plugin in beta right now, so that folks can do some initial testing, and provide feedback on usability and feature requests.

Here’s a Screenshot of the Genesis Slider Settings

Genesis Slider