Genesis Slider 0.9 Beta Plugin Now Available

We are very proud to announce that the Genesis Slider plugin we’ve built is now available. You can see the Genesis Slider in action on the upcoming Associate child theme.

Genesis Slider in the Associate Child Theme

A few of our child themes, such as Serenity and AgentPress, currently use a similar slider, which is loaded via the child theme (and makes universal updating quite difficult.)

We’ve been asked many times how to take the slider from one of those themes and place it into another theme – which was somewhat tedious because of the steps involved. So we decided to create a plugin that can be used easily across any theme, and would have auto-updates enabled since we’re hosting it at

The Genesis Slider plugin is easily added to any theme because it is now added via a widget. This means you can place it at the top of the Minimum theme where the welcome text is, for example.

We’re releasing the plugin in beta right now, so that folks can do some initial testing, and provide feedback on usability and feature requests.

Here’s a Screenshot of the Genesis Slider Settings

Genesis Slider


  1. Since it’s a widget, does this mean it could go in a widgetized header? :-)

    • Yes, it sure can – you can put it in the header, in the sidebar, in footer widgets or wherever.

      • Widgetized SWEET! I Love that the settings are so simple to understand! Gonna have to try it out on my sites. Thank You I hated DCG, and FCG was tolerable, wp-cycle ok…

  2. I just finished revamping the Delicious slider to use in the minimum theme…would have loved to have this last week! But I’m thinking I can swap it out for WP-Cycle in another site, since the widget area is already registered and everything. Looks nice!

  3. Great plugin and is perfect for lots of projects i’m working on!

    Just wish it would have been out 3 months ago before I bought a full license to Slide Deck for $300. Oh well :)


    • Sorry about that one… but Slidedeck is a great plugin, built by quality people.

      And if it makes you feel any better Paul, I’ve been waiting on this plugin longer than you have. I wanted it built a year ago. πŸ˜‰

      • Well, not a year ago but I’ve built something similar for my Inzornade child theme,
        just a jQuery Cycle powered Featured Post Widget. Nothing complicated but it was a good starting point. πŸ˜›
        Anyway great job. Thank goodness that my purchases in CodeCanyon & SlideDeck do not expire …

  4. Sweet! Just like Paul, I spent big $$ on SlideDeck, but will still be using this Genesis-built plugin for many additional projects too !

    Great work guys

  5. It also works fine with Enterprise 1.1 on the homepage

  6. This is great.

    I’ve been using DCG mostly, exciting to have this available for other themes. There is much more control over styling with this slider vs DCG.

    Super Stoked!

    • Yeah – we’re happy. The CSS for the plugin is pretty light, as you can see – and should inherit some of the child theme’s styling for the headline and paragraph text.

  7. This is awesome news! I wish you had released this earlier because it was much needed! However, it’s coming just in time for some future website projects where I definitely plan to use a slider and need more flexibility with it. Thank you for spinning this off and contributing to the WordPress community!

    • You’re more than welcome Melodie – it’s been a long time coming, as you said, and we’re thrilled that it’s out. (even if it’s in beta version)

  8. This is great. I am going to download it and set it up on a test site. Any chance this could have to option to due custom queries per frame/slide? For instance, I’d like the slider to pull in the most recent post from four different categories (a unique category associated with each slide).

    I’m very excited about this!

    • As of right now custom queries isn’t a part of it – but, you’ll see that you can include/exclude categories, etc via the panel which should accomplish pretty much the same thing.

  9. This indeed seems very cool, and I like having it be part of the StudioPress/Genesis “family” rather than relying on a third party.

    How does it determine which image to use? And is it possible to specify that a particular image be used?

    • The plugin registers a featured image size based on the height/width you specify on the theme settings page. When you upload an image, the slider will use the first image in the array in the media gallery.

  10. nice gonna test it later :>

  11. I can’t wait to play with this! Is there going to be an option to change from arrows to dots like in Lexicon theme slider?

    • It’s possible – the first thing we’ll do is offer a few arrow options, and then take it from there. We want this to be a (very) solid plugin, so we want to build out all of the features we envision in steps.

  12. Yay – I was the first one to rate it with 5 stars on :) Congratulations, awesome plugin/idea. Great!!

    Ohh.. I totally forgot: How about the five preview icons below: Is it possible to enable this? I wanted to use it for my new design.

  13. This is fantastic! I’ll definitely try it out – just converted one of my sites from a theme with a slider (that was simply too bulky) to Genesis and it looks a bit empty without the slider.

    Have I told you guys how much I love you lately? Thanks Brian!

  14. Will the Associate theme have color options? Love the layout but would like different colors.

  15. I’m going to test it out on three sites I have in the works now! Thanks.

  16. Always great stuff. I’m testing it out now, Thanks.

  17. Hi,
    two sites I tested, first one WordPress 3.2.0/WPtouch Pro 2.3 and other one WordPress 3.2.1/Wptouch 1.9.32. Apple iPhone and iPad customisation stopped immediately. Eg. from iPhone 4 => Fatal error: Call to undefined fucntion genesis_get_option()… …/genesis-slider/plugin.php on line 315.

    It works perfectly in Mac/Windows with different browsers.

    best regards Jari

  18. Can only display the title settings? “Content” part of the Chinese can not be displayed properly.

  19. Hi Brian
    Looks great.
    I can translate it in french and send you the .po file (or to Remkus). I saw it’s ready for that. But where should I put the file in the plugin folder?

  20. Thank you, Brian & Nathan for releasing this! Makes life so much easier for the majority of projects! :) — I will also add support for this plugin to my free Autobahn Child Theme, already testing this and works like a charm!

    The only wish I have: please make it localizeable by adding the call of textdomain and all strings with proper textdomain so we international users are more than happy!

    Thanx again for creating this ecosystem with Genesis. I LOVE to create with it! :)

    -Dave from Germany

  21. I recently ditched WP-Cycle for DCG on my main site (Landscape theme). Curious how folks will compare this to DCG: Pros and cons of the two plugins.

    I’m especially interested in the speed of the two plugins… As my site is a photo site, anything I can do to load things quickly is a plus. The smaller the footprint, the better.

    • For me, DCG was too much of a hassle to use, so on two sites I switched over to FCG, and on two others I replaced it with wp-cycle.

      DCG has its uses, I just found it too convoluted for its own good to work well outside of that handful of uses. It’s overkill for someone who just needs a slideshow of a few items, and too much of hassle when multiple people are posting new items, and you end up with 4-5 blank images in your slideshow of 8. Not pretty :)

      I tried out and stuck with DCG far longer than I should have with those sites, but I’ll never use it again unless a client requests it. For me, it’ll be FCG, and quite likely Genesis Slider from here on out!

    • Those are excellent points, Summer. If I weren’t the ONLY one posting on my site, and I didn’t carefully set up my media to match the tool, I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I do.

  22. Great work, Brian. I love how you’re building a Genesis ecosphere, where I don’t need to step out of your toolkit to build a news site. I’ll try the beta on “Newslife,” a news theme I’m building atop Lifestyle.

  23. Initial feedback: Please, please allow users to disable arrows in future versions.

    • That could be something very easy to do…. will mark it down for next release.

      • Yes – please allow the feature to remove the arrows.
        I will want to add Genesis slider into 2 client’s sites that currently have DCG running – I will try to remove the images and see if that will allow it to still function – I can’t have the arrows display on their sites.

  24. Fantastic Plugin. Thanks for this great job.

  25. Very nice – I added this to test version of a site I am building, I already had a images in the category I wanted the slideshow to display. The ‘Regenerate thumbnails’ enable me to get the full size images on the slideshow.

    Can I suggest a few features to make the plugin even better?

    1. An option to set the slideshow to ‘loop’ around from the last to the first slide, so it appears as a never ending loop rather than a series of slides & a rewind.

    2. An option to remove the next/prev slide arrows

    3. A fade transition in addition to the slide

    • Fade transitions, etc were something I was holding off on until we got the basics down on the plugin. I’m working on an update locally, and I’ve added checkboxes for showing the arrows and the excerpt.

  26. Feedback from playing so far:

    If we could use a featured image instead of the first, that would be helpful.
    Love the way this scales my images in a seemingly native format.
    I assume if I wanted to push this to the home page only I’d modify home.php the same way I did for DCG?

    what’s the call for Genesis Slider?

    • Hmm… is there a way to include code snippets on these blog post replies? Looks like it was filtered.

    • I would probably instead create a widget are on the home page using home.php. A number of the child themes (maybe even most of them?) do this if you want to see how.

    • Yes, I think I understand that – but I’m not quite there. I’m asking what text to call. For example, I use “dynamic_content_gallery” for DCG, or “wp_cycle” for WPCycle. I’m just asking what the function name is. “genesis_slider” perhaps?

  27. This is my second comment on this post and I know there are a lot of future feature requests on here but I thought I would add one more. This one is somewhat in line with what you’ve done with the Fabric and Lifestyle themes where you’ve offered a choice of styles from the admin menu.

    With the diversity of all the Genesis themes this plugin would take over many other slider plugins if a styles or skinning option was available. That way, the people like myself on multi-site installations, could select a style/skin and away we go.

    Just an idea but overall I love this plugin. Thanks again for all your hard work it’s always appreciated and you’re always making me look good to my clients :-)

  28. What I like is:
    Studiopress now has a solution for us without relying on a 3rd party. Less companies involved and the same great support – WOOT! WOOT!

    And just checked out their demo on my blackberry and the slider works great.

    I have DCG/FCG on a few sites and it shows a BIG BLACK BOX and no pictures. So I will be updating my sites and clients’ sites when this is fully ready – can’t wait.

  29. David Sharpe :

    Is it necessary to forced to make a choice between posts or pages? Could it not be both?

    Really glad to see this, by the way.

  30. Feature Suggestion: Add ‘Excerpt Height’, along with ‘Excerpt Width.’ I want to display an article’s excerpt so that it stretches the full height of the slider.

    • Excerpt height is pretty much dynamic, based on the how long the excerpt actually is – so there’s really no reason to provide a height per se…. what would make sense would be for us to provide the option to show the content limit, and give folks a chance to determine how many characters to show.

      • I agree with the request for some tweaks around the excerpt text. The height is dynamic, but what I’m finding is that the excerpt is too long and the title is pushed up out of the frame of view.

        It would be awesome if you could limit the amount of text shown or an option to completely remove the excerpt – for some the title might be more than enough.

        Great job on the plugin! Keep up the amazing work :-)

        • Mike, any chance you can show me a link to this happening? I thought I coded the CSS part so that this wouldn’t happen. Seeing it in action would help.

          • Sure can. It’s on my production site. Can you ping me (at the email used for this post) when you have a chance to look at it. And I’ll turn it back on so you can examine it.

          • oh no! I just found out that this plugin breaks the mobile version of my site – powered by WPTouch. I’ve deactivated the slider plugin and all is working again. :-( I hope this isn’t anything major to fix, as I’ve really been enjoying the genesis slider, but for me, the mobile version of my site is more important.

  31. Very nice! I’ve adapted the code from the serenity slider to a couple of recent projects. This would have made that a lot easier. Both used custom post types. Are there any plans to add support for custom post types in addition to posts and pages?

  32. Brian, I hate you, I love you, I hate you, I love you!

    I’ve been playing with creating a hybrid-mutation slider, that’s got parent DNA from Delicious and Midnight.

    So yes, add me to the list of folks wishing you’d thrown this out for us to play with last weekend πŸ˜‰

  33. Great news and a welcome addition

    Look forward to seeing it in action

  34. I’ve been wanting to put a photo gallery back on my home for a while but didn’t feel like going through photos and changing them etc.
    This is way better and I can’t wait to play around with it.
    Thank you!

  35. Plugin looks fantastic and that new theme Associate… is to die for.
    What a great day when I started using Genesis.

    Thanks Brian and thanks Nathan.

  36. This is GREAT news! Thanks for putting this together for us and providing so many great options and ways to customize the different themes.

    I also second Michael Atkins post regarding having a fade option, and an option to loop from the last to the first instead of rewinding.


    • Duly noted…. remember, this is the first iteration of it, in beta – primarily to see if we could replace the current slider functionality, and then for folks to give us feedback.

      Which including you Kelli, many have invaluably done.

  37. FYI: You can get rid of arrows if you need to – just delete the arrow images – it appears to be working okay.

  38. Daily WordPress Themes :

    waitting for the final version :)

  39. I am loving this new slider plug-in. I just installed, configured and have been playing around with it! Great job guys!

    Luc Arnold

  40. SWEET! So excited about this. Last week I was working on my business site redesign and was figuring I was going to have to dive into some deep code in order to add a slider to a section.

  41. So happy to see this! Right in the middle of a redesign and this couldn’t come at a more perfect time, thanks so much!

  42. This is great! I’m one of those always wanting to put the slideshow like this in other themes! Thanks!

  43. Is it necessary to forced to make a choice between posts or pages? Could it not be both?
    Really glad to see this, by the way.

  44. Sjoerd Smeets :

    Very nice plugin indeed, already implemented into Enterprise theme.
    What i dislike is that you need to hack into the CSS to get the title and excerpt text to show (change colors). Other sliders can change this in their admin (feature request).

    • We actually made the title and excerpt inherit the child theme’s styling, which is less confusing IMO than having an option override it. Thought I might be wrong, maybe it’s something for us to consider adding.

      • Sjoerd Smeets :

        The problem with Enterprise is, that i placed it in a modified home-top position where at default all hyperlinks/text are white. I needed an extra class in slider.php to get it done.

        IMHO one could never have too many options in the backend.
        Less always means you should edit to your needs.

  45. Is plugin compatible with all theme?

  46. Loving this easy to use slider! is there a way to put it above my posts on my homepage? thanks!

  47. Glad to see a slider plug-in, but can’t get it working. Trying to implement into the Nomadic Theme, is there shortcode that I need to place into the post?

    • There’s no shortcode, and it can be inserted with a widget. If you’re trying to place it in the main content area, you’d need to add some code to create that widget area and also to hook it into the content area.

      • Thank you for the response, so it is Widget based only, any idea on how to create code to hook it into the content area?

        • Hi Brian

          Great to meet you did you ever get your response with what you are trying to do as I have just come across that im trying to do the exact same thing if so could you be of great help and forward that info to me.


        • Could you please point me in the right direction in regards to this suggestion for creating a widget area and hook for placing the slider in the main content area?

  48. Hi Brian

    Seriously wonderful work love this plugin – however id like to ask something with this genesis_slider im trying to get it on a [ page βœ” / post ] how would i call the function to display on a page basically what im trying to accomplish is having a picture slider that directs to Urls on a separate page as my home page is how i want it to look feature wise that is. thank you for your time and help look forward to the response


  49. I love this! Been looking for something similar to include as the Featured Posts widget on my website. I’d love to know how to remove the excerpt and JUST have the images…suggestions? It’d be great if that was a built in option. :)

  50. I was trying to implement DCG on Streamline theme but it conflicting with some other plugins. I was excited to about the Geneses Slider but I can’t get it to work.
    when I chose page for “Would you like to use posts or pages?” I don’t get the option to select “Featured”

    I have published to home widget but it doesn’t work. I must be doing something wrong. Any Idea?

    • If you are using the Page option, you need to include the page IDS to include in the option box.

      • Hi Brian,
        First of all I’m a fun of Studiopress and Copybloger. Thank you for helping us.

        My problem with slider is that I actually included the ids of my pages, published the widget to the home page but nothing happens. The slider suppose to pull images from the articles correct? If that is the case I have added featured images to each article. I’m sure I’m not doing something right.

  51. I found the problem. I created a custom static home page and selected default template because I am using the site for both static and blog functionality. I set the widget to show on the home page. But it didn’t work.
    However, when I created the a second page and set to “blog” template the slider now works. Have you tested this slider with static page only? Or am I suppose to use blog template for both pages and posts instead of default template?

  52. Can you tell the easiest way to insert this slider to the template?

  53. Great plugin! I currently use DCG, but will be testing this plugin out immediately.

  54. I’ll use it with Scribble. I hope functions :p
    StudioPress great … wonderful genesis