Genesis + WordPress 3.1 = Update Now!

As many of you know, this morning the long-awaited WordPress 3.1 was officially released. We wanted to let you know that we’ve updated all of the Genesis child theme demo sites, and all is well.

This is our way of saying “Go for it, you should safely be able to update to WordPress 3.1!”

Coming Soon to a Genesis Theatre Near You…

Piggybacking on the announcement of WordPress 3.1 being available, we’re happy to say that the Tapestry child theme should be released soon. Tapestry will utilize a very cool feature that comes packaged with WordPress 3.1 – post formats. These will include Asides, Chat, Gallery, Image, Link, Quote, Status and Video.

Tapestry Child Theme Preview

While we have the Tapestry theme ready to go, we recently updated the default Genesis style sheet (more on that) which will delay the release a bit. We want to use the new style sheet format on all theme releases moving forward, so we’ll need to update the code a bit.

So for now, go ahead and update to WordPress 3.1, and enjoy our efforts to seamlessly integrate your WordPress experience with the Genesis Framework!


  1. Any chance all the current themes will be updated with the new style sheet format/layout? I really like the new format, the table of contents was a fabulous idea!

  2. As always Brian, beautiful work from you and the team at Studiopress. Looking forward to your new theme and can see so many uses for it. Exciting times ahead.

  3. Well done!
    Looks very promising. I like very much the way icons are used to specify the type of post.
    However there might be something wrong with the format menu in the demo. Some sub menus work, other not.
    Will all existing themes be updated with the same principal?

  4. I just installed Prose on a fresh WP 3.1 install for a client. All is well! Awesomeness!

  5. Nice to hear that you have done great job, I love both :-)

  6. Thanks for updating. Does it use any new feature from WordPress 3.1 or it only compatible with 3.1

  7. Brian,

    I’ve been following you for a while now as I’ve been shopping for WordPress options for my new business and client work. This is my first comment, but speak for the many when I say that, yourself and the Studio peeps are doing a brilliant job of keeping up support on these comment threads, the blog and software updates.

    I’ve noticed you reply to just about every comment. Because of these reasons I’m moving forward with your pro plan this week and making genesis the basis of my websites.

    Keep up the great work and your community of customers will continue to support you and spread the word.


  8. I missed the discount from last month:( Any chance it could be extended to buy the whole package? Loving all your designs!

    • Not sure what discount you are referring to – if you’ve previously purchased a theme and want the repeat discount we can give that to you.

  9. Gabrielle Laney :

    Great job, I tried adding asides and Gallery/attachment code to the Landscape theme, I did okay, not perfect, so I know you can do it yourself, if you know where to put everything. I think this theme will inspire me to upgrade to the Pro Plus so I can have a theme with all of those new functions!

    • That’s great to hear – we have a lot coming in the way of themes and ones with post formats, so upgrading now should be a no-brainer.

      • Gabrielle Laney :

        Easy as pie (saying that as a baker, pie is easy for me) I just upgraded, fantastic themes, fantastic framework, fantastic support. I only use StudioPress themes now. Thanks for the fantastic work!

  10. If I update a current child theme to a version 3.1 theme will it override any custom code changes i made in the pre-update theme?

  11. Hey now…any hints about a release date for Tapestry? Been checking the blog regularly, and monitoring Twitter, but haven’t seen much. Hope you’re recovered from SXSW!

  12. Okay, just updated. While the 3.1 enhancements are cool, I seem to be having a significant problem now when creating posts. I can’t toggle between Visual and HTML when creating my post. It’s just HTML under both views.

    I don’t see my “kitchen sink” so I can’t edit type or upload photos. Also, I can’t add post tags. Anyone else have this problem? I’m running a child theme. Please help!

    • Go to your Users > Your Profile … and change the Visual Editor setting.

      • Thanks for the reply, Craig. I went there to Your Profile and saw the box for ‘Disable the visual editor when writing’ box is unchecked. I don’t want to disable it, I prefer to have the visual editor.

        My dashboard and/or home file seems to not be working with the new WP 3.1 upgrade. Do I need to reinstall my child theme files or are you suggesting I disable the visual editor?

        • Rick, I’m having the same problem…thought that it was me. Definitely in need of an answer soon.

          • Craig Tuller :

            Guys, this is not a theme issue, it is a WordPress problem. We don’t have any code in our child themes or Genesis that affect the Editor.

            You could try reinstalling WordPress.