Individual Theme Affiliate Links

I just wanted make an announcement that we have enabled Hop Links in the affiliate program to now direct to our theme sales pages. Previously all links that you found in your E-Junkie account directed to the main StudioPress url. Also you can use StudioPress Discount Coupons from our blog and other social media pages to get more saving offers. Recently, I’ve had some folks ask if there was the option for each of the theme links to direct to the actual theme page, so that they can target their campaigns.Here’s an screenshot of the drop down menu inside your affiliate page on E-Junkie:StudioPress Affiliate ProgramKeep in mind that if you use one of the specific links to a theme, and a visitor purchases another theme while on the site, you will get credit for that sale as well. Which means you do not need to generate code for each product – you will receive credit for ALL sales regardless of which theme package you choose to generate code for.Why do I think making this change is a good thing?For those of you who are heavy affiliate hitters, this now gives you incentive to market specific themes of ours. If you are a Church web developer, you can now generate links that go directly to the Church theme sales page, hopefully resulting in a greater conversion rate.If you are using Google AdWords to market our themes, a good example of how this would work better can be seen below. Instead of the link that you have in your ad campaign going to the StudioPress homepage, you can send visitors directly to each theme page.StudioPress Affiliate Program


  1. Hi Brian,

    Thanks much for making this change. I think it will help me create better marketing campaigns, and thus create a stronger win/win/win scenario.

    Also I really appreciate the quality of work provided by Studio Press and am happy to recommend your WP themes to clients!


  2. Yeah, that’s a good move Brian. Like you say, linking to the individual themes makes it easier for affiliates to feature the themes on their sites.

    ~ Paul

  3. Thanks for the update and keep up the GREAT work. You guys have set a bar for other designers to follow!

  4. Hai Brian, i really like yours theme and i have sign up affiliate pogram,i really like so much…..but

  5. You are a leader in the WordPress Theme Development market and you have chosen to use E-Junkie.

    THANK YOU! :-)

  6. This affiliate program is really good. Studiopress timely payment is made always. Thanks.

  7. I have a question about some of these templates especially the magaine them i dont see where I can place 125×125 ad spots or if there is a widget for it. i know there is one for the affialite but can i have my own?