Introducing Lauren Mancke, Creative Director of StudioPress

It’s been a few months since we’ve released a new StudioPress theme, and there’s a good reason for that … our development team is hard at work putting the finishing touches on Genesis 2.0.

If you want to see what the new default looks like, you can check it out on the Genesis demo site. We’re hoping to release the beta version within the next week or two, and then release it shortly after WordPress 3.6 drops.

Genesis 2.0 isn’t the only reason we’re happy around here at StudioPress.

Lauren ManckeI’m very pleased to announce that Lauren Mancke has joined the Copyblogger family as Creative Director of StudioPress.

I’ve known Lauren and her superb work for over 5 years, so when we began thinking about who might fill this new role of Creative Director, it was a fairly simple decision.

If you’re thinking “but … don’t you have Rafal Tomal, the Superman designer?” Yes, we do, but Copyblogger Media is growing, and we’re expanding our reach in various ways. We’ve got a number of big projects in the pipeline, and with the upcoming release of Genesis 2.0, we needed someone to design themes, and manage the day-to-day creative aspects of StudioPress.

We are very excited about the coming months.

There are lots of great features coming in Genesis 2.0, some incredible theme designs from Lauren, and a few things up our sleeve that I think you’re going to like. Stay tuned …


  1. That’s fantastic news! Congratulations, Lauren. I look forward to seeing your upcoming designs and putting them to good use.

  2. AWESOME! Congrats to you and Lauren. She is a rockstar designer. Love her work :)

  3. Looking forward for awesome yet practical designs on Studiopress !

  4. Looks great! I am thinking that I can use this just as it is…Thanks, and I look forward to the update!

  5. Thanks for the update, Brian. And welcome, Lauren. As an avid and long-time fan, I am looking forward to what you all have in store!

  6. I’ve really been missing those awesome new theme announcements. Looking forward to everything already. Bring it on guys :)

  7. Welcome, Lauren! Looking forward to some new design layouts. Congratulations.

  8. This is such great news! Congrats to the StudioPress team and Laren! Looking forward to seeing what’s coming!

  9. Wow, when it rains it pours.

    Welcome to the StudioPress family Lauren and, its great to see new perspectives and ideas come onboard. We look forward to your new creations.

  10. Congrats Lauren! Love the new demo!

  11. Lauren Mancke :

    Thank you everyone! I’m glad to be on board!

  12. Susan @ Real Girl Designs :

    Congratulations, Lauren – looking for some more feminine designs in the StudioPress portfolio!

  13. Congratulation Lauren – and StudioPress.
    Looking forward to your first project.

    Good luck on the new job!


  14. I’m very happy for Lauren, and if you want to see a theme she designed in action, visit my blog. I’ve been very happy with it. Congratulations Lauren!

  15. Welcome, Lauren! I love the StudioPress team and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next.

  16. Congratulations, Lauren! I can’t wait to see what what awesomeness you bring to the table!

    Looking forward to the 2.0 framework. I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it! :)

  17. Good Luck Lauren! Love the new default genesis theme. Looking forward towards new genesis child themes from Studiopress directly.

  18. Ben Boykin :

    Congrats Lauren and Team CBM!

  19. Welcome to StudioPress Lauren! I love the GENESIS and I can’t wait to see new stuff by you and your team :)

    Good Luck!

  20. Congratulations Lauren! Great news from you guys with everything that has been happening. The default Genesis 2 looks great. Looking forward to all the new things you have planned.

  21. Great to hear the StudioPress team have another talented designer on-board. Congrats Lauren.

  22. Dear StudioPress Team,
    I been used Genesis for about 7 month now. The development of theme from StudioPress very slow. Hope she can assist the team to built a beautiful and functional theme. The current theme consider very boring comparing with others developer.

    Thank you

  23. Welcome Lauren!

    Just want to say how awesome the Genesis framework is and how much the StudioPress themes have increased my development time for clients. The new themes are definitely worth the wait!

  24. Genesis 2.0 is looking great! Would recommend some sticky navigation menus please.

  25. The new Genesis default theme looks great. Don’t make it look too good or you won’t sell any child themes!

  26. First – Lauren’s style is clean and tasteful – so… major score for StudioPress.
    Secondly – I’m stoked to see that Genesis 2.0 requires a wonderfully low number of requests (8!) and has a page size of 296KB. (At least via the demo site).

    That’s what I love about Genesis – clean and efficient. Excited to work with 2.0!

    • @Chris – hey Chris for us neophytes. What do you mean by requests? Thanks for the insight!

      • Hey @Marcus –

        I apologize for not seeing this sooner. I just happened to be re-reading the info about Lauren and caught this.

        First off – I’m sure you know as much as I do! I consider myself a neophyte too!

        When I mentioned requests, I was referring to the number of HTTP requests.

        What are HTTP requests?
        Every web page is made up of ‘objects': css files, html files. images, javascript, etc. Each unique object needs to be requested by the client (your web browser) in order to load and completely render the page.

        Why do they matter?
        Each HTTP request adds its own overhead to your site – in addition to the time it takes to actually load the css file, jpeg, or whatever other files your pages are using.

        So, you can speed up your page load times, by reducing the number of HTTP requests being made.

        For example, when I first learned about this a few years ago, I had a site in which I was loading dozens of small icon/interface images — individually! (I figured – hey, they’re small, right?) But the number of HTTP requests was huge and made the site load time exceed over 10 seconds.

        By just turning all of those images into a single css sprite image, I cut 5 seconds(!) from the load time of the site. And that was really just the beginning.

        So, the fact that Genesis 2.0 beta is only making 8 http request is very noteworthy to me. It means faster site load times for your visitors.

        If you want to explore this, I would recommend using a free online tool like that allows you to punch in a URL and it will tell you how many requests are being made.

        Here’s the gtmetrix report for the Genesis2.0beta:

        • Thank you for the great explanation Chris. It appears the new framework will be a very efficient new foundation for our child themes. I appreciate you testing this – its always great to know these important details. I read an article a year or two ago that compared frameworks in regards to mySQL database requests and there were huge differences between the frameworks. I don’t remember how the author measured the requests but, I do remember Twenty Eleven had very few sql requests and was one of the most efficient themes database wise then.

  27. Is her website down? I’m getting a blank page when I visit

  28. Wow that’s great design.
    I think like Metro Theme.
    And the last…

    Fast loading, clean, and minimalist.

  29. Congratulations, Lauren!

  30. After always been a fan of Genesis and using on my personal blogs and clients websites, it’s great to hear Genesis 2.0 is out soon. And Also one of the other happy news for me was the Epic, theme which fits nicely for the Genesis framework and how easily it can be configured.

    We expect more and more themes which supports the Genesis theme and hope we can see some epic creations soon !

    Even though Brian mentioned “we’ve released a new StudioPress theme” on the starting of the post, I couldn’t find when i land on the page which the link take us. So would like to know what exactly the name of the Theme?

    And another question I have for Brian, is this the same as Copy Blogger Theme which you are using on this Blog page which we are reading right now?

    Thanks for the great work guys.

  31. Looking forward to Genesis 2.0!

  32. Congrats to you and Lauren.
    I will wait anxiously for news!

  33. I am looking forward to Genesis 2.0

  34. Will 2.0 be backwards compatible with 1.9X child themes?

  35. welcome, welcome. what an honor!! i’m sure you will enjoy every creative minute supporting Copyblogger and those of us that fully enjoy working alongside this company!

  36. Congratulations, Lauren! What a fabulous addition to the StudioPress team!

  37. All I can say is this lady knows her stuff..I have seen some of the work from I think it was Northern..not sure..of the design company..but Studiopress is not wrong here.. This lady is the real deal..

  38. StuidoPress is growing, great addition to the StudioPress team!

  39. Really looking forward to the new theme designs in store. Personally, no offense to you Brian; but, I find that there are more themes dedicated to photography and “Pretty” themes, than there are personal style blogs. I can only hope that more themes are forthcoming with full-width headers, drag & drop features, easier color configurations (Think: Prose); as well as an emphasis on maximizing content above the fold.

    Now, if you can do all these things, while keeping the code clean and increasing load times… 😉

    God bless,


  40. Congratulations Lauren. I’m hoping that in the near future there will also be a Genesis eCommerce child theme for Woocommerce.

    Good Luck!