StudioPress Welcomes Josh Byers to the Family

On behalf of Copyblogger Media, I am very excited to announce that we’ve officially added Josh Byers to team here at StudioPress. Josh has been around our community for many years, and I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve hired him.

You might recognize Josh from our Genesis Developers page, as he was highly recommended by us for his work at Red Letters Studio. In his portfolio is a blog that he designed for Hollywood actress Rachel McAdams called Green is Sexy.

He’s also the designer behind the Going Green theme, as well as our upcoming Mission theme, and a free child theme called 24K that should be released very soon.

Theme Development and Special Projects

One of the reasons I’m personally excited about Josh being a part of the team is that he will work alongside me over here at StudioPress in a number of capacities. These include child theme development, blog posting, tutorial writing and other projects that he’s more than qualified for.

As Chief Product Officer of Copyblogger Media, my responsibilities are to oversee the development of not only Genesis and our child themes, but also Scribe SEO, Premise Landing Pages and a few other things we’re currently working on. It’s hard to manage all of our lines of business as well as have my hands in a lot of the work behind that goes on behind the scenes.

In other words, Josh has been hired to alleviate me from some of the things I’ve been knee-deep in over the past year. All in all, this is a huge win for Copyblogger Media – and especially for the StudioPress family and Genesis development community.