Logo Image/Dynamic Text Now an Option

I am very happy to announce that a new feature has been added to StudioPress themes – previously all of our themes came with a logo image that was used in the header. Many people like using an image in that spot, but it became clear that a lot of users assumed that the blog title would show in the header based on what the blog title/tagline was entered into their Settings > General page insdie the WP dashboard.

Up until now, we had written a tutorial on how to replace the call in the header.php file with code that would dynamically show the blog title/tagline. We’ve made that much easier now, by adding that as a theme option.

Here’s a screenshot of the new option with an image selected for the header:

StudioPress Theme Header Image

Here’s a screenshot of what the header section looks like:

StudioPress Theme Header Image

Here’s a screenshot of the new option with dynamic text selected for the header:

StudioPress Theme Header Image

Here’s a screenshot of what the header section looks like:

StudioPress Theme Header Image


  1. I think that’s awesome. Well done guys!

  2. I like the simplicity of it.

  3. nice feature, Brian – makes it easier to have proper info in there while logos are being developed. :)

  4. Nice! Another reason to use Studiopress Themes! Well built, great support!, and always looking to improve. Thanks Brian!

    BTW – Love the new Allure Theme!

    Have a great weekend,

  5. Love the changes

  6. So is this being implemented in ALL the StudioPress themes from now on? Can I download the new versions now and get this feature?

    • Brian Gardner :

      As of right now, only Black Canvas and Album theme are the only ones without it, as those themes did not have a theme options page. The theme download threads in the support forum now have the feature.

  7. You were reading my mind (and the forums, I suppose). How do we take advantage of this for themes already purchased?

  8. Good move guys. I’m a big fan of your designs but have recently tried one of the Woo Themes as non of the Studio ones suited this particular project. I’ve never used them before but one thing that struck me as one of the main differences between the two designs is the WP Control Panel Theme Options. The Woo Themes, in particular the Fresh News theme, allows for things like you’ve described in this blog post and more. It may be worth taking a look at what options they have in order to continue to develop your theme options..

    • Brian Gardner :

      I understand, and a lot of themes have a very detailed theme options page. As much as I want to follow suit, I also think that to some degree an options page that is loaded with options makes it more difficult to customize beyond a few simple color changes.

  9. Brian – Header image was the missing link in your theme options. Great addition!

  10. If we already downloaded and customized the theme is there a line of code we can switch out to make this work?

  11. Brian, Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU. Love the simplicity of this customization feature now.

    Your themes are already very easy to use and modify. With the great support, and now this tweak, we’re ready to roll! Everything’s awesome over at Studio Press and I tell everyone I meet to take a look here first.


  12. Great idea. Thanks! :)

  13. Great change! It makes easy to control the head image!

  14. Great idea for a simple yet effective mod to the template. I have used your News theme in the past. Now I am using your Shades of Blue theme, which I really love. Made some CSS mods/additions to allow for tables which make that theme more usable for me. :)

  15. Hi Guys
    I changed the coding to replace Allure Theme logo with dynamic text in the header on two of my sites – see http://www.familiesinhomeeducation.org. About the same time I lost all the content I had added to my site. Post titles are still there but no content. Also static page content also dissapeared. Changed code back to logo but still no content. What may have gone wrong and what can I do to try to retrieve the data as it is not backed up in any way?

  16. Great option for customers. First time I see that on a WP Theme.

  17. I’m thinking of purchasing one of your themes but I want to be sure that I can apply it to all my needs. I will need to change all the titles to represent the things I need. So I can adapt all the titles as needed, right? Is this a php site that will work well in Dreamweaver? Can I adjust or change all the colors to reflect the colors in my logo, for instance? Let me know of any other limitations as well. One more thing: Can I pay with a check or credit card over the phone rather than using Pay Pal? (I don’t like PayPal.) Thanks again for your help and consideration.