Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress HostingI am very pleased to announce our launch of Synthesis – managed WordPress hosting exclusively for our StudioPress customers.

With a user base of more than 58,000 people, we’re frequently asked for recommendations on high quality web hosting. Since we took the hosting for Copyblogger Media in-house earlier this year, we can’t really recommend something we don’t use.

So we’re offering you the exact hosting services that we use for our own high-traffic sites.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Synthesis

  1. Performance
    Serious online publishers require impeccable uptime, incredibly fast page load times, and the ability to withstand any traffic onslaught that comes along.
  2. Security
    Hackers, malware, and other malicious nastiness are facts of doing business online. We protect your sites smartly, effectively, and without sacrificing performance.
  3. Expertise
    We run mission critical websites that power our businesses. If you’re marketing and publishing online, so do you. We treat your sites like they’re our own.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of why you should choose Synthesis.

Why We Built Synthesis

Struggling to keep your site up during traffic success is a distraction from the real business of any company, plain and simple.

The Internet is littered with sites that are hacked, sites that get taken down from a major link, sites that crumbled from a single tweet. Clearly, this is sad … and yet completely avoidable.

We began optimizing a custom hosting stack which allowed further enhancements of performance and security to our own sites that were otherwise not possible. And we’re getting incredible results.

If you want to read more, check out the backstory on Synthesis and why we decided to offer it only to Genesis users.

Special Introductory Offer

Anyway, we’ve got a site with all the details for you to check out. And we’ve also got a special introductory offer.

Simply use the code GENESIS at checkout, and you’ll save 20% — forever — off the price of your hosting account with us.

This initial deal is good until October 28, 2011, so you’ve got time to check everything out and make sure we’re a good fit for you.

But head over there now to take a look – we’re not for everyone, but we’re just right for Genesis users who have websites that can’t afford to crash or get hacked.

Click here to get started with Synthesis Managed WordPress Hosting.


  1. Woot something for community. Congrats for this new and successful launch..
    Pretty useful for genesis community…

  2. Congratulations Brian. I saw this coming. Pretty much, right service at right time.

  3. Hey… I contacted you guys a few months back with the same exact Idea. I haven’t added the Genesis themes because I never heard back from you???

  4. The mandatory integration with Genesis will be a great way for you guys to really set Synthesis apart from the rest, besides being I’m sure will be an amazing service that is.

    I was interested in seeing what the team would come up with in order to differentiate themselves in the crowded WordPress hosting marketing, and appealing to the already established customer base seems like the perfect solution.

    • We agree. With close to 60,000 users, we wanted to focus our (initial) efforts in making sure our customer base had the best possible solution for the products they purchased. It only seemed natural to build one for them, since we have intimate knowledge on how best to optimize a server environment for Genesis.

      • You guys definitely made a smart choice, this is a perfect solution for Genesis users looking for solid hosting.

        Also wanted to follow up with a pricing question: for instance I have a site I’d like to try Synthesis out on, if I sign up with the early discount, could I upgrade plans later and keep the discount after upgrading?

  5. Hi Brian,

    Greetings from Singapore!

    I like this offering of yours – ironically we’re a new Genesis customer and in the process of migrating our site to the Genesis theme. Now we’re migrating hosts as well -)

  6. Brian,

    I was looking for this for a long time. Well, Prices are not too high but I can’t afford that :( .

    Best of luck for your new business!

  7. I can confirm that Genesis is the most reliable and flexible base layer you could possibly have for WordPress hosting, it allows me to achieve so much more in my working day.

    Frankly, I am amazed that more hosting providers haven’t standardized upon Genesis and, in terms of performance and security, customers should insist that their hosts do so – why should your site be impacted by another user’s poor choice of theme?

  8. First of all, Congratulations and I am going to use this VPS hosting for my blog very soon.

    And Kindly edit your htaccess because is opening but is showing error at my end.

  9. Love the idea Brian, but I’d struggle on price.

    If I ever win the lottery, I’ll be back.

  10. Congrats! That is awesome, so happy to hear that!

  11. Agree with Keith, that is a pretty hefty price for hosting these days. Great for you guys though.

  12. Brian
    The Genesis Pro package is probably the best WordPress Theme deal on the internet.
    If you decide to implement the equivalent “Web hosting” package, say a reseller package, I would be more than interested.

    Put your business hats on and give us a package.

  13. Hi Guys

    This is truly awesome. As a developer building blogs and websites for others, this hosting offer gives me peace of mind to sleep at night. Too many backup plugins just don’t work, despite what they profess to do and I don’t now need to keep worrying about whether the schedule backup to Amazon or Dropbox has worked or not.

    For too long I’ve had to settle for using a top backup plugin that’s well out of date as the updates just DON’T WORK on what is the No 1 hosting co in the UK, Heart Internet! That’s all manual backup time I can do without spending late at night. Can now go on holiday happy in the fact that the hosting is top notch, secure and backed up.

    Other themes may look swanky with bells and whistles but code is key and bad code and shoddy support is just a money pit. Your themes are strong, powerful and my css coding has a firm secure base.

    I ‘very nearly’ bought another theme elsewhere today, but this nails it for me. Never again. That’s a promise!

    Even for small sites with low traffic, I can now offer secure hosting with regular backups at a MORE COMPETITIVE PRICE than had I done it the ‘usual way’ and concentrate on the development and customisation and not the hosting backups and security!

    For too long my costs have risen due to the manual work I had to do – time = money!

    $47 for managed hosting of a small blog with low traffic, for a developer is actually a GODSEND! Not a bad price to ask a client for for secure backup hosting.

    It saves me time – so in effect as a developer I have a healthier work life balance thanks to this new product!

    Top guys! You can’t be beaten! #1 choice without a doubt!

    REQUEST: A developer option would be ideal for those running multiple sites, or at least a discount on repeat hosting packages.

    Oh and on last thing – will there be an affiliate programme with this too as with Studiopress?

    Shirley xx

    • Shirley – thanks so much for the comment. Really appreciate that you took the time to write it.

      We’re super glad to hear that folks see value in what we are offering. We can’t (and won’t) compete with cheap hosting like you would get at other places. Like you said, we want to provide peace of mind, a secure environment and have it optimized and configured the best way for Genesis.

      As for the affiliate program, at some point we might have a special invite-only setup for that – we need to work through some things first with the launch before we move forward on that.

  14. To those commenting price. Stop & think.

    You can’t see the wood for the trees! Step back and consider….

    – What do you currently pay for hosting or what do you charge clients?
    – Do you backup every night, manually or scheduled?
    – Good backup plugins cost!
    – How much did you pay for your backup programme?
    – Does it work – properly every time without fail? Can you rely on it!?
    – How secure is your site?
    – Do you use one click WordPress install from cpanel? – oh please say you don’t!
    – What do you charge an hour for your services?

    …I could go on but…

    $47 IS an affordable price when you actually do the maths!?

    UK money that’s £30. I used to charge clients £12 a month business shared hosting. That leaves £18, which accommodates 60p UK money for security and backup a night!!

    Not expensive in the slightest if you ask me!

    If I charged hosting and manually backed up and installed all the seurity plugins etc plus did my own security tweeks that time would be charged at well over $47!

    If you don’t want your house broken into you secure it – do the same for your website!
    Chances are the income from that website pays your mortgage. Give it some respect!

    To cut another long story short – bite their hands off!! THIS IS VALUE FOR MONEY!

    • The offering is nice but there is no value for the money for web developers, only one-site bloggers. If you honestly believe that folks aren’t seeing the forest for the trees then you’re not understanding that the web in general and Genesis users in particular represent a wide bunch – both the forest and trees appear differently to different people with different needs.

      Insults and pitbull marketing tactics aside, I’m glad that the packages work for you. I’m sure Brian and company will offer the same high level of service as they do with the StudioPress brand in general. I look forward to taking a peek if and when a package more fitting for those of use with multiple (10+) sites to host is introduced.

      For now I’ll stick with my over-powered, fully managed and weekly backed-up VPS at $25 per month.

  15. Happy to contribute Brian.

    I don’t believe Managed Hosting is JUST for bigger sites with huge or spiked traffic as I tried to explain in my last comment. Small businesses who rely on their website for income especially in today’s economic climate would be foolish to overlook this as it’s actually saving them time, money and eliminates backup and security worries!

    Good luck guys – will be buying very soon! ;o) x

  16. What Keith said… if you ever come up with reseller options, I’d love to hear about them.

    Right now, I’m the admin or the designer for 50+ WordPress websites (some days it feels like 1000), and about 2/3rds of those are on Genesis, so alas, none of those options would work for nor be affordable for me.

    But I like the direction you guys are heading in!

  17. Fair and good details about the optimization of a custom hosting stack, which is allowed for further enhancements of performance and security to our own sites that were otherwise not possible.

  18. My hosting company does weekly full backups. I know, I’ve had to use it. Provided free. Worked flawlessly. It really does seem to high a price. Those of us with multiple sites just can’t afford that, well, at least I can’t. Sure sounds appealing though.

  19. I don’t see how hosting was really a problem for people. It will definitely create a lot of support issues for Copyblogger. I also don’t see how you think this pricing is competitive.

    Copyblogger should focus on software, not infrastructure. For example, Copyblogger should buy BraveNewCode so you have a mobile solution – (and get rid of the BraveNewCode license manager).

    Copyblogger and WordPress (Matt Mullenwag) need to deal with the fact that traffic is moving to mobile. Scoble asked me last month what kind of questions he should have for WordPress. I wasn’t prepared, so I didn’t offer any. But Matt should consider how mobile devices are going to change the blogging field.

    The days of desktop-based reading is waning. Tablet adoption is speeding up the process started by the iPhone. Copyblogger and WordPress should seriously think this through a little more before they become irrelevant. Reader behavior is changing quickly.

  20. Hi,

    I’m already using this hosting service and the very first thing I must say is that support is _SO SLOW_ to answer my requests!!!

    I’m frustrated having to wait up to 10 hours (!!!) for a simple email. Truly disappointing :(

    Even though this a good idea, the implementation regarding support is very limited.

    • William – thanks for leaving the comment. I have sent a note directly to the person in charge of support to look into this for you.

      • Thanks Brian,

        I was joking with a friend regarding this and I said we may only be allowed to have troubles with sites during working hours/days!

        I really hope you can improve response times for all your customers.

  21. This is great! Can you tell us what is the location of servers? Are their servers in Europe and Asia as well?