Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress HostingI am very pleased to announce our launch of Synthesis – managed WordPress hosting exclusively for our StudioPress customers.

With a user base of more than 58,000 people, we’re frequently asked for recommendations on high quality web hosting. Since we took the hosting for Copyblogger Media in-house earlier this year, we can’t really recommend something we don’t use.

So we’re offering you the exact hosting services that we use for our own high-traffic sites.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Synthesis

  1. Performance
    Serious online publishers require impeccable uptime, incredibly fast page load times, and the ability to withstand any traffic onslaught that comes along.
  2. Security
    Hackers, malware, and other malicious nastiness are facts of doing business online. We protect your sites smartly, effectively, and without sacrificing performance.
  3. Expertise
    We run mission critical websites that power our businesses. If you’re marketing and publishing online, so do you. We treat your sites like they’re our own.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of why you should choose Synthesis.

Why We Built Synthesis

Struggling to keep your site up during traffic success is a distraction from the real business of any company, plain and simple.

The Internet is littered with sites that are hacked, sites that get taken down from a major link, sites that crumbled from a single tweet. Clearly, this is sad … and yet completely avoidable.

We began optimizing a custom hosting stack which allowed further enhancements of performance and security to our own sites that were otherwise not possible. And we’re getting incredible results.

If you want to read more, check out the backstory on Synthesis and why we decided to offer it only to Genesis users.

Special Introductory Offer

Anyway, we’ve got a site with all the details for you to check out. And we’ve also got a special introductory offer.

Simply use the code GENESIS at checkout, and you’ll save 20% — forever — off the price of your hosting account with us.

This initial deal is good until October 28, 2011, so you’ve got time to check everything out and make sure we’re a good fit for you.

But head over there now to take a look – we’re not for everyone, but we’re just right for Genesis users who have websites that can’t afford to crash or get hacked.

Click here to get started with Synthesis Managed WordPress Hosting.