PSD (or your site) to Genesis in 5 Days, for $2000

Genesis Developer Bill EricksonHave you been looking to move your website to the Genesis Framework but are afraid to take the step? Perhaps it’s the fear of high costs or the amount of work you think it would take?

Well thanks to one of our recommended Genesis Developers Bill Erickson, this becomes a whole lot easier – and cheaper than you probably think.

Full Disclosure on this Special

First off, this is not a StudioPress service that we are advertising. Bill Erickson is a valued member of our community who contributes code, attends events such as Genesis Connect to show his loyalty and simply evangelizes the framework whenever he has the opportunity.

Second, we are not being compensated in any way to publish this post. We are promoting Bill because we want to give the Genesis community a chance to benefit from such a great deal, and we feel this is a huge value to users. (Not to mention he’s a stand-up guy.)

What’s Included in the Price

Here’s what you can expect to receive if you hire Bill to convert your design or website to Genesis:

  1. Design: A website that matches your design exactly, but is as easy to edit as a Word document.
  2. Power: The power, speed, and security of the Genesis framework
  3. Flexibility: Two layouts (typically home and inner page), in addition to all the built-in Genesis Layout Options (one-, two-, and three-columns, selectable on a per-page basis)
  4. Code: Clean, well-documented code in your child theme, which gives you the freedom to hire any developer to customize your site in the future.
  5. Training: You’ll have access to the WP101 video training tutorials, which will walk you through every aspect of the WordPress interface. He’ll also include instructions on managing anything he builds specifically for your website.

Bill will start on Monday and deliver the initial version for review on Friday. Then you can then spend as long as needed tweaking it to your specifications as you add content, and once you’re ready he’ll migrate it to your server. If you are already sold, head on over to Bill’s site to get started.

Want More? Not a Problem

  1. Custom Plugin Development: Bill loves building simple solutions to your complex problems. Take a look at the premium examples on his site to see how he’s helped my clients. He can also generalize your plugin and release it publicly, so you’ll enjoy ongoing improvements and code enhancements.
  2. SEO: Once you have a great looking site that’s easy to manage, you’ll want it to be found in search engines. Bill recommends Scribe SEO, a tool that helps you write content that will get noticed.
  3. Design: Don’t have a design? Bill can connect you with one of his recommended designers who will create something great just for you.
  4. Data Entry: If you have your content written outside of WordPress (whether on an existing site or Word document), Bill has a partner that can transcribe it. She’s quick, meticulous, and much cheaper than hiring him to do it.
  5. Hosting: Bill highly recommends you host your website with Bluehost. They’re fast and affordable.
  6. So, are you convinced yet?

    We Really Like Bill Erickson

    For what it’s worth, StudioPress (and I personally) put our stamp of approval on Bill – and you can see from the number of sites he’s built on Genesis that he clearly knows what he’s doing.

    The reason that he’s able to extend such a generous offer is that he’s become so versed in Genesis that he’s able to do things quickly. That doesn’t mean it won’t be done well, it just means he’s good at what he does. Again, check out Bill’s portfolio if you don’t beleve me.

    So what are you waiting for? Now’s your chance to move onto the Genesis Framework for $2000!