Introducing the Simple Social Icons Plugin for WordPress

Simple Social Icons Plugin for WordPress

I am very pleased to announce that we have released the Simple Social Icons plugin for WordPress. Simple Social Icons is an easy to use, customizable way to display icons that link visitors to your various social profiles.

With it, you can easily choose which profiles to link to, customize the color and size of your icons, as well as align them to the left or right, all from the widget form (no settings page necessary!).

Many of our themes have used CSS and the Custom Menus function to accomplish this. You can still use this method, and if you do – here’s how you can pull it off.

But Now There’s an Easier Way to Add Social Media Icons

Thanks to the code craftsmanship of Nathan Rice, you can add these icons to your header right section, your sidebar or even your footer widgets with a few clicks.

Here’s a screenshot of the widget admin screen.

The great thing about this plugin is that it will work on any WordPress site – it’s not limited to the Genesis Framework.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the plugin repository and download it there.