StudioPress Acquires ModThemes

StudioPress is happy to announce the completed acquisition of ModThemes is a WordPress commercial theme and plugin development company. The company, like StudioPress, provides its premium themes to business and consumer customers who manage their websites or blogs on WordPress, the most popular semantic personal publishing platform software in use today.

The acquisition broadens our line of commercial WordPress themes and expands our member-base to over 30,000. ModThemes’ very popular Total Social Widget will also be improved and re-released via the plugin repository.

Welcoming New StudioPress Team Members

Also, ModThemes’ remaining management team, will become part of our team, and brings with it substantial experience, with Bryan Hauer becoming our Affiliate Program Manager and Roderick Sauskojus joining our Featured Designers group.

This is exciting for our members and us. After watching StudioPress’s rapid growth over the last few years and the enormous success of their Genesis Framework, we realized competing in the marketplace was going to be quite a challenge and joining a leader in the business was the way to go. – Bryan Hauer, ModThemes

StudioPress CEO, Brian Gardner stated, “We are excited about this and have a high regard for the ModThemes team, their efforts, and their skills. This addition to StudioPress will allow us to achieve our plans even quicker, as we aim to take our business to the next level.”

What Does This Mean For Current ModThemes Users?

The themes available from ModThemes will be converted to the state-of-the-art, Genesis Theme Framework and all ModThemes members will receive free upgrades to Genesis and the resulting converted child theme or can continue to use the legacy version.

ModThemes Developer pack members will also become StudioPress Pro-Plus All-Theme members, giving them access to the entire suite of current and future StudioPress themes.

ModThemes members will be moved over to the StudioPress Support Forums in the coming weeks and will have continued support along with future legacy-theme support.


  1. Congratulations on the acquisition, you went to great length explaining what this means for ModThemes users. But what does it mean for us StudioPress members?

    I’m a StudioPress Pro-Plus member, does this mean I’ll have access to all the ModThemes as well in the future?

    • Yes it does – as we port them over to Genesis child themes, they will certainly be included in the Pro Plus package. Sorry if that was unclear.

      • To further clarify… ModThemes current 5 themes along with 2 unreleased themes will be ported over to Genesis and available for individual purchase and also as part of the Pro Plus Package. The Total Social widget will remain free for download.

      • Congratulations on the expansion Brian and team. Also thanks for clarifying the StudioPress Pro member accessibility to these new ModThemes.

        I’m looking forward to integrating them into future projects.

        • Thanks James – appreciate it. As soon as the dust settles, we’ll be developing child themes from the ModTheme designs. I’m anxious to kick that off, just need to get a few things done first.

    • chicagouser :

      Congratulations| but your themes are more professionals than them. also they dont have enough themes, so i dont understand what you are going to buy?

      • Craig Tuller :

        Thanks & thanks for the compliment on our Themes. While ModThemes had a small suite of themes, they have a few that have been very popular.

        We bought the ModThemes company and get with that both the people on their team and their themes, that we will convert to our Genesis Framework.

      • They are doing a few things. First off, they are getting five more themes–and the themes aren’t “more professional.” Both companies make very professional themes and I actually am considering replacing a theme that I am using on one of my sites with a ModThemes one. The next thing they are doing is getting rid of some competition. By bringing the ModThemes team into the StudioPress team, they get rid of competition and can turn it into more potential sales. I am curious to see if Brian is going to raise the price for the “All Inclusive.”

        • Thanks for helping us explain that Jacob! To answer your question, yes, we’re going to be raising the cost of the Pro Plus package in the near future, but that decision was made before we decided to acquire ModThemes. With Genesis and 21 child themes, we think it’s fair to raise it slightly. (not to mention I have 4 child themes in my folder that are done and ready to be released.)

          • But those of us who have already purchased it will still get access to new themes in the future, right?

          • Craig Tuller :

            Yes, Ravi, Pro Plus members still get all new themes we release…

            …and because I get to look behind the “curtain”, I know there are at least 3 other themes in various stages of development, besides the 4 Brian mentioned.

          • Well get releasing them, Brian, so I can decide if I want to use them. I have the unlimited, so I am uber pumped. Four themes ready for release plus three more in various stages of development. Incredible.

          • Nice move !

            And raising the price is more then worth it. Years ago when I purchased the full access to all themes it was around $400, and has been well worth every penny.

            I look forward to playing with the new themes once they are ported.

            :) !!

    • its ok to buy anything but please do not layoff anyone from job, i mean after merging of two companies.

      • Craig Tuller :

        Don’t worry, no one got laid off, both Bryan & Roderick are now working for us.

  2. Congrats!

  3. Congratulations to both StudioPress and the ModThemes team!

    I have a question – I have the All-Themes Developer Pack from ModThemes, purchased last fall, and I already have the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package. Since I am already a StudioPress customer, what changes/benefits (if any) will I see from this merger?

    • Craig Tuller :

      Thanks Kim!

      Pro Plus members will get all “new” themes as usual, including the ModTheme ones after we convert them.

  4. How cool is THAT??? Congrats to the entire Team – I love hearing about this integration, and the potential for the future. My hat’s off to all involved in making this possible.

    • Craig Tuller :

      Thanks Al, for the kudos & being a great member.

      • ^ What he said… Al, you’ve been a great asset to the community, thanks for spreading the word and for helping us out on the forums.

        • Dan Fiorito :

          Al’s a great asset, totally agree! I actually know him from his Woodworking Blog, if your into wood working, check him out.. (ok.. it’s a plug, but worth it!).

  5. StudioPress are flying high, congratulations.
    StudioPress is the best investment for web developer.

  6. Would love to see some custom plug-ins exclusive to StudioPress users. Maybe something that incorporates the way HTML5 handles video.

  7. Congrats! I am surprised by this move but look forward to seeing how it all pans out.

  8. Really like the way you’re approaching commercial themeing and have hoped for consolidation in the space. Focusing on frameworks is of obvious benefit to we users, but what’s not all that obvious is how they can act as multipliers and accelerants for the creation and delivery of ever better and more varied themes!

    The other fun thing is this: watching you, Brian, continue on your journey while building upon your success. I keep telling people to look seriously at Studiopress’ themes since the code is clean, support is outstanding, and the attention to detail is high.

    • Wow, Steve – pretty much leaving me speechless here. Thanks so much for the comment and kind words – really appreciate hearing what you’ve said!

  9. Kudos Brian. It’s really good to see you can make a solid business and still support the GPL. An inspiration for us all!

  10. Modthemes have a unique design style which will greatly complement the current StudioPress range not only once all the Modthemes themes have been converted to Genesis but hopefully beyond as Modthemes design expertise/style adds to the StudioPress development/design expertise/style.

    I have pro memberships with both and can only see a positive outcome for my business.

    It has got so that I never want to work on any platform other than Genesis these days and this seemed a waste of my Modthemes pro membership.

  11. Danny G Smith :

    I look forward to them being ported over to genesis. I also hope more of the themes will include additional color options now that WordPress has made that easier.

    • Rebecca Diamond :

      Thanks, Danny – and I like the additional color options on Lifestyle, Church, and AgentPress too.

  12. Great potential! Sounds great!

  13. The Pro Plus All-Theme package is an incredible value and it keeps getting better. Seems like I said that just last week, last month . . .

    • Rebecca Diamond :

      Sounds familiar – because I keep saying the same thing! 😉 I’ve never regretted buying all the themes, even though there were only 3 or 4 back when I first purchased. Smartest business decision I ever made!

      • I’ll throw my vote for the most inclusive WordPress theme package around – I became a Pro-Plus member back when Revolution was taking off and I’ve since centered nearly all of my development around Genesis. Potentially also the smartest business decision I’ve ever made!

  14. Congrats to all,

    Looking forward to the new themes. Everthing here is SLEEK & DELICIOUS and should be on the FRONTPAGE of every MAGAZINE…

    That sounds like the name of four new child themes :)


  15. Many congrats to you Brian, Craig, and the rest of the StudioPress team. Continued success to all.

  16. Am a Studio Press fan and have been from right the beginning, viva ‘revolution’, am excited about the idea of the Mod Themes being converted over plus the addition of the social widget makes it even more exciting.

    Will only build sites using Studio Press, am so looking forward to the future guys.

    And on the charging more subject, absolutely the best investment anyone could make regardless.

    You have 4 more templates up your sleeve? Don’t make me come over there Brian – lol.

    Regards, Peter.

  17. Ok, now please upgrade this plugin :)

  18. Dan Fiorito :

    Yet another fantastic addition to the Studio Press family. I purchased my Studio Pro Plus package some time ago, have yet to use one, but it’s still money well spent in my eyes! My problem has simply been enough free time to get the projects done.. and then SP goes and adds more and more Child themes only complicating my thought process.. (to many good ones to choose from!!!!).
    Congrats again, I look forward to both the new themes and the creative additions to the team.

    If you haven’t purchased your Pro Plus package, what are you waiting for! Do it before the price increase as Bryan said, it’s going to have to go up!

  19. congrats. Frankly, I do not need so many themes even though I bought all theme package. But, I am eager to use breaking news theme.

  20. This is all GREAT NEWS! We have been with Studio Press before it even became Studio Press WOW time flies! Pleased to say we have never wavered! Thanks for keeping the themes fresh and the technology current. We really can’t say enough about how wonderful our experiences have been with Brian from the very start!

  21. Congrats on the acquisition. As a customer who has had the Pro-Plus All Themes package since the Revolution days, and a Mod Themes Developer Pack since it’s inception, I look forward to the merger. I had been wondering what was happening with Mod Themes lately so glad to see they’ll be joining Brian and the gang!

  22. I’m also glad to hear this news! StudioPress really rocks and I am looking forward to more awesome themes and more stuff for affiliates. Rock on you’re a great team!
    Dave from Germany :)

  23. Congratulations to everyone involved. I’ve been a Pro-Plus Member for about a year now and just love what StudioPress has been doing. I’ve had a great response to the work I’ve done so far and have enjoyed interacting with the StudioPress community here and on Facebook and Twitter. Having tried a number of alternatives, I can safely say that StudioPress is my first choice when it comes to development and I look forward to the expanded opportunities that come with ModThemes. I wish I had found this community first – it would have saved a lot of time, frustation and expense! Well done everyone!

  24. Is there a rough ETA on when the modthemes will be ported to Genesis?