StudioPress Affiliate Program Switching to ShareASale

We’re pleased to announce that StudioPress is switching our Affiliate Program to the ShareASale network. The ShareASale network has been around since 2000 and received the A Best Web award for the Best Affiliate Network Award numerous times, along with other top performance awards.

Why Is StudioPress Switching?

After speaking with our top Affiliates we better understand your needs and know that we really needed a network that provided better reporting, metrics information, centralized promotional tools and some other capabilities like Two-Tier Commissions. Another great benefit is the ability to create custom links – Affiliates can now link to the Genesis child theme demo sites and get credit for any sale that occurs.

How Much Can I Earn?

You will earn 35% of a customers purchase made through your referrer link.

Can I Refer Others To Your Affiliate Program And Be Paid For It?

Yes, one of the great features of the ShareASale network is their Two-Tier Commission capability. If you refer others through the links provided with the ShareASale affiliate program, you can earn $1 per signup as an Affiliate and 5% of their future earnings.

Can I See My Earnings In Real Time?

Yes, on your ShareASale account dashboard it displays “Your Current Balance”, along with your payout method.

How Are My Earnings Sent To Me?

You can opt for Direct Deposit or Check sent via U.S. Mail or FedEx.

Will You Continue To Provide Banners?

Yes, our banners will be available, along with other marketing creatives, in your SAS account dashboard. You will no longer be required to host your own banners, as ShareASale will host them for you. This also means that if we choose to update our banners, the banners you are displaying on your website will automatically be updated as well.

I Am Already A StudioPress Affiliate, Do I Have To Switch To ShareASale?

Yes, we are phasing out our existing network, so you will need to get signed up on the SAS network and change your links before 9/30/2010. At that time, the e-Junkie affiliate program will officially be removed and any links that haven’t been updated with SAS links, will not receive credit for affiliate sales.

How Do I Get Signed Up?

1. Get signed up for our Affiliate Program on ShareASale here.
2. Make sure that you provide your marketing strategy during the application process.
3. We will review all applications and you will be notified when accepted.
4. Once accepted, make sure you submit your W-9 to ShareASale, so that you get paid.
5. Review our Program Terms & Conditions.


  1. This is a great move. Especially the multi-tiered commissions structure. And the great news is that I can send the clients to an appropriate landing page now (the childtheme’s page) instead of the studiopress homepage, thus increasing the conversion :)

  2. This is great news. One complaint I had with E-junkie was there lack of functionality when it came to tracking subIDs. Thank you, StudioPress!

  3. I’ve been begging for a move away from E-Junkie for awhile now so this is very welcome news! I’ve been using ShareASale for many years now and this is definitely for the better over the long haul.

  4. Bad news,ShareASale didn’t accept signup from China and can’t pay via paypal?

  5. Share A Sale is fantastic. I went to their party down in Manhattan a few weeks back for Affiliate East and Brian and the rest of them are top notch people. You’re going to see a tremendous increase in your affiliate sales because this program rocks.

  6. ShareaSale says me to “email this sales account for help” message. What should I do now?

    • send them an email …

      I did yesterday, today just now I got back an email with this message:

      “The program you initially joined with requested that we do not screen their affiliates, this request requires that we lock their affiliates to their program. If the affiliate contacts us requesting to join other programs we will screen their application at that time. We have reviewed your application and removed the restriction. You may join any programs in the network at this time, let us know if you have any questions.”

  7. Can’t pay via Paypal? #FAIL

  8. Is this a good move ?

    They dont offer PayPal or any other form of online payment scheme (moneybookers etc.) and having to give bank details out isn’t exactly an optimal approach.

    I know they also pay via cheque, but lets be honest, nowadays with the post as it is, there is the possibility that the cheque wont arrive.

    If you are a long standing affiliate and you aren’t accepted via the new scheme, what then ?

  9. “How Are My Earnings Sent To Me? You can opt for Direct Deposit or Check sent via U.S. Mail or FedEx.” How about if I want to participate from abroad? Is there no way of using Paypal etc.?

    • + vote for PayPal too, ShareaSale’s Direct Deposit isn’t supported in every country in Europe, and cashing checks at banks here is a nightmare (btw, Fedexing checks costs $75 !)

  10. While I can understand the move, and from your point of view it’s certainly a good move,
    for we very-small affiliates I think e-junkie was a better deal.
    Share a Sale doesn’t pay via PayPal and it sets a minimum level of 50$ for the payout.
    Nothing that we can’t live with, sure… but little disappointing.

    Keep up the good work!!


  11. I understand the move to their service, but I’m with the guys abroad, no Paypal sucks…and I’m in the U.S.

  12. While I can understand (and appreciate) the move I wonder if you guys know that Share a Sale accepts only 100% English language sites.

    All of us that promote your great themes on non english sites now are left “out of the door”, as you can understand I’m a little disappointed :-(

    Just now my application for your Share a Sale program was rejected.

    Isn’t there any other way to remain your affiliate even if I have a non english website?


    • There seems to be a way and I am waiting on a response from SAS on how we do this.

      We’re sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

  13. Hi there, Dave from Germany here!
    I am not so happy with this because did decline my membership registration. I don’t understand this because I AM an affiliate already with the e-Junkie program! I already mailed the StudioPress team about that. — So should I re-register? Or do they decline all international registrations? I am German and work there, I already do the German translation for the Genesis framework, so I don’t understand these things… Any help is welcome!
    Thank you very much!
    -Dave from Germany :)

    • Yes David, Share a Sale accepts only 100% english sites thus you (and me, I’m from italy) can’t partecipate to the affiliate program.

      I’m sure that Briam and the others StudioPress guys will find a solution ! :-)


  14. We are waiting for instructions from ShareASale on how we can set up what they call a “private program” and then non-english sites & others will not be rejected.

    That will solve one issue, but as far as payments, they only have Direct Deposit or Checks … no PayPal option.

  15. interesting that SAS are asking for a fax to confirm we are not based in the USA… Not an ideal approach as it is another hoop to jump through and from the UK that is a long distance phone call.

    I love the templates, the help forums and everything.. but this just isn’t slick. 4/10

    Not ideal and am reviewing if I should bother, sorry.


    • Adam, we have requested that they “turn-off” pre-screening for our Affiliate Applicants.

      Will post more here as soon as I get a couple more clarifications.

      • cheers… I want to stay as i really do love the product… and with the new ‘merger’ things are really exciting….

        Just make it easier for us to share.

        I also agree with the comments re Paypal – This would make life a load easier

    • You can use to send a free fax to Share a Sale, that’s what I did when I signed up a while ago. It is a hassle as you have to write the letter, sign it then scan it on to your pc and send it, but saves the fax phone charge.

  16. Hmm I’m not sure about this …
    1) while I’m not a fan of eJunkie it does allow me to receive payment via Paypal – not being able to do this means I can no longer be an affiliate
    2) I tried to register anyway – I’m not a ShareASale member – yet they already have my domain on record – did you ask them to take over any existing accounts?
    3) What about the money ($104 as of today) sitting in eJunkie, will that be paid out .. if so, when? (I struggle to find details about payouts etc, and I can’t find any way to request a pay out)
    Looking forward to more details

    • 1. Why? ShareASale will make direct deposit to quite a few countries.
      2. No
      3. Of course, same time as always, but we will be phasing out eJUNKie this month.

  17. Hey Everyone – Brian Littleton from ShareASale here, I am the President/CEO of ShareASale so if there are concerns or what not, I can sort them out for you.

    Here are some facts about stuff that you may see when registering.

    1. We are required by the IRS (U.S Tax Law) to get from you either a W9 form (if you are a U.S. Citizen) – or a statement letter signed from you saying that you are not in the U.S. Believe me, we hate this more than you do. We have to have a physical letter signed from you… there are basically 3 options. A) Print/Sign/Mail it to us B) Fax or C) Scan it and Email. Any of the 3 will work. Again – I wish we didn’t have to do this because while you have to do it once, we have to then keep track of it for everyone…. if I could cut it out of the process, I would.

    2. Regarding Paypal. Our #1 priority and concern is the security and integrity of the payment process. We need it to be quick, 100% secure, and still service as many people in as many situations as possible. There is almost a 0 likelyhood that we will ever use any of the “email money” systems because of security concerns. While they may service for smaller platforms, we are paying out commissions for over 3,000 programs at this point – and, as you may imagine, if we were to use PayPal we would have to put a whole lot of people’s money in a system that is not secure. This is simply not acceptable and while I can understand the ease of receiving money, it remains not an option.

    We offer Direct Deposit (that goes directly to your bank i.e. faster and more secure) to USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Spain, … and a whole lot more EURO currency European nations that I am not remembering at the moment… We add new countries to the list as they become available to us by banking systems. Payments to Affiliates is one of the most important things that we do… it is continually on our plate for improvement so please forward me any concerns that you have.

    3. Non-English Site acceptance… We have this restriction because we pre-screen all Affiliate applications to make sure the Merchants receive the highest quality experience possible. Since the majority of Merchants request english speaking websites…. we screen for such. We have no problem with accepting non-english websites as long as the Merchant involved (in this case Studio Press) is OK with it…. we’ve already set it as such and you shouldn’t see that decline message further.

    If anyone has been declined and feels they should have been accepted into the ShareASale Network – email me directly and I’ll get you approved as quickly as I can.

    4. The error message that some of you have seen – please email me directly it is likely related to #3 above

    When emailing me, please send the email address you used to signup, or your website used to signup, or your userID that was given to you (starts with 4 or 5) …. this will help me clean up the issue quickly.

    I look forward to working with all of you!

    -Brian Littleton
    -President/CEO, Inc.

    • Thanks Brian, for responding to our Affiliate’s questions.

      This shows another reason why we made the switch … excellent customer service!

      For those of you that already applied but were rejected because of non-english sites, read #3 and reapply or send Brian Littleton an email.

    • I’m going to step in here a little – I’m writing from NZ

      Point 1) .. just a signed letter? Really? If that was all, that’s sweet – however with other systems I’ve faced having to apply for some US Forms etc to verify I don’t need to be filling in a W9 form. It’s generally too complicated and I walk away. Can I suggest a complete UI overhaul for SAS because as a user I couldn’t find anything simple to say what options I had

      2) Paypal – I’ve been using PP for .. gosh I don’t know so many years I forget (at least 9). I’m internationally verified, I’ve never had ANY problems with transfers, funds etc. I use this for all online payments & top up from my Credit Card should I need extra. I don’t buy your “not secure” argument sorry

      3) International bank transfers – sure you do that to NZ. However most international transfers to NZ go through the ANZ gateway – they charge $20 or $25 for every transfer … that’s my money. Besides, I use my affiliate money to pay my hosting, buy t-shirts and other little things online, all from Paypal.

      It frustrates me that more people don’t use Paypal as an option, it’s just so so easy, and I’m sorry but for ME (and this is personal) it IS a deal breaker – which is a shame because my site was starting to make some good sales for Studiopress .. I guess I’ll stick with woothemes & elegantthemes for affiliate stuff now.

      Side note: Brian I tried to register my site with SAS – but it told me the domain already existed. I now can’t seem to find anyway to find my account (which I don’t recall setting up) … can you help with that? (sorry I should take this off this blog I suppose)

    • Refreshing to hear some common sense answers from you there Brian.

    • Sebastian Schertel :

      Now THAT’s a great CEO!
      Cool that he personally takes the time to inform us and is taking care of our problems. *thumbs up*

  18. I’m a big PayPal fan too, same like Keranm using it for ages, and I also don’t agree that it isn’t secure, never had any problem with it either !

    IF PayPal it’s not an option for you, why don’t you use Payoneer for payouts ? (for the people who don’t know what it is, you get a prepaid MasterCard which you can use to pay and withdraw money *worldwide*). A lot of other platforms already use this (f.e. Plimus, Avangate) and also well known theme providers as WooThemes.

    Just an option for checks and direct deposit (which isn’t available everywhere) is absolutely not sufficient IMO, and will surely costs StudioPress a bunch of (foreign) affiliates.

  19. I don’t really have any complaints just ?s

    When will the old affiliate links in ejunkie stop working?

    How long is the approval if you already have a shareasale account?


    • The E-junkie links will stop working on 9/30… as for the Share a Sale – approval should happen within 24 hours of application.

      • Just to Confirm it took about an hour from start to finish to get approved. From the time I applied for the site till the time Brian approved me. From someone who has a wife in the Banking Fraud field I can tell you that Paypal is not as full proof as one might think.

  20. Hello @Brian and @Craig

    i m not happy with sharesale! i agree everyone couse, ShareASale didn’t accept payment with paypal.

    im not satisfied of services i sent them many emails about send me payments by paypal
    but they sent me answer saying “sharesale does not pay via paypal”. i think u will lose many costumers if a paypal payment not added soon.


  21. ShareSale not good idea. :( i am so sorry Craig. Maybe, i will quit ur affiliate program.

  22. Switching to SAS is a great move, I’m looking forward to using this new platform.

  23. How about placing an affiliate ID link inside all your edit parts of the templates – footer section to the powered by the Studio Press section with a permanent cookie and an affiliate record page that records the visit so we can get paid for all traffic we send to Studio Press!

    • You are welcome to put your affiliate link into the footer of your site.

      We only pay for affiliate commissions for sales, not traffic though.