Introducing the New StudioPress Design

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you may have missed that a new coat of paint was applied here at StudioPress. We’ve very pleased with the outcome of the site, and are excited about some of the things we have to share.

The New StudioPress Design

It’s no secret that the signature StudioPress black/orange color scheme no longer exists here on the site – and that, of course, is by no accident. Every once in a while brands go through transitions which can certainly warrant a color change, and for StudioPress this was the perfect time.

It’s been nearly 9 months since StudioPress came together with a few others to form Copyblogger Media – a development company which provides a suite of tools to help publishers succeed online.

As we have slowly worked our development into the trinity of essential software products, we wanted the StudioPress brand to represent a vibrant and professional movement within WordPress – focused on design optimization alongside the Genesis Framework.

With the brilliance of our lead designer Rafal Tomal, the new StudioPress site has launched, and we can’t be any prouder to display the new branding.

Giving Back to the Community

Another reason we moved forward with a site redesign was to accomodate a number of things we wish to accomplish here at StudioPress.

Our community is extremely important to us – and we make every effort we can to exceed the expectations of our users with customer service and support. With a forum of over nearly 50,000 and a community who is running close to 250,000 sites on Genesis, that’s a challenge at times – but one we embrace with open arms.

As part of giving back to the community, I’m pleased to announce that in the coming weeks, we will be opening up a “Resources” section here at StudioPress which will include the following:

  • Free Graphics for Designers and Bloggers
  • Free StudioPress-developed Genesis Child Themes
  • Directory of Third Party Genesis Child Themes for Sale

More Things to Come

Lastly, I wanted to mention what else is to come. First off, we will be refocusing some of our resources to our blog. Right now we are primarily using the blog to announce Theme Releases, but we plan on opening that up to include a few things such as WordPress Tips, Featured Sites built on Genesis and much more.

We’ll also be updating a number of our child themes such as Lifestyle, Corporate and a few more. (here’s the update Lifestyle design for example.) In addition to that, of course we’ll be releasing a number of new child themes.

All in all, we’re very excited about the future of StudioPress and what we have planned. Feel free to provide feedback about the new site design by leaving a comment below, or use it as an opportunity to request features in themes that you would like to see.

To stay connected, feel free to follow StudioPress on Twitter or Like us on Facebook.


  1. Thanks for what you do, both in trade and in giving.

    You deserve all the success you have earned in trade of your goods and services over the years.

    • Thanks Jonathan – really appreciate the comments, as well as your ongoing support of what we do. It’s people like you who make our days of development enjoyable. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I understand how valuable encouragement, feedback & kind words are.

        It’s what drives me while doing projects like – a show on great thoughts, clips, and quotations about building your dreams.

        Brian, you have done great work over the years & I have appreciated both watching where you have grown and the help you have provided me over the years.

  2. Brian, while I’ll miss the black/orange colors the new design is really, really cool!

    Moreover the new features you announced in the post are very welcome! We really need a third party directory since there isn’t a lot of Genesis child themes around in other marketplace.

    Thanks for helping us building nice WordPress sites!


    • The 3rd party directory of Genesis child themes is something that I’m very excited about – while we had plans at one point to host our own Genesis theme marketplace, right now it makes more sense to promote those who are building child themes and already selling them. There are a number of great places to buy child themes, from some very talented designers – so why not share that with all of our users?

  3. Nice fresh look! What are the other themes besides Lifestyle and Corporate that you’ll be updating?

    • Lifestyle and Corporate (in that order) will be the first two to receive updates. As for past that – not exactly sure, but themes should include Enterprise, Streamline, Magazine and News.

      • Thanks! I’m curious about Magazine and News. Here are some suggestions that might be useful:

        – custom fonts (header and body) [as an option]
        – column classes (as โ€œFocusโ€ has) for articles / blog posts
        – formats (as โ€œtapestryโ€ has included & menu)
        – layout of the front/main page like โ€œsleekโ€, but:
        – the featured box (dynamic gallery) like in the new Agent theme (title within the text)
        – the cool & fresh look of โ€œAmpedโ€ (fading background and yellow footer [optional])
        – color: green elements (fresh & powerful โ€“ juicy elements; but all in all still decent, light and gentle; a light and a dark option)


        • Thanks for the feedback – will definitely keep it in mind when those themes are updated.

          • Thanks!! Sounds great

          • By the way: Here are two feature suggestions for news and/or magazine theme that would be of great value (especially since they’re needed):

            – print & pdf-buttons: Add a pdf (export) & print function for the articles (for the users)
            – multi pages-articles: Add a possibility of adding articles that are longer than one page (where you can click on page 2 | 3 ..). (To avoid long scrollbars for long articles and generate more clicks/PIs.)

        • @Daniel,

          You can add the Column classes to the themes you use.

          I did it recently to a number of sites I manage … it’s just copy & paste a block of stuff into the child theme CSS you can find in this post:

          I agree having it included automatically will be good, but you can do it easily.

          • Nice! That’s pretty simple. (I manually added the footer widgets before, which is similar and very simple, too.)

            And still: It’s the combination of all those latest features (fonts, formats, column classes, custom menu, custom footer widgets and so on) that make me say: Better wait until the theme has these functions implemented – it’s smooth, better coding, better usability and more secure for WordPress 3.2. Meaning: It saves time.

          • oh, I understand … there have been many times that the “what theme should I use?” was replaced with “what is the most recently updated theme?”

            maybe the suggestion, for those of us who have developer licenses, is a core theme that is always the most up to date standard. Then we can take it, and apply whatever we want.

          • That would be the sample child theme, which is updated in sync with Genesis when that is updated

  4. Wow, Brian, you never cease to amaze me with all you do, give to the WP community and especially on the support forum and your new free goodies…you should be one of the poster men for WordPress!!!

    • Heh, poster men – love it. Maybe a WP Calendar with proceeds to the foundation? :-)

      Giving to the community is such a simple thing for us, since there are a lot of things we can offer. Not to mention we have a pretty decent reach, so it make sense for us to utilize that by giving away resources that people request for on a daily basis.

  5. The new site looks great!

    Only one criticism: I can’t find the link to the support forums anywhere.

  6. Ah, ok — I wasn’t expecting it to be there since all the other sections are called out in the primary nav. Maybe something to look into, or maybe it’s just me:)

    Thanks for the response.

  7. Wow! That’s really looking awesome :-)

    I like the sky blue color and appearance of the FONTS. Also the the social media icons.


  8. Nice! Do you plan to release the new StudioPress theme as a Genesis Child Theme?

    • We don’t normally release themes we have on our branded sites while they are presently being used… there might be a way to make a derivative of the design, so it’s not exactly the same.

  9. congrats on new design. Looks more cleaner and eye catching.

  10. I love it! It looks clean and fresh. Love the idea of updating some themes and well. I like the new look for Lifestyle and getting ready to use the Corporate theme so I may have them wait until I see the update. Any ideas of launch dates for those two?

    As always, you are leading the way my friend! I’m a Studio-ite all the way.

    • Thanks so much Mariah! The Corporate theme should be updated and available in the next few weeks. Not 100% on the date, so I can’t commit to anything.

      As for being a Studio-ite all the way… +1 on that!

  11. Although I was not a huge fan of the Orange color scheme, I thought the design was clean, iconic, recognizable and functional. Love the new colors and the design? Awesome! Great job!

    BTW, love the redesign for Lifestyle! When will it be available? Looking forward to even more.

    Thank you again for your great designs and exceptional customer Service!


  12. Love it. But, I pretty much love anything and everything that comes out from StudioPress. Definitely looking forward to all the future themes that you’ll be releasing. Thanks for all of your continued work.

  13. The redesign looks great, nice job! Looking forward to the upcoming resources too, especially now that I’ve (finally) moved to a StudioPress template! The 3rd party child theme gallery is a great idea.

  14. Finally! :)

  15. Wow, I tweeted about this yesterday. What a nice surprise it was! I love it! Makes me feel minty fresh:)

    Also excited to hear about the new resources area and especially curious about the free graphics…could you give us a clue what categories of graphics these might entail?

    I’m also a customer of Premise (and Scribe) and I’m wondering if the graphics to come will be anything like the Premise image library?

  16. Thanks for the updates! I think this new site looks great; very clean.

    I like the update to the Lifestyle theme, but coincidentally I just had a client request a feature from that theme to be used in their current one (Corporate). That is – the colored background header styles. I see that is going away in the update, which might be a disappointment to some who are specifically using the Lifestyle theme for that feature.

    • Amy – we’ll leave the current theme download available for those who want to access various pieces of it (like the header graphic, as you mentioned.)

      • That’s awesome, thank you!

        I have another question. :-)

        When the Corporate theme gets updated, how will that affect the customizations I’ve done to my client’s site using the theme?

  17. Wow ! I am excited about the free Genesis child themes and the directory for 3rd party child themes. This will start an all new ball game in WordPress themes industry. Just yesterday, I blogged on the emerging child themes market with Genesis as an example:

  18. You know I love it… I’m partial to blue!

  19. Love the new site design. StudioPress has help shape my site to where it is today and growing. I would like however to see a child theme focused on tech / tech blog. I have been using Streamline for my tech blog for awhile now and it has worked but I’m looking to freshing things up and a theme focused on tech and blogging would be great to see.

    • Have you seen the Sleek theme? That’s pretty techy in my opinion… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I was actually looking at that one earlier and its a very nice theme I almost purchased but I didn’t see where I could have a large feature post as the main section as I do now with the dynamic content gallery and would prefer a different color scheme.

  20. Well…you know there is one in every crowd. I guess it’s my turn to be that “one”. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I really like the theme change! Light and bright is better overall. Yeah, you know there’s a “but” coming. Since I have some vision problems along with mega migraines, when there is a lot of white or bright in a theme (like on this page), it’s more difficult for me to spend much time on that area. I’m on a laptop so everything looks lighter naturally so that is figuring into my problem too.

    Having said that, the brighter, clean look is definitely a welcome sight.

    • Kit,

      Don’t worry about being that “one” – it saves me having to find something to moan about to Brian :-)

      You could adjust your screen brightness if you plan to stay on the site a while, or even set up a custom style sheet on your browser for the SP site, so that you see a different background colour.

      They may even be a small app for your operating system that allows you to quickly toggle between full brightness and dimmed – a quick hack I can think of for your laptop would be to unplug your battery from the socket when you visit the SP site – most laptops go into a lower power mode (to prolong the battery), which includes dimming the screen (by how much is customisable by you in the Power Settings of course), then re-plugging in when you head off elsewhere :-)

  21. Brian,

    Love the new look and feel of the site and the overall simplicity of it. Of course, I would never expect anything but the best from StudioPress.

    Thanks for all you and your team do – I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the themes and the great support you all provide.

    You guys (and gals) Rock!

  22. Pablo Cardozo :

    Missing StudioPress

  23. Hi Brian – Congrats on the beautiful redesign. There future is looking bright!

    Look forward to finding out more about the Directory of Third Party Genesis Child Themes for Sale.

  24. Great leap forward Brian, Rafal and StudioPress team.

  25. Hi there,

    I really like the new design! I purchased the Lifestyle theme in January and I am wondering if I would have to purchase it the second time if I want to have the updated version?

  26. Great update! I will miss the orange/dark design but this one is very easy on the eyes. Also I love the lifestyle update, hopefully it releases soon!

    Great work!

  27. Top Marks as Always Brian

    You guys are really flying – well done and thank you !


  28. “Minty fresh” is right! Very nice, clean, and fresh look!

    Just had to chime in. I am really impressed with the Genesis features and the incredibly clean and professional look of *all* the chid themes. I’m having a mess of a time deciding between them for my future blog, but I know I’ll be happy in the end.

    And thanks Brian for all your help so far – makes things easier! :)

    • Thanks Yael – and appreciate your comments. I know it’s tough sometimes to decide on a particular child theme to use, as we have a great selection to choose from.

      • It really is tough deciding! But at least I decided for Genesis & Kids :) The selection is wonderful – covers alot of needs.

  29. I think the new site looks awesome the blue and new font really help make it look even more pro. I can’t wait for the graphic resources section of the site sometimes every designer can use a little extra help or inspiration. Also, the new lifestyle theme is perfect for a project I have coming up please release soon :)

    • Hey Michael – glad to hear that the new Lifestyle theme will work for your upcoming project… also glad to hear how excited you are for the graphic resources. Our designer Rafal has already put together a number of these and we’re looking forward to releasing them here on the blog.

  30. Thank for this happy news, as a Pro Package users I expect to have more child themes coming.

    I also started to build my own child theme, I like Genesis Framework, the more I work with my own child them, the more I feel its power!

    Look for the new theme release.

  31. Love the new site…and I’m really excited about the new lifestyle theme. I was hesitant to buy it due to the limited color options but now…I think the charcoal version is perfect for my new project! Hurry please! :)
    Also, my wife loves the Midnight theme…except she wants it with a white background (noon?) so maybe you could consider that? So…to the Fab Five of online media…(Brian G, Brian C., Sonia, Robert, & Rafal)…you guys rock!

  32. Where can we purchase the latest LifeStyle Theme presented in the above article.

    Its awesome, please give me the details to purchase that theme immediately.

    • It’s not available yet – but should be in the next few days. Stay tuned to the StudioPress blog as we’ll make an announcement post when it is.

  33. Wow! what a makeover :)
    You look much cleaner and fresher, and I can’t say for one minute I would miss the orange and black. Well done guys, and what a fab idea for the resources section.

  34. I am very excited to hear that you will be refocusing efforts on your blog too. The tips that have been posted are always very useful and we are thirsty for more. Also with the wealth of knowledge and incredibly useful information that I find in the support forums, it would be great to see some of that coming through in the blog.

    Thanks for all the great support and tools. Love the fresh new design.


  35. New design looks really good colors fonts and so on long list .,. :> I am new in the WP and Genesis world and just wanted to say thank u Genesis people.

  36. Is there no longer a search function on the site? I used to use it quite a bit in the Developer section.

  37. Brian, I remember it used to be easy to submit a showcase. I have submitted a few sites to be showcased and they’re not up. It’s been 2 weeks. I actually got an email that said you received them and you will see if they will be showcased. Do you guys showcase every design or do you pick specific ones. If you pick specific designs only, what’s the criteria to get showcased. I notice that 70% of all the showcased sites are from the same designers. Sure they look great but how can new folks like myself get showcased?

    • I’ve been really behind on getting sites added to the showcase – can you do me a favor and resubmit, so that I make sure to see the site again?

  38. It’s beautiful, Brian! Although I really liked the black/orange, the blue is very refreshing and looks great. Good choice!

    Looking forward to the new blog posts and other treats you’ve mentioned.

  39. LOVE, LOVE, love, luv, the new site design! The typography really makes the site stand out. The blues and grays are WAY better and more inviting than the black/orange scheme.

    I’m really looking forward to the release of the new Lifestyle too. It’s a stunner!

    Thanks to you, Brian, and all the Studio Press/CopyBlogger Media team for ALL you do for the WordPress community. We LOVE you!

  40. The new look is fantastic! The colors are great and I especially like the footer widgets. W/ the blue bar and blue text, it really looks nice.

  41. Alex Taylor :

    There are a couple of mentions about the chances of your new look Studiopress theme being released as a child theme.

    I would love this to happen in some way.

    It is “so” what I’ve been looking for, for so long.

    Any chance we can buy it for personal use only, maybe in a slightly different format?

    Looking forward to all the planned updates too – the new lifestlye theme looks great!

    • Alex – not sure where you saw that mentioned, but we won’t be releasing it “as is” any time soon. I may have said that a variation of it somehow might make it’s way to becoming a child theme, but I doubt that happens any time soon.

      • Alex Taylor :

        Sorry, I didn’t say that clearly. I just meant that a couple of others like me who were desperate to get this theme mentioned it :)

  42. I love the new site and new items that are coming (WP Tips, Resources, 3rd party Theme Gallery, etc). I bought the developer’s packages 6 months ago and I’m delighted that I did.

  43. Joseph Lane :

    This new look is beautiful … Is it a theme we can purchase ? Or what theme is similar?

  44. It’s been 2 yrs since I first started with Studiopress and I have learned so much from you and the others here. The new look is great, even your personal blog. Light and fresh.

  45. Not to mention another theme shop, but some aspects really remind me of themes by ET. It looks nice. I much prefer the cleanner look. Although with the all caps font I think a pit more letter-spacing would look nice ๐Ÿ˜‰ but that’s just IMO.

    good work guys! I sent out a press release over at my blog.

  46. Excellent new design Brian. It breathes more easy. Though I was used to the older colors.

  47. Love the new look. Very clean and nicely styled *golf clap*

  48. Hi,

    Thank you so much for these updates.

    I will love to know if it is possible for me to only buy the Focus Theme since I already have the Framework.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Thank you.

  49. Hello Brian and Friends,

    I would like to express my opinion about the Studiopress website restyling.
    I admit the design is modern and cool, but I cannot hide my deception about the changing of the logo colours from black / grey / orange to the present version.
    I think the previous design had a stronger impact.
    Thank you for all the things you do for us everyday.


  50. Hi Brian,

    With the changes here, it appears the Church child theme is no longer part of the child theme lineup. Is it still available? I am starting my first development for a client and am waiting for their commitment to move forward, but that is the theme we were set on using.


    • It has been retired, but I’m going to email you now so if/when they are ready to move forward, reply back to let me know and I’ll make sure you can get your hands on it.

  51. I love the updated colours! Clean and modern <3

  52. Wow, 50.000 customers currently? From Revolution to StudioPress and moving forward continiously, truly inspiring sir. New site is kind of lacking an individual design identity but looking slick nevertheless.

  53. This design look brighter than old one, i love this and vote for it :-)

  54. As an FYI, your hyper link in the 3rd last paragraph is incorrect. It is in there as … It should be ***/lifestyle.

    The Lifestyle child theme looks great though. I think I’ll use it on my personal blog. I am loving AgentPress on my business site. Cheers!


    Just curious: Is this page supposed to have a navigation bar of any sort? I’m sure that could be added by a developer, while still keeping the main focus one a single column of content, but if it’s an error, I thought I’d mention it.

    • Hey Scott – no, that page template is purposely without any navigation, as the landing page intent is to capture your reader’s attention, and not for them to go anywhere else on the site.