Introducing the StudioPress Marketplace

StudioPress MarketplaceWe are very pleased to announce the launch of the StudioPress Marketplace – where developers from around the community can sell their work.

It’s no secret that the Genesis Framework is used by a lot of people – we have 39 child themes, 54,000 customers and our records indicate that Genesis is used on more than 300,000 sites.

It’s also no secret that there is an incredible amount of talented developers in the WordPress community who build their client sites with Genesis.

So we’ve decided to team up with them to make your experience the very best it can be.

What is the StudioPress Marketplace?

We’ve created a single place for you to buy StudioPress-approved child themes from third-party designers – it’s called the StudioPress Marketplace. Here you will be able to find a simple solution to the ongoing problem of finding a variety of well-built designs powered by Genesis.

We’re going to stay on top of state-of-the-art for you. We’re going to review every theme for you. And most importantly, we’re going to find amazing designers and new themes for you.

These themes will not be included in the Pro Plus All-Themes package, but we assure you that the design and coding of the themes are top-notch. They will also be documented and supported by the developers over on the StudioPress Support Forum.

More Details to Come About the Marketplace

We’re sure you want to know all of the details regarding the StudioPress Marketplace and we’ll be telling you how you can submit your themes very soon.

We’re doing a soft launch with some hand picked developers for the time being, but we have intentions of opening the doors for anyone to submit their Genesis-powered theme.

Please welcome the first four (of many) excellent themes to the Marketplace:

Blingless Child Theme

image of the Blingless theme for WordPress

For the micro-blogger, speed is everything. You want to keep screen alive with new color, text, and image. Near-constant movement. The Blingless theme gets out of your way, so you can get on to what’s next. Blingless was designed by Dre Armeda of CubicTwo.

Elle Child Theme

image of the Elle theme for WordPress

You’re in the city. You’re in the country. You’ve got stories and pictures and ideas that can’t be contained by mere … stereotypes. Let the Elle theme frame your life or business the way you want it framed. Elle was designed by Lauren Mancke of Northbound Design.

Maximum Child Theme

image of the Maximum theme for WordPress

Utmost impact. Lavish readability. Maximum … awesome. The Maximum theme delivers — in a big way — whether you’re building your company, or creating your personal brand. Maximum was designed by Brad Potter of Theme Craft.

Vintage Child Theme

image of the Vintage theme for WordPress

Somehow, it’s old and new. The best vintage pieces point back in history, and look forward, defining the future. The Vintage theme allows you to wrap your photos, your words, your audio in the feel of another time. Vintage was designed by Lauren Gaige of Restored 316 Designs.


  1. That’s good to hear that now StudioPress offer something more. Wish this could do not hurt my new upcoming project (it also focus on themes marketplace).

  2. This is perfect for designers and developers! I was wondering recently how to see a Genesis child theme and this would definitely help showcase everyones hard work and talent!

  3. Great news Brian – a lot of people are going to be stoked about this :-)

    “We’re going to check every line of code for you.”

    Playing devil’s advocate and asking the difficult question – will this commitment to check the code of potential marketplace themes take you / someone else away from producing fewer “official” StudioPress child themes?
    What will you be checking the code for?
    How stringent will SP be in the quality of the code that is sold?
    What criteria must themes meet to be eligible for the Marketplace?

    • I amended the post where that is mentioned, just as a safety net. As we discussed at WordCamp Chicago, my hope is to create a process in the release of themes to go through you for a paid audit prior to release.

      As for “official” StudioPress themes, we’ve got that covered. News to come. 😉

  4. Awesome news!

    Will we have access to the theme unit data that you guys use for demo testing/debugging purposes? I think it would be beneficial to use along side the WP repository unit testing material. :)

    • Yes – everyone can access the sample data XML file which is included in the Sample Child theme which you can download here.

    • See the Sample Child Theme (free) download, as that contains the .xml file you can import. I also see that Dre’s Blingless theme seems to incorporate a few more posts (mainly for various post formats), so it might be worth seeing if Brian can update the genesis.xml to incorporate post formats AND ensure it contains the default WordPress theme review unit tests content AND make it a standalone release (not tucked into Sample Child Theme) :-)

      (Of course, it’s feasible someone else could do the hard work on his behalf, Thomas…) 😉

  5. This is great!
    (not that I create/code themes… :-))
    It’s just great to have more options for Genesis.

    Random question for you- just wondering if there will ever be options in any of the child themes/Genesis using more shortcodes? (other than the post & footer shortcodes)
    I’ve played w/a few plugins and am using one that does quite a bit.

    I’m guessing there are some ramifications/affects to the theme (site load time?)- just curious.

    Looking fwd. to Genesis Connect tomorrow! :-)

    • Not sure about the shortcodes – if you’re referring to the overabundance of shortcodes that are used in other themes (buttons, columns, etc) that will probably never be something added to Genesis.

      We prefer to use html markup for that, as found in the content classes.

      • I’ll support keeping a multitude of shortcodes out of any theme – as it directly affects content (e.g. your content looks bad without it), should you ever want to change theme, you’d have to ensure the shortcodes were also carried forward to the new theme too.

        The time that people spend learning shortcodes for basic HTML insertion, they could have spent learning straight HTML instead.

        If developers are adding buttons (or style dropdown options) to the editors, then again, for basic stuff the button should insert straight HTML, and not a shortcode which then gets converted to basic HTML later.

  6. Great news!

    Food for thought and question: I just referred a client to SP yesterday, but they weren’t keen on the SP child themes available, so I referred her to ThemeGarden.

    I would imagine that there is room for both to exist, but obviously SP has more word-of-mouth and branding power. Has SP had any discussion with ThemeGarden on a possible integration…or partnership of any kind?

    Feel free to tell me it’s none of my business;) It’s just one of the first things that occurred to me since I’ve purchased several child themes there.

    • Jason and I have talked extensively about the existence of Theme Garden and the new StudioPress Marketplace. I’ll let him address what his plans are moving forward with it.

  7. Just to be clear, these themes are not included in our lifetime developer package? Correct?

  8. Looks like this will speed up the delivery of new themes and diversify the creativity of design. I am going to snap up 2 of the designs today!

  9. SWEET!!!!!

  10. Great news, Brian! What I like is the “StudioPress Approved” part. I’ve played with other “Genesis” child themes offered elsewhere and was disappointed. You’re well known dedication to detail, quality and support is what has kept me with you since the “Revolution” days. How exciting to see this next step and I look forward to all the new great designs that will be sold in the marketplace! Congrats!

    • Providing a “safe” place to purchase quality themes from third party developers to compliment the selection of themes we produce was at the very top of our priority list.

      We’re very excited about the opportunities that developers will have without the worry about marketing and setting up support forums on their own.

  11. Will it affect the development of Official Child themes. I hope their will be no such things..

    Great initiative to promote developers. I hope in near future their will be something like, which will support all such themes. It may be essential for many people to tweak small things. No developer can support each buyer individually at such low price. So, I think forum support will be essential or each developer should have such forum.

    At last, Thanks Brian and your StudioPress team! :)

    • No, this won’t affect the development of the “oficial” StudioPress child themes. In fact, we’re putting something in place to ensure this doesn’t happen. More to come on that…

  12. This is absolutely huge for developers!

    The brand recognition, world class support forums and the quality of StudioPress plus the marketing power of Copyblogger, equals really early Christmas present.

    This is a big win win for the community and StudioPress.

    Like I need any more motivation to keep developing for the Genesis Framework?

    Congrats everyone.

  13. Way cool! I’m really looking forward to seeing how this takes shape!

  14. Justin Twerdy :

    You guys ROCK! Been looking forward to this for a long time now (:

    I had been working on a child theme and waiting to release in hopes that this day would come. It’s been a pleasure working with StudioPress, and love the idea of continuing to do so by jumping into Theme Development.

    Congrats on getting this pushed out!

  15. Congrats on the official launch! I’ve been waiting patiently for this day to come.

    I have a theme cocked and ready to go. Just waiting for instructions on submitting my theme. 😉

    • Thanks Josh, we’ve been waiting too. 😉

      Hang tight on the instructions… we’re going soft for now, so we can work out the system and iron out any kinks.

      • Brian, Going soft for now makes total sense BUT I can help you work out the system plus I’m sharp and a great ironer. Someone once told me that 5 heads are better than 4. If you need one more, you know how to find me. I’ll keep my phone close. :-)

      • Hi Brian. congratulations
        a month ago i poke you at Google+ about this one, coz its hard to sell your child theme if i must branding our service, but it will easy if you support us to your marketplace and you answer my question at here, not at Google+ 😛

        for now we have 2 themes that released for Genesis
        Retro :
        NeoMag :
        soon will be release :

        i hope i can join into your designer team :)

        • Rebecca Diamond :

          We will be adding new designers to our marketplace in the future – and when we open it, there will be very clear guidelines for the child theme requirements, and information on steps to take to be accepted as a marketplace designer.
          Keep checking back – we appreciate your interest! :-)

          • That is all great to hear! I have already to premium child themes in development for release at the end of August or in September. So I can’t wait when these guidelines are published. Thanx for setting up this marketplace I think it’s a perfect solution for the #genesiswp community – worldwide :)
            -Can’t wait, Dave from Germany :)

  16. Hi! I’m very new to Genesis and the child themes – I just bought it, in fact. I’m not very tech-savvy in terms of coding, so if I buy a child theme, is it already set up enough where all I need to do is add content, or will I need to work with a coder? I’m interested in something that is very user friendly – customization through a control panel type of stuff. And, if these themes don’t offer that to a novice, what can you recommend? I greatly appreciate any and all input! Thanks:)

  17. This is great news. I love it that StudioPress keeps getting better and better. I’m looking forward to the specs as to how one submits a theme to the marketplace. It’s sounding like we can have a paid “tune-up” upon submitting a theme, to make sure it’s coded as efficiently as possible – is that correct? Really good idea, if so.

  18. Great idea having a market place. Love the Maximum Child Theme, looks sleek!

  19. Brian, it was great meeting you at WordCamp SF 2011 (and Nathan). I’ve used Genesis framework one a just-previous project, will be using it for the current project. As a result, will be picking up a license for my own use as well. Looking forward to more amazement in the future, from both StudioPress and products from Copyblogger Media.

  20. Great to see your marketplace released. That is a great source for Genesis fans :-)

  21. MarketPlace is such a great news and opportunity! =] can’t wait for more information on submissions! I am sure you guys will be overflowed with them, congrats!

  22. Great idea.. Would it based on Paid subscription :( like in themegarden or Share sale like in themeforest?

    • No it’s not – they will be sold ala carte as we’re already doing now.

      • Brian, what I mean is on the developer side if we want to sale our themes in your market place, should we have to paid a fee for this or this will be based on a share commission like in themeforest for example.. hope this make sense.