StudioPress Merges Into Copyblogger Media LLC

Copyblogger Media LLC

We’re excited to announce that StudioPress and several other companies are coming together to form Copyblogger Media LLC. This is a new consolidated company led by Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger.

First, let me assure you… it’s business as usual here at StudioPress. Our team, including me, is not going anywhere. StudioPress and Genesis will still be our primary focus, along with the first of many exciting new projects we have planned.

I am one of the owners of this new company, while Nathan will remain as the lead developer of Genesis. We’re very excited about the development community which has surrounded Genesis, and there is so much to look forward to. Craig will continue to handle the business-side of StudioPress, while I will still remain an integral part of the entire project.

About Copyblogger Media, LLC

Joining Brian Clark and myself in this new venture as partners are Sean Jackson (creator of Scribe SEO), Tony Clark (co-creator of Teaching Sells, Third Tribe, and a new WordPress product called Premise), and Sonia Simone, Senior Editor of Copyblogger and co-founder of Third Tribe with Brian, Chris Brogan, and Darren Rowse.

As a full-fledged new media company, Copyblogger Media, LLC will have multiple lines of business, including online education and live events. But the thing that caught my attention was Brian’s vision for a suite of software tools, specifically for the WordPress space. As you may know, Brian Clark no longer works with Chris Pearson and Thesis, so there was a missing part.

Genesis (Design Optimization)

With attractive child themes, easy customization for designers and upcoming design controls, Genesis has become the logical choice for design pros and the biggest names in social media alike. Brian Clark and his team began developing on Genesis months ago, so it made a lot of sense to do something bigger together.

Scribe (Content Optimization)

Engaging content makes the difference online, but unless you also spoon feed it to search engines, you don’t benefit from profitable, targeted traffic. Scribe makes SEO simple by providing powerful tools for finding the right keywords, optimizing content for search, and building quality links.

Premise (Conversion Optimization)

Coming soon, Premise completes the online marketing trinity by providing the missing piece of the puzzle – conversion optimization. More details soon, but Premise works with any WordPress theme, and makes getting people to take action easier than ever.

And then there’s the BIG thing we’re all working on together. Sorry, but no hints on that yet…

In Conclusion

I wanted to let you know what’s going on before rumors started floating around. There will be an announcement next week on Copyblogger with more details. You’ll find that this new combined company will allow for better updates to Genesis, more child themes, additional add-on features, and better support.

Thanks to all of you for allowing us to grow to this point and for trusting that we had more to come. You haven’t seen anything yet. 😉


  1. Brian: looks like you are have an excellent team around you! Congratulations and looking forward to all that’s ahead!

    • Thanks Ricardo – what was already an excellent team here at StudioPress just got better. The folks involved with the other lines of business are top-notch, and we look forward to working together.

  2. Congrats Brian, and to all involved. This will be a force in the WordPress and web world as a whole!

  3. Congrats to all involved. I knew years ago when I bought into Revolution it would be a smart investment. To infinity and beyond indeed.

  4. Okay now, THAT is big news. Congratulation on the move and I’m looking forward to the great things that will be. I doubt anybody saw this one coming btw 😉

  5. Well this is big news! As a Thesis designer, I’m disappointed on how the last few months have unfolded. And while I’ll stick with Thesis because it’s what I know, and what has allowed me to build a business around… I am looking forward to getting to know Genesis a little bit better.


    • Chris – the past few months in the WordPress community haven’t been it’s best. However, Brian (Clark) and I are very excited about this merger – as are the other 3 partners, Sonia, Tony and Sean. We have huge plans to make WordPress an even better platform for our community to use.

      • You’re right.. the past few months haven’t been great. This should be a interesting partnership, since I use a couple of these products. I look forward to seeing what your creative minds have in the future.


        • There are lots of creative (and extremely talented coding) minds in the company we’re building. As a user of a “couple of these products”, we’re hoping to make that experience even better than it is.

      • Well, I’m excited about it. It’s nice to see good business people getting partnered up to enhance good products. I’ve toyed with Genesis a bit and look forward to getting more familiar in the near-term.

    • Also wanted to point out that I love what you did with your site – one of the best Thesis mods I’ve seen. (and I’ve seen a TON of them!)

  6. This is the good move to get full gain of potential customers from Coppybloggers. You will get tsunami of traffic through this source as well and might surpass your other traffic giving resources too. Good Luck to you

  7. That looks to be a powerful combination of WP-related folks. Will StudioPress and the others still exist as a legal separate entity, or are all rights and ownerships being transferred into Copyblogger Media LLC, as per the current footer of this site?

    Congratulations to the StudioPress folks and everyone else involved. Exciting times!

    • Thanks Gary, and a huge thanks to Darcy for introducing us. I can tell in the few weeks you’ve been around the Genesis community that you’re going to be a huge asset. In fact, some of your code contribution has already been committed into the upcoming version of Genesis. How cool is that?

  8. Awesome news. Nothing but great things to come I’m sure. Glad I got on for the ride 😀

  9. I think this new is bigger than the Apple press conference going on right now!
    Congrats, I’m looking forward to the developments.

  10. Congrats !! Looking forward for “the BIG thing” that you are working on. Wish you all the best.

  11. Big ups to all involved! Great to see good things like this happening in the community!

    • Thanks Gil – appreciate it. Let’s also make sure we connect to get you an account in the Genesis development site. You’re going to be a key piece in the future with Genesis and the development of child themes. I see big things in your crystal ball as well.

  12. Congratulations! I’m a supporter of both StudioPress and Copyblogger (and get newsletters etc from them) – so am very excited to see what develops with the new company. Have to say I couldn’t have predicted this in a million years but I’m sure you all will continue to do great things. Best wishes. 8))

    • Thanks Lisa – it’s interesting, that both camps exist. Some folks (like you) have said they didn’t see it coming – while many others said it was only a matter of time.

  13. Congratulations Brian and the whole StudioPress team – this is awesome news. Looking forward to what the future will bring with this powerhouse group of companies. :)

  14. HUGE news! Congratulations, Brian. All the best with the new team that is being assembled. You sure keep things exciting around the Web.

  15. Consolidation is better till it remain in limit, This will be gain for WP-Users as whole.

    Congrats Brian.

  16. Exciting news. Really a big fan of Genesis and the StudioPress “attitude”. I hope this stays true as I continue to standardize on Genesis and push it for my projects.

    Great news fellas and look forward and glad to be part of the community.

  17. Congratulations, Brian. It sure is an interesting time (for me) to be getting involved in the WordPress community.

  18. I know we’re excited – opens up *huge* possibilities. :)

  19. Oh My God, how exciting! I am in total shock. But I don’t know why. It makes perfect sense. I am so happy for all of you. What an exciting opportunity to move forward for everyone involved. I am a client of both organizations and very happy about this.


    Nanci Murdock

  20. Congrats to you Brian and the entire team there at StudioPress and Genesis.

  21. I joined StudioPress recently and every few days I get good news. Well done Brian!

    I was wondering if there will be any affiliate program or reseller plan for Scribe SEO?

  22. AWESOME NEWS! A powerful and valuable trinity indeed.

  23. Wow that sounds like a match made in heaven. Can’t wait to see all of it come together, I’m a big fan of Studio Press.

  24. This is awesome Brian! I am so happy for you and your entire team. You deserve the best my friend and we folks are honored to support your new endeavor. I’ve only conversed with Brian Clark via email but he seems like a stand up guy. Good things happening to good people. =) Congrats!

    • Hey Sally – thanks so much, and apologize that our team hasn’t been to the recent WordCamps to hang with you and Josh – family stuff, ya know? Appreciate the kinds words regarding good things and good people. Keep truckig on your end, I can see steam coming from the engine you’ve built.

  25. Congratulations, and wishes for more power to you, this is really exciting news, you are awesome guys! I will never forget your support to me when I first started my blogging business!

    Special thank to Brian Gardner

  26. Brian, you are a true visionary and such a creative entrepreneur. Congrats on aligning with a stellar situation to grow your business. What better way to serve your clients – past, present, future – with more WordPress support through the great (and I mean GR8) theme designs at StudioPress. SO happy for everyone, including the fab team at StudioPress. AWESOME, man!

    • Hey Debra – thanks – while I think you’re going overboard with your praise, I do appreciate it. I may have founded StudioPress, but it’s my team and the community who has defined it. I’m so proud of all who are involved, and look forward to taking WordPress to higher places.

  27. Brian – congrats! This is awesome news. You are joining excellent company and I can’t wait to see what you guys (and gals) will build. Keep up and great work!

  28. My initial reaction was a George Costanza like, Oh no! “The worlds are colliding!”

    Minutes have passed. I’ve read this post and it’s comments. My secret is out. If you want an upper hand in today’s digital world, use these products and services in tandem. Congratulations to Gardner, Clark, Jackson and Simone (sounds a little Mad Men-ish). I’m a Third Tribe member, a Scribe SEO user, a Copyblogger reader and a StudioPress Pro-Plus lifer. For me, that means it’s business as usual. Thanks! 😉

    • Heh, love the Seinfeld analogy. Truly one of the best shows ever made… now as for your comments regarding the products and services, you’re spot on. We want to give our users the best experience online – we want to make it as easy for them to publish their content and to reap the rewards of their efforts.

  29. This is big news! Congratulations Brian!

    Though things just got one degree more confusing for the rest of us whenever we refer to “Brian” now that you and Brian Clark are both part of the same company. 😉

    • Tell me about it Chris – in partner discussion, we just refer to ourselves as Clark and Gardner. Although, I must say that not being able to claim brian@copyblogger almost blew the deal. :-)

      All in fun, it’s an exciting time for us all. One that can extend into conversations that you and I have.

    • I think we will have to start referring to them as G-man & C-man.

  30. I noticed the change in the footer yesterday and did wonder what was going on. This is very exciting news. As a technical writer for over 30 years, I entered the ‘wordpress’ world about 1 1/2 years ago to launch a series of Chit Chat Magazine sites. I struggled at first but with help from Studiopress and some heavy ‘bedtime reading’ I ventured into code a bit. Although still a ‘newbie’ I now feel comfortable to finally design my corporate site (after 30 years it is time) as well as some WordPress Website Diva sites focusing on WordPress customization, documentation and training (the latter being more my expertise). I am happy to say that you are focusing on training and tutorials because that was missing a bit when I started and believe this new venture should only help for ‘newbie’ users like myself. The world is exciting ahead for what can be done with powerful software, easy-to-use themes, and great customer support. I look forward to also becoming an affiliate on my Diva and Wordtech site shortly.

  31. Brian, now I’m not surprised anymore about what happens around StudioPress. In the last two years I have seen the Revolution become Genesis. And now this. I hope that everything, apart from the obvious business considerations, bring more wellness to you all. I never found such wonderful group of people on the interweb. Ok, you give customers a service, but is clear that you put Passion on what you do. And that’s why you do it in such an incredible way.

    • Marco – wow, you seem to really have a knack of understanding the situation. Appreciate that – and really appreciate YOUR passion to be involved. I haven’t forgotten about you re: the Genesis development site. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’m also very thrilled about your intentions with Theme Garden. Can’t wait to see what you do there!

  32. Andre Rombauts, Belgium :

    But what is Teaching Sells? I tried to get info from the site, but it is “closed to new enrolments”…
    As a retired teacher I’m still interested in any teaching subject… :-)

  33. Congrats to Brian and the entire team. What big news!! Can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

  34. Christina Hills :


    A big congrats to you and your whole team!
    This is very exciting for everyone!

  35. Take the morning off from work, away from the computer, and I come back and the whole damned landscape has changed in less than mere hours. :)

    Congratulations, Brian…and Brian, et all – – looking forward to some neat stuff from the new formation!

    • Thanks Lisa – appreciate it… you know how things go on the internet… a few hours go by, and things change. Appreciate the congrats, and behalf of all 5 partners!

  36. Congratulations, Brian!

    Since coming on board with the original Rev, I haven’t been disappointed with anything you’ve done. This may be the best ride in town!

    Really love the Genesis framework (and the clients are REALLY happy). Looking forward to what comes next. Best to ya, buddy – you deserve it.

    • Hey Joe – appreciate your continued support over the years. I’ve seen some really great sites you’ve built and am glad that you’ve been with us for so long. Also very happy to hear that your clients are happy – after all, they pay the bills, right?

  37. Congrats! I’m very excited about this move, as I’m a big supporter of both the Copyblogger group and Studiopress (still the only WordPress theme I’ve ever bought).

    Best of luck, and keep up the great work.

    • Rebecca Diamond :

      Thanks, Beau – Glad to hear you’re so loyal to StudioPress. Happy clients keep us happy 😉

  38. Congratulations, Brian! I can’t say that I fully understand what all this means, but I trust that it will be a good thing! I love Genesis and am excited about everything it offers. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for all of you!

  39. Congratulations !
    Seems like you’ve got a nice “theme” of members 😉

  40. Good going guys!

  41. “The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts.” Haggai 2:9

    Congrats to you Brian and the entire team there at StudioPress and Genesis.

    • Rebecca Diamond :

      Thanks, Richard – we’re all quite pleased and looking forward to what the future brings!

  42. Very cool. Congrats.

    I’m excited to see what the future brings for Genesis and to continue to be a part of what you’re doing!

  43. To the entire Team:

    Congratulations! I will be looking for that BIG something, as it can be a wonderful happening, in addition to everything represented by StudioPress and now the new company.

    My thanks to all for keeping things moving forward!!!

  44. I laughed out loud when I came across this news.

    I wrote to Sean Jackson about 3 weeks ago, praising StudioPress and suggesting that they get in touch with Brian to possibly arrange running the same excellent Scribe SEO offer that they ran with WooThemes, very briefly, in July – the Advanced package, usually $97 per month, for $27 per month to WooThemes users.

    Sean wrote back to me, saying that they were fans of StudioPress too and would be “doing something together very soon”.

    I never dreamed that the “something” would be a full-blown merger!

    I wish your new company the best of luck, I’m excited about the possibilities, and I sincerely hope that you will celebrate this new union by finally offering that great $27 Scribe SEO offer to StudioPress customers too.

    • Hey Donnacha – thanks so much, you’ve always been a huge advocate of StudioPress, and have always appreciated the comments you leave on other WordPress blogs regarding our company. It is funny, in life – you gotta be careful what you ask for. Sometimes it just might happen!

  45. Congrats! Excellent synergy; I can’t wait to see what innovations come about from all the creative minds.

  46. Hey Brian, congratulations on the good move! So are you guys going to “kill” other WP theme providers now..? :)

    • Our intent is not to “kill” anyone…

      The intent was obviously to come together and make a great user experience offering a number of products that folks who wish to publish content can use. But somehow I think you knew that… :-)

  47. This is proof that people like to do business with people they trust and like.

    Not only is Genesis well-made (WTG Nathan!), the business end well-run (WTG Craig!) and the forums filled with team members who answer newbie questions (WTG Rebecca, Daisy, et al…) – but Brian and the whole team is always respectful in social media, kind in emails, and just so stinkin’ likable.

    The nice factor? Really matters to my business. I feel like the voice of support – an extension of my brand – will be extended in the StudioPress forums.

    As a designer, I know I have a choice where to build my themes. The StudioPress team makes that choice easy for me. I’m proud to offer my designs for Genesis.

    I wish the whole new Copyblogger Media team much success.


  48. I cant wait to see how this new partnership unfolds. This all looks so exciting. I just purchased a genesis theme myself and looking forward to what else you have in store.

  49. Congratulations, Brian (and the rest of the crew)! This is huge news and can only mean good things for the already excellent StudioPress community…. which I am very happy to be a part of!

    Looking forward to learning more as the details emerge.

  50. Wow! This is a huge step. Now this is revolution.

    Having followed Brian since Rev 1, I can see this is a step towards a more corporate or business blogging. Let’s see, are we looking into a ‘copy that sell’ mantra with an optimized landing page variation on a SEO optimized, customized posting WP theme?

    Not only are these big names, they are great people.

    • Hey George – thanks so much for the comments, and also being a “follower” since the Revolution days. You’re pretty much right on track with our vision… and yes – they are great people!

  51. Debating whether to write now or not. Feel free to delete before publishing if you wish. However, I’m not so excited about this merger.

    WP has proven itself to not be at our pocket books (Vaultpress aside). StudioPress – excellent value for the money/ GPL/ upgrades that keep up with WP for life = all a service that I can put my money behind – plus the value is incredible!

    However – the reason this has me hesitating – Business needs to be a balance of meeting an existing need / providing a service and making a living. Scribe – Third Tribe, and Teaching Sells have business practices/ marketing practices that lead me (I’m sure I’m not alone) to believe the primary purpose for their existence is to make money.

    Brian Clark? I would be hard pressed to see a problem with his online presence or self-marketing. His content has been a lifeline for me.

    So from this small-timer, I’m personally happy for your success. BUT professionally – I hope StudioPress -Genesis specifically remains independent of other ‘tools’.

    • Cathy, I guess I’m a little confused by your feelings. The people who are part of Teaching Sells and Third Tribe don’t feel the way you do. Perhaps it’s just outside looking in? Or maybe you’re associating us with certain “Internet marketing” types that we actually work hard to steer people away from?

      As for Scribe (and the upcoming Premise), they’re tools just like Genesis. And they’re highly complementary of one another. But the latter two do have a business focus, because a lot of business people are frustrated with what they can (and can’t) do with WordPress.

      You might not be a person with those concerns. But let’s not belittle and look down at the small business people who drive the economy. We’d all be in trouble without them. 😉

  52. Congratulations..

  53. Sounds great man — as one who started designing my own themes…then moved on to Thesis and now working primarily with StudioPress (although my own site,, still runs off of Thesis), I’m excited to see this move forward….I can’t wait to see what the “big thing” y’all are working on is…

  54. Hey Brian,

    This is huge, I wish you and your team all the best.


  55. Great news Let me know when you are going public so i can buy shares !

  56. Brian it’s a great news!

    I’m in the “blog” and “wordpress” world since early 1999 / 2000 and I met (online) thousand of successful and very popular people. You, Chris, Brian, Tony and Darren are some of the few I always come back to to learn from (I was in very first group that joined Teaching Sells, too).

    Now this new company looks like an “Hall of fame” of people from the Third Tribe: something that one can be happy to work with / buy from.

    So with all of you under the same “umbrella” when we will see a whole membership/learning/ system for WP? If it is in your planning well… maybe I should stop the developement of my own tentative 😉


  57. Congratulations to Brian and the StudioPress Team! This seems like a big step and I am anxious to see what’s to come of it.

    Hopefully, you will maintain the StudioPress brand. Is my assumption correct?

    • Josh, that’s correct. All of the brands of the companies that are coming together are extremely important to us. So the idea is to build those brands even bigger.

  58. Exciting stuff, Brian. Congratulations!

  59. Brian.

    Wow! This sounds real exciting and I can’t wait to see what all the new developments are and to be able to take advantage of these.


  60. WOW! This is fabulous!!!!

    StudioPress is ALL I use….and am a huge advocate! Not just because the themes are amazing, but because of the people here. The integrity & support goes beyond expectation- always.

    I’ve been using Scribe for a couple months and ADORE IT! Can’t wait for the linking piece. I also joined Third Tribe when it came out and have found the recordings invaluable….Sonia & Brian do a great job.
    Can’t wait to see what the secret project is.
    Congratulations Brian & everyone here- your success is well deserved.

  61. Sounds like some cool stuff happening. Congratulations!

  62. Congrats to you and your team Brian! Couldn’t think of a nicer and more talented group of folks to pull together to offer a “one-stop-shop” professional WordPress community! I’ve followed you since my days back in Chicago and have always promoted your products due to the exemplary quality and support that I’ve yet to see topped elsewhere. I’m very excited about the future of StudioPress and am looking forward to going along for the ride!

    • Judith – appreciate like the others that you’ve been around since the early days. We will continue to do our best making quality themes, as well as putting support first.

  63. I can remember when you were deciding if you should quit your day job to pursue the Revolution gig. Doesn’t seem that long ago. You’ve come a long way, very fast.

    Merging with the Copyblogger team is genius. Best of luck with the merger and I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes the WordPress theme market.

    • Hey Bill – nice to see you drop by here, and also to see you in Third Tribe forums. I appreciate the comments regarding the merge with Copyblogger – Brian and his team, along with the other partners make for a great core group of people to do wonderful things.

  64. What does this mean for the little guys like me who need good looking and fab templates? Sounds a little like it’s all geared towards the business model and SEO clan. I really hope that the template production won’t suffer, I feel it has been … lacking lately. Sorry, not wanting to rain on anyone’s parade. Pray for your continued success.


    • Giant do you mind to explain this a little further ?

      If anything this team has put out more Child themes then were produced during the Revolution days / Rev 2 days.

      And what do you build a site/blog for ? Most people treat this as a business, not a hobby.

      Most people are here to utilize what is offered to make money for themselves.

      Almost everything in the whole world is done because of money. Newspapers make money off of ads (and selling ad’s online).

      TV Shows are made to sell Ad’s.

      Sport events are made to sell ads (now even stadiums get renamed to a business name).

      I am just a little lost on your comment.

      As I said before care to explain ?

      • Sure, no problem tji. The sites I develop are not intended as business models. None of the 7 sites I administer are profit driven or have ads. Granted, proper search indexing and following tried business practices are important. The things that initially prompted me to sign up (Revolution era) were the clean code and the fact that Brian and his team provided the best support in the business. The quantity of themes is not as important as quality and diversity in my opinion. If I have offended anyone my apologies. Brian remains to this day a role model for his ethics and business practices.Sometimes paths diverge.


        • All good, and no offense taken. Just for clarity, while Scribe and Premise are going to come alongside Genesis in this company, I will personally see to it that quantity of the framework and the child themes will not suffer. I am still in charge here – and nothing will change in that regard.

  65. I remember starting out learning WP a year ago and Copyblogger was one site that I liked. I was disappointed when I saw it was done on Thesis, but stayed with Studiopress because of the great support plus Brian was moving to my hometown…jk….really just for the support. The other products that are coming onboard are very interesting, ie Scribe and Premise. Hopefully there will be a package available that combines all 3.
    Nice work Brian

    • Bill – thanks for the comment, and for hanging with us. As you can see, good things result with those who are patient. :-) Yes, we’ll definitely be working packaging products – after all, they will compliment each other well.

  66. Very interesting news! I had a feeling that something like this might be in the works when Chris Brogan switched to StudioPress and Brian parted ways with Thesis. Brian’s a marketing powerhouse so this should be great news for StudioPress.

    • Thanks Jay – we assumed that many folks would see Chris and ultimately Brian’s moves to Genesis as a pre-cursor to what was to come. Regardless, we’re very excited to merge our companies together to see what we can do.

  67. It was a “recommendation” from Lisa Sabin-Wilson that led me to originally purchasing Genesis. Considering the messy state of affairs over the last few months, I have been dabbling in Woo for the last several weeks, but I haven’t found everything I was looking for.

    After your SEO post a few days ago, I was leaning towards another purchase…

    …today, the money is in your account. I’m looking forward to asking stupid questions in your forums. 😉

    • James – thanks so much for the purchase, and welcome aboard. The only stupid questions that exist are ones unasked. Other than that – everything in our forum is fair game.

  68. Amazing News. Congratulations to all the SP staff. Proud to be a member of this amazing community.

  69. Hi there,
    Will it or what will change for Studio Press Pro Plus All-Theme members?
    New deal / less deal?

  70. No answer? I suppose the impact is still not clear yet (I mean for the Studio Press Pro Plus All-Theme members)?

    • Sorry about missing your comment – what that means is that you will continue to have access to Genesis and all child themes. There’s also a chance it means discounts on the other products – such as Scribe, Premise, etc.

  71. Awesome news, you guys are all big bloggers and experts and I am sure this would bring more benefits for you all and our community too