StudioPress Merges Into Copyblogger Media LLC

Copyblogger Media LLC

We’re excited to announce that StudioPress and several other companies are coming together to form Copyblogger Media LLC. This is a new consolidated company led by Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger.

First, let me assure you… it’s business as usual here at StudioPress. Our team, including me, is not going anywhere. StudioPress and Genesis will still be our primary focus, along with the first of many exciting new projects we have planned.

I am one of the owners of this new company, while Nathan will remain as the lead developer of Genesis. We’re very excited about the development community which has surrounded Genesis, and there is so much to look forward to. Craig will continue to handle the business-side of StudioPress, while I will still remain an integral part of the entire project.

About Copyblogger Media, LLC

Joining Brian Clark and myself in this new venture as partners are Sean Jackson (creator of Scribe SEO), Tony Clark (co-creator of Teaching Sells, Third Tribe, and a new WordPress product called Premise), and Sonia Simone, Senior Editor of Copyblogger and co-founder of Third Tribe with Brian, Chris Brogan, and Darren Rowse.

As a full-fledged new media company, Copyblogger Media, LLC will have multiple lines of business, including online education and live events. But the thing that caught my attention was Brian’s vision for a suite of software tools, specifically for the WordPress space. As you may know, Brian Clark no longer works with Chris Pearson and Thesis, so there was a missing part.

Genesis (Design Optimization)

With attractive child themes, easy customization for designers and upcoming design controls, Genesis has become the logical choice for design pros and the biggest names in social media alike. Brian Clark and his team began developing on Genesis months ago, so it made a lot of sense to do something bigger together.

Scribe (Content Optimization)

Engaging content makes the difference online, but unless you also spoon feed it to search engines, you don’t benefit from profitable, targeted traffic. Scribe makes SEO simple by providing powerful tools for finding the right keywords, optimizing content for search, and building quality links.

Premise (Conversion Optimization)

Coming soon, Premise completes the online marketing trinity by providing the missing piece of the puzzle – conversion optimization. More details soon, but Premise works with any WordPress theme, and makes getting people to take action easier than ever.

And then there’s the BIG thing we’re all working on together. Sorry, but no hints on that yet…

In Conclusion

I wanted to let you know what’s going on before rumors started floating around. There will be an announcement next week on Copyblogger with more details. You’ll find that this new combined company will allow for better updates to Genesis, more child themes, additional add-on features, and better support.

Thanks to all of you for allowing us to grow to this point and for trusting that we had more to come. You haven’t seen anything yet. 😉