The 25% Off Cyber Monday Sale for StudioPress

Have you been wanting to buy the Pro Plus All-Theme Package? Have you been looking for a new design for your WordPress site? Do you want to save some serious holiday cash?

Woot, Now’s Your Chance to Save!

Using the code THANKS at checkout (don’t forget that), you can save 25% off of anything you’d like here at StudioPress. And now that we’re making every theme mobile-responsive, forum-friendly, and e-commerce-ready, you’ll get those benefits when they arrive thanks to our unlimited upgrade policy.

  • Get the Genesis Framework for only $45.
  • Pick up a Genesis child theme design for less than $20.
  • Snag a Genesis / design combo and save close to $20 (or more).
  • Wipe our entire shop clean by getting our Pro Pack All-Theme Package. Get Genesis plus all 43 current designs, plus every design we make in the future, and save over $74 off the regular price (and over $875 off the retail price of just the existing 43 designs)!

This deal ends promptly at 5:00 pm Pacific time on Monday, November 28, 2011.

So if you love to get a deal, now’s the time to get it. Just don’t forget the promo code THANKS, because that’s how the deal happens at checkout. But you got that, right?

Start Shopping for Themes Now!

But Wait, There’s More!

We’ve just released version 1.2 of our Premise landing page software for WordPress, and it includes lots of cool new features and refinements. Coolest of all is the introduction of an innovative 8th landing page type — the social sharing page.

Learn How to Get Premise Ultimate for only $95!


  1. This is just epic, Brian. A StudioPress coupon code. Now I’ve seen everything.

  2. Does your 25% Thanksgiving Sale cover your Copyblogger Synthesis WordPress Hosting as well…..? Can we use THANKS in the Hosting Promo Code Box?

  3. That’s an epic. Great opportunity for those who do not have StudioPress Themes.

  4. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME! I’ve been thinking of purchasing the pro plus package .. glad I got this in my email!! :-)

  5. I’m finally going to grab this genesis; what do you recommend for food bloggers?

  6. This is a great offer for web design agencies – especially the Pro Pack!

  7. Nice deal. And you are running it for a long time. Sweet!

  8. Don’t quite understand, if you buy the Pro, which theme I could then use.
    Wanting to create two different web sites with two different domain names. Do I have to buy Two different themes or with the Pro will suffice?
    Never install this, is there a “step by step” video or tutorial on how to do that?

  9. I am new to blogging and am a little confused -I am starting a new blog andwant a professional look. Do I need to buy the framework and the theme separately (59.95+79.95) or does the theme include the framework and I can just need to buy the theme (79.95).
    Thank you.

  10. I want to buy this juggernaut theme but I’ve got credit in Themeforest. Is this deal also available in there?

  11. Hi Brian!

    I have been thinking about getting your Studio Press – Pro Plus All-Theme Package for a while. Today I saw your email about the 25% discount, and I think it’s great!

    I would like to grab this package but I have a question for you: I want to use the Themes to build my own websites which I will develop into high value website properties that generate handsome profits. My long term plan however is to sell some of these websites after say 1 – 3 years, after the sites have been fully-established with a proven, good income. Can I use your themes to create websites which I may choose to sell later? In other words, when it comes to selling any one of these sites, will there be an issue about the Theme license? So basically, if I purchase the Themes, what type of license do I get for the theme – can I use your Themes to create websites, and then sell the websites later, if I choose to?

    I know it is Thanksgiving holiday, but I hope to get your response before you close this great offer.

    Many thanks,

    • Hey Nikki – yes, you can use our themes on as many sites/domains as you’d like. This also includes sites you sell, but understand that the person who purchases the site won’t get support from us unless they purchase a theme package themselves.

  12. Are the theme prices a one time charge or annually? What about the pro package is it $299 one time also?

  13. Brian, I have bought the framework and Beecrafty awhile ago, if I now purchase the pro package, what would be the best cost?


    • You should have a received an email earlier in the week with a very special Thanksgiving discount code for repeat users and that would give you 40% of the price.

  14. Hi I just purchased your deal which i thought was great, but once i made the transaction i realized that I had made a mistake and purchased the wrong theme, would you be good enough to swap themes for me

  15. Thanks so much Brian I a appreciate that, i have done that but have heard nothing to date by the way

    kind regards


  16. I tried to order with the discount from the email I was sent, but the promo code doesn’t work.
    Can you pls refund my card? this was for the premise. I choose the $165 one that was supposed to be 70% off… I sent an email also to
    I was going to buy a bunch of stuff, but the codes are not working… so I won’t.

    I can also send you the email I was sent with the discount offer and codes.
    Thanks, @drnatalie

  17. I want to download Genesis and get the discount before it expires today, but I’m not at my own computer right now. Can the files be saved to an external source, i.e. a flash drive, and downloaded from there? I just want to make sure this isn’t something that can only be run/installed from the Studiopress website. Thanks.

    • You can purchase from wherever, and then you will get an email with download links for the themes. In other words, you can purchase from where you are at, and then tonight at your computer you can access the email to download them.

  18. how did I missed this offer? Is this still available?

  19. I’m curious if the discount is going to be offered again? I’m just starting to work on my website and saw I missed the Cyber Monday discount. Bummer…