3 (More) Reasons to be Thankful for StudioPress

A few days ago I shared a link that shed some insight into the direction that we are heading here at StudioPress. There are 3 things that we’re very excited to share, so watch the video:

1. Responsive/Mobile

As we’ve already announced, StudioPress themes will be updated for responsive design which will make them mobile-friendly. Devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android and others will be optimized for a better viewing experience without disrupting the integrity of the design you have on your site.

2. bbPress integration

With the release of the bbPress 2.0, we’ve decided that it was important to provide styling for our themes which visually allow seamless integration with our themes. Now that bbPress is using custom post types to build forum functionality, this integration has never been easier.

Click to see sample bbPress integration

3. WooCommerce integration

It’s no secret that there’s a growing number of sites that wish to incorporate a storefront. We’ve worked with the WooThemes development team to ensure integration with the WooCommerce plugin. Soon you will be able to transform your WordPress website into an online store.

Click to see sample WooCommerce integration

Schedule of Theme Updates

I’m sure the next thing you want to know is when these awesome features are going to be integrated, right? We’re hoping to include all of these features into the upcoming Agency theme update and from there we’ll be doing one theme at a time.

Special Announcement

As Thanksgiving draws near, be sure to stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post here as it’ll be packed full of more reasons to be thankful!