3 (More) Reasons to be Thankful for StudioPress

A few days ago I shared a link that shed some insight into the direction that we are heading here at StudioPress. There are 3 things that we’re very excited to share, so watch the video:

1. Responsive/Mobile

As we’ve already announced, StudioPress themes will be updated for responsive design which will make them mobile-friendly. Devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android and others will be optimized for a better viewing experience without disrupting the integrity of the design you have on your site.

2. bbPress integration

With the release of the bbPress 2.0, we’ve decided that it was important to provide styling for our themes which visually allow seamless integration with our themes. Now that bbPress is using custom post types to build forum functionality, this integration has never been easier.

Click to see sample bbPress integration

3. WooCommerce integration

It’s no secret that there’s a growing number of sites that wish to incorporate a storefront. We’ve worked with the WooThemes development team to ensure integration with the WooCommerce plugin. Soon you will be able to transform your WordPress website into an online store.

Click to see sample WooCommerce integration

Schedule of Theme Updates

I’m sure the next thing you want to know is when these awesome features are going to be integrated, right? We’re hoping to include all of these features into the upcoming Agency theme update and from there we’ll be doing one theme at a time.

Special Announcement

As Thanksgiving draws near, be sure to stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post here as it’ll be packed full of more reasons to be thankful!


  1. Cool, thanks for being hip StudioPress!

    What’s up on that Mission theme? :)

    • That was is currently on hold as we’ve decided to rebuild the events plugin that was being used. But we’ve got other development things on our plate that need more immediate attention.

  2. Damn you guys are good. Just what’s needed.

    Just wish that e-commerce functionality was available now. We jumped all over the Themedy Clip Cart theme, but being able to easily (and effectively) add e-commerce to any Studiopress theme?

    Now THAT will be sweet!

  3. Like the internet, StudioPress never sleeps!

  4. All good stuff, I suspected the Agency theme would be first, so I decided to use it on http://StayAtHomeCEO.com when I started it about 10 days ago.

    Keep up the good work, Brian & Co.

  5. Great stuff as always guys

  6. Awesome! I’m looking forward to Genesis’ being responsive.

    FYI, “Droid” is a trademark owned by LucasFilms and is licensed by Verizon to label some of their Android smartphones. You should say, “… iPhone, iPad, Android …” if you want to be accurate and not misuse a trademark.

  7. Ahhh man that really sucks! More great features,.. Now what am I going to do? Pass on the great features to clients? ABSOLUTELY!

    Responsive/Mobile – Very cool.
    bbPress integration – Thank You
    WooCommerce integration – Thank You
    Over the years I’ve shied away from eCommerce Now maybe I can look at it again?

    I’ve said it before; StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package has probably been the BEST investment I’ve made in my business.

    Thank you and keep up the great work!

  8. Great upcoming features Brian. I also recently joined as a StudioPress affiliate though I have not yet created any website for it. However, I plan to use the affiliate in my future Genesis websites as well as in a few wordpress premium theme affiliate sites I plan to launch very soon. Today, I received an email from copyblogger informing about the special offer. So, I thought of buzzing it once at least in Google+ account once. But the mail I received from your end mentions that the offer would be available from November 22 and would be valid till November 21 7 PM. So, I am a bit confused as that sounds wrong as the expiry date is before the start date. Could you please clarify and resend the email to all Studiopress affiliates if possible.

    • Great point, Zaman! I’m glad you caught that. I would have looked pretty stupid just copying the suggested text in the email.


  9. Wonderful stuff! I just a little worried, from the video it looks like the Agency child theme will be getting a new look. I just finish up an client’s website using that theme. How will the change effect current users of the theme?

  10. Wow – just as I am researching on forums and thinking about BBPress… Are all Genesis themes compatible? The site I want to put a forum in uses “Focus”.

  11. Got the newsletter this morning… looking forward to your new post tomorrow! πŸ˜‰

  12. This is all very good news. Of course y’all keep raising the bar and making our lives easier as developers. :)

    Quick question. Does anyone know if WooCommerce is fully Multisite compatible at this point?

    I didn’t find anywhere on their site where they address that and only see a note in the plugin change log that says, “Fix for adding sites in multisite.”

    • Hey Chris – thanks so much. To be honest, I don’t know if it is multi-site compatible, but I’m sure any of the guys (Adii, Magnus, Mark or even Mike Jolley) would be able to say.

    • Chris –

      I have WooCommerce installed on a multisite setup and it’s doing fine so far.

      Brian –

      Great changes coming! I am especially looking forward to the Responsive design updates and the WooCommerce integration. That will be awesome!

  13. Hi there! Great news on these things – I love that StudioPress is giving even more WordPress value to its offerings! :-)

    One question to WooCommerce:
    Will the product and shop pages be fully integrated with the Genesis Layout options? So will all layout options of a theme work with that shop plugin? This is really important for me!

    On a side note, my free Autobahn child theme ( http://ddwb.me/autobahn ) IS ALREADY supporting bbPress 2.0 and BuddyPress (via GenesisConnect). So you can get a taste what’s possible.

    Can’t wait for Agency Two – SP & Genesis rocks again! :-)

  14. These are all wonderful improvements, thanks to everyone at StudioPress for the continued hard work.

    The Woocommerce integration is a surprising move but I have no doubt that lots of StudioPress users will pay attention to this endorsement.

    • Thanks so much Donnacha – as always, you’re right up there on the frontline for supporting our work. We’re asked quite frequently about e-commerce solutions with Genesis, and since we have no intentions of developing our own, it made sense to work with the (phenomenal) guys at WooThemes to cross-promote.

  15. @Brian,

    Yes, I am truly thankful for StudioPress! As a WordPress expert and designer, I have used many SP templates as starters, but mostly the Genesis framework as my base. My few hundred clients simply have grown to love Genesis. Thank you again!

    Here is a tiny list of my sites running the Genesis framework:


  16. You’ve been busy! It all looks awesome, very happy to see the BBPress 2.0 integration.

    I guess it’s time I finally check out WooCommerce. I was really hoping you guy would integrate Shopp into a theme. Maybe if I’m lucky you (or someone in the marketplace) will when Shopp 1.2 is released later this year.

    • After we go through our entire theme collection and have them updated for WooCommerce, we might pursue other e-com plugins as well.

      Just trying to get one done at time, so we do things right.

  17. That’s awesome, ecommerce coming to Genesis framework, hope to see more awesome ecommerce themes in All Pro-Plus Package pretty soon….

  18. WooCommerce integration is a brilliant move. The developers behind WooCommerce are brilliant. Just plain brilliant. πŸ˜‰

  19. Hi Brian,
    I am thinking about coming on board with Genesis …., I have been comparing it with some other frameworks and love it…. Just some of the options Like Mega Menus are making me still lean towards “Ashford” Framework. http://ashford.turtleinteractive.com/

    Are you considering implementing mega menus on the Genesis Framework or I can use a WP plug in for that (just how secure it is? )

    I will appreciate your opinion and advise ….
    PS. Are you going to have any specials for ne members for Thanksgiving ??? :)

    • I just took a look at the mega menus from Ashord, and those do look interesting. I suppose it’s more a matter of how big your site is, and does it warrant that feature. As for Thanksgiving specials, yes – we are announcing those today.

    • +1 for Genesis framework using mega menus! This is one major thing that is missing such a wonderful framework.

  20. Wow Brian,
    I’m surprised you have any time to indulge your Starbucks addiction! Studiopress has been a boon to my business and these additions can only make it better for all of us.

    Your whole team there is awesome!

  21. So awesome!

    Question, will woocommerce play nicely with simple sidebars?

  22. Awe-some! Woo+Genesis was on my Christmas Wist and its going to become a reality soon! There’s much to be thankful for this year and you hardworking guys deserve a big thank you from the Genesis family for bringing out top notch features and improvements to the framework and themes. Love it and looking forward to more goodness. Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. will it support Jigoshop?

    i read article http://yoast.com/open-source-forking-branding/ here says, WooCommerce if fork of Jigoshop.

    • I can’t say for sure that it will, but WooCommerce looks good and integrates pretty much out of the box so I don’t foresee there being may (if any) issues.

  24. Mobile Friendly Themes is what my web design clients are looking for so your announcement is very timely. it beats using a plugin.

    How will WooCommerce be a better e-commerce solution than Shopp which I’ve had good experience with?

  25. Wow this looks seriously great, thanks to the discount in your next blog post buying Genesis is at the top of my to do list this weekend!

    I do have a question concerning the WooCommerce integration though, no-where on that page could I see a cart button. Add to cart was definitely there (I added several things to mine to test it out), but I couldn’t see how one would actually buy the products after.

    Sorry if it’s so obvious I can’t see it :)

  26. Great to read these updates – look forward to the responsiveness especially.

    I enjoyed your video as well – what software do you use to create them?


  27. Mobile web design is the way forward – looking forward to the responsive redesigns.

  28. This is very exciting! Can’t wait to see this integration.

  29. Is this http://demo.studiopress.com/agency-two/ the new Agency theme? This must be one of the coolest designs for this kind of theme I’ve seen on the market, congratulations.

  30. When is Agency 2.0 due out!? It looks HOT!

  31. Hi Brian

    Any idea of timescales for the other child themes? News and Serenity are my priority.


  32. Hi Brian, can’t wait for the bbPress integration. I donated a website to my friend whose wife died of Ovarian Cancer. I’ve been looking to add some type of member interaction to the site and thought about BuddyPress, however I’d rather use something like bbPress! Looking forward to it. One question though – will it be a bbPress plugin via Studiopress, i.e., one plugin to install or a two-part installation – install bbPress and then add in the new bbPress Studiopress plugin to format it all. And will it cost money or be free?

  33. Hi I purchased studiopress CORPORATE theme about 5 months ago.

    Do I just add the bbpress function and woo commcere themes to it..? Or do I need to buy the theme again?

  34. What about my question above? Can you answer mine?

  35. Awesome News !

    I have purchased the Minimum Child Theme via wordpress.com and I adore it. Will it also receive the new features ?

  36. Hi. I’m new to Genesis and just want to make sure I’m understanding how theme upgrades work. If I buy Agency today, when it gets updated to version 2 soon, does my version automatically get updated as part of my original purchase?

    Also, if I wanted to, could I keep a site looking like V1 and not upgrade it?

    Thanks for your help!

    • The Genesis updates won’t affect the child theme or how your site looks. The child theme updates (Agency vs Agency Two) most definitely would be affected – but you don’t have to update to Agency Two if you build your site on Agency and want to maintain that look.

  37. Great news especially regards Woocommerce – putting first Genesis / Woocommerce site together now…

  38. Just out of curiosity: is this Woo Commerce plugin that versatile Studiopress wants to integrate into their themes?

  39. Actually, I am hating my Genesis experience. It is by far the worst and most frustrating experience with WordPress. And I’ve been using WordPress for years now, even as a content managed website long before that was popular. I am not a techie at all, can’t code, and that has never been a problem until this miserable experience.

    I feel totally coerced into having to use a developer for everything.

    To add insult to injury, Genesis is unbelievably slow. And don’t tell me it’s just some thing about my host or something. Because it was never a problem before and it’s not a problem for other sites I visit. Using any plugin slows it down or breaks it so that only partial pages load. I can’t even run an anti-spam. I tried loading up WooCommerce plugin today. That breaks it too. So I can’t even use the thing that this post is supposed to be about.

    Tonight I updated to the latest Genesis to find that now I have two logos and an old version of my header. I guess that shoots down the whole premise that you can update the base frame without it effecting your child theme.

    My suggestion is that StudioPress work on some things. At this stage in web development, a more user friendly product must surely be possible. I feel like I am being held hostage. Ultimately, if I have to pay for someone to develop even a basic site, then the value of Genesis goes way, way down. The user unfriendly does not, in my opinion, merit what I have, to be a paid product. Sorry if that goes agains the Genesis fanboy (fanperson) trend, but when I become this frustrated, I get cranky. Personally, I am stuck with this site for the time being, but you can bet I will be looking around to change unless things change.

    Tonight, I should be working on getting up an eCommerce page or two on my site. Instead I am trying to figure out how to restore my header and get anti-spam working. Something is wrong with this picture. Very wrong.

    • Wow! I’ve worked with Studiopress since before they were Studiopress… they were RevolutionTwo and they have the best support area – better than any other theme developer out here. Not to mention that all of the child themes I’ve ever purchased upgrade perfectly as well as the auto update on Genesis. I wouldn’t fault Studiopress for slowness because I don’t have that problem. Slowness occurs a lot of the times because of your own host and internet service provider. I have had only one plugin that I could not get integrated into the Studiopress themes. If you are dissatisfied with the product you purchased – you can ask them for a refund because I know they’ll give you one – that’s just the kinda business they are. Just ask for a refund and move on.

    • Jane, by talking about “Genesis fanboys” you’ve set things up so that anything said by anyone attempting to give a reasonable reply to your comment is automatically written off as mindless fanboy-ism.

      Brian will no doubt give a calm, point-by-point response but I’m going to come right out and say that your comment doesn’t smell right. You say “Something is wrong with this picture. Very wrong”. I agree – how is it possible that you alone, among thousands of users over many years, would somehow find that a framework makes your job harder rather than easier? And why not simply ask for support in the excellent forums instead of writing this explosive smear? If, for some reason, you can’t figure it out, why not just ask for a refund? Of all the people in the WordPress world, no-one has any doubts about Brian’s integrity, why on earth wouldn’t you just contact him instead of launching this ridiculous, over-the-top attack?

      People use Genesis precisely because it is a beautifully coded framework that makes our work easier. No-one feels “coerced” into using Genesis or “held hostage”, there are plently of other options, the minute that it stops being the best option we will simply move on, no big deal.

      For now, however, Genesis IS the simplest solution and, for the life of me, I cannot understand how you might have managed to get into the mess you describe. If nothing else, the StudioPress forum is pretty much the most comprehensive and helpful support resource in the WordPress world. Not only have I never seen anyone express such frustration about Genesis, even when it was far less developed than it is today, but I have never see anyone fail to receive the support they requested.

      Just to be clear, you have posted questions in the forum, right?

      As for performance, if you find a better framework, use it, but any serious comparison shows that Genesis leads the pack, it certainly isn’t slow. You say “And don’t tell me it’s just some thing about my host or something”. Sure, we should not suggest that because, obviously, your great powers of logical deduction have ruled out all the hundreds of possible reasons other than Genesis.

      Frankly, I don’t believe you have ever hired a developer, as you claim you have been forced to do, because there isn’t a WordPress developer alive who couldn’t master Genesis in less than an hour. Hell, I don’t think there are many regular people who couldn’t pick it up with ease in a single afternoon, even if they are new to WordPress. I do a fair amount of consulting and one of my greatest pleasures is pointing people towards things that will REDUCE their need for my services. Genesis is one of those things.

      Being “cranky” is not an acceptable excuse for anonymously slandering, without any warning, decent people who have worked hard for years to provide real value to their users. What is your real agenda, Jane

    • Wow Jane, as a brand new WordPress user (some 12 months ago) I am so thankful that I was to stumble across StudioPress and Genesis in my first month of using WordPress.

      With little coding and CSS experience I have been able to do many many things with Genesis thanks to the super fast and helpful responses of the amazing StudioPress support.

      I have trialled other frameworks, but always come back to Genesis because it offers the most flexibility, best support and I quite like not having to use an options panel in the WordPress dashboard because it’s easy to hide essential site functions from the end user. Clearly you have somehow been misinformed and seem to have been expecting an admin panel that babies you through creating and setting up a site.

      Like others have said, this is obviously NOT the best way to have a complaint resolved. You should really contact support privately. It’s very immature and unprofessional.

  40. As of now the WooCommerce content wrapper (and same applies to Jigoshop plugin) is not fully compatible with the Genesis wrapper! — This means that you cannot use the Genesis layout options for the shop page or product pages to full extend.

    So my question is if you implement the WooCommerce support that way so we can fully use all Genesis layout options (if supported by child theme of course).

    -Thanx, Dave :)

  41. Will the bbPress plugin be free or will we have to pay for it like the GenesisConnect?

    • Since bbPress is from the creators of WordPress you can just download it for free from the official plugin repository: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bbpress/

      I highly recommend bbPress 2.0+ an awesome add on!
      -Dave :)

      • Thank you Dave. Are you saying it should integrate without their plugin? I have that bbPress 2.0 – I just haven’t installed it yet. But they say they are creating a plugin that will easily format to the Genesis themes being developed. So I wanted to know if their plugin would have a fee or if it would be free like some of the their other plugins.

        • Thanx, anitac! I didn’t read anything yet about a new integration plugin or such – as of my knowledge all is done via CSS styling because more is not necessary. Also the mentioned demo site in the blog post only has special CSS styles added for bbPress.

          In my free Autobahn child theme I did just the same. This is the new way of doing it with the bbPress plugin as it allows different ways of theming (adding styles only or copy full templates into theme/child theme). Since it’s a normal WP plugin no other ways of integration are necessary.

          If you want to control the layout of the bbPress area you could also use my Layout Extras plugin which has an option for it: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/genesis-layout-extras/
          -Have fun, Dave :)

  42. WooCommerce integration is awesome! probably you might see the first #genesiswp + WooCommerce site by me. I have already confirmed this with a client.
    Thanks a ton for the awesomeness! :)

  43. Hey, thanks for removing my comment. That helps me know the truth about StudioPress and Genesis as a company.

    • Jane, it was never removed, rather was being in held in the moderation queue which I just now got to. Later tonight when I have more time, I will address your comment.

  44. First Genesis / Woocommerce site launched – and can see the potential plus seems to have some reasonable support (the woo side).

  45. Interesting! I’ve been a Woo client and I’ve been eying WooCommerce – also been thinking of adding a forum to my blog-also looking for more choices for themes – I’m going to now look closely at StudioPress! Smart moves on your part. :-)

  46. Do you have an update on when to expect Agency 2.0? Weeks, months? I’m really looking forward to the Genesis-Woocommerce integration!

    • I am purposely waiting for the release of Genesis 1.8, so I can eliminate some unnecessary CSS and a few other things. Genesis 1.8 beta is due Monday, and the official version a week from Monday.

  47. Hi
    Im going to jump in late here..now..I am a huge genesis fan and I joined back in the first rev days..
    I am also a small fry WordPress developer and designer and of course I love Genesis..
    However reading Jane’s comment..I can at least say she is partially right about one thing
    Genesis can be a bit daunting at first for a very casual WordPress person..But Genesis is not slow..it is very well documented as one of.. if not the fastest framework out there, all load times taken into account.. It’s security and SEO are second to none and once you get the hang its a designers dream…( I can convert a psd to it faster than most Ive tried..)Anyway..I just do not want to get into any huge issue but I get that first part from lot from people I have built a Genesis site for..–>You do not need to hook it or filter it or function the heck out of it.. and with a little tlc everyone I know find’s the graceful simplicity in Genesis but sometimes they just need a little hand holding..first .. :)

  48. I can honestly say, i was a bit weary of buying this “studiopress” pro pack at first, (just last year) and WOW!!
    I wish i had bought it earlier….the turn around we get on our business now is awsome thanks to these fantastic themes…..a few twist n tweaks n “bobs ya uncle”!! Our clients love it, which also allows us to offer and concentrate on support services.

    More n more clients “especially now” want ecommerce websites, and we are so looking forward to this new plugin for woocommerce, woocommerce on its own anyway with genesis is awsome, but you thought it would be sweet to throw a few strawberries in to make it even sweeter….SWEET!

    I cant say enough nice things for you guys! keep up the good (not good, GREAT) work. Looking forward to the updates.


  49. Brian…any idea when you will be releasing the new Agency update and woocommerce plugin…I started holding my breath when you first announced this…and now would like to breath again…

    • Hopefully soon – because we want this theme to be the first with WooCommerce compatibility, we’re taking our time. They’ve been making some updates to the plugin, which has caused us to update the Genesis Connect for WooCommerce plugin we’re building.

  50. Any news on A2 since Gensis 1.8 is released now? I am really looking forward using this new theme asap :)

  51. Hi

    A roadmap with timeline of pro plus theme responsive upgrades would be very useful.


  52. Kindly update us on the release of bbpress and WOOCommerce integration, and the release of Agency 2.

  53. This all looks great and I can’t wait for Agency 2 to be release.

    Any idea on when this will be?