Top 10 Selling StudioPress Themes – December

The holidays were a very happy time for StudioPress affiliates.

Sales for StudioPress themes stayed strong through the end of the year, letting us pay our top affiliate $6,235.65 in commissions last month, just for promoting Genesis and our themes.

(are you a StudioPress affiliate yet?)

To make our “most popular Genesis Framework child themes” posts more interesting, this month we’re going to start listing our Top 10 best selling themes instead of only our Top 5.

In December 2011, the top 10 selling StudioPress child themes were:

10. Driskill

Driskill Child theme for Genesis Framework

Separating the best from the rest is the Driskill theme by Bill Erickson, StudioPress’ first responsive design. Clean and contemporary, it’s no surprise this is used for both personal and professional sites of all kinds.

9. Minimum

Minimum Child theme for Genesis Framework

Sometimes less really is more. The popularity of StudioPress’ Minimum theme proves that solid content with great navigation can be all you need.

8. Modern Blogger

Modern Blogger Child theme for Genesis Framework

A strong seller since its introduction to the Genesis Child Theme Marketplace in September, Lindsey Riel’s Modern Blogger theme marries comfortable design with modern sensibilities.

7. Associate

Associate Child theme for Genesis Framework

When your company’s image is on the line, you need to be sure you’re putting your best foot forward. The Associate theme empowers you to do just that.

6. Generate

Generate Child theme for Genesis Framework

If this theme had another day or two to sell, it would have likely made the Top 5. Released last month to rave reviews, Generate is the theme to use if you’re serious about growing your email list.

5. Magazine

Magazine Child theme for Genesis Framework

When you have a ton of content and need a sleek way to organize it on your site, the Magazine theme is an excellent choice. With lots of customization options and easy navigation, your content is free to steal the spotlight.

4. Lifestyle

Lifestyle Child theme for Genesis Framework

The Lifestyle theme never ceases to amaze me. People are using this flexible theme for every kind of site imaginable, and considering the number of design options provided, Lifestyle isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

3. Enterprise

Enterprise Child theme for Genesis Framework

The Enterprise theme offers a professional frame for corporate-style sites, giving you the approachability you desire and the trustworthy image you require.

2. News

News Child theme for Genesis Framework

Savvy publishers know that the key to content-heavy sites is simple, yet stunning, navigation. The News theme offers that and more for publishers of every type of media.

1. AgentPress

AgentPress Child theme for Genesis Framework

Boasting 5 color styles, smart homepage designs, IDX integration and simplified posting options for listings, AgentPress continues to lead the StudioPress theme charge. Check out the AgentPress showcase to see how smart real estate professionals are letting Genesis work for them.

Were these the themes you expected? Have a favorite you think should be in the Top 10 for January?

Sound off in the comments!


  1. AgentPress is really a great theme..Thanks for sharing top themes..really a great help in letting know which theme working well…

  2. Good collection
    Thought that Generate might have been higher and perhaps Minimum.

    Agentpress is a great looking theme so no surprise there.

    Be interesting to see where the revised Agency theme fits in once it’s released.

    • Thanks, Keith! Considering when Generate was released, the sales were nothing less than impressive. It missed the #5 spot by just a few sales.

      I’m really excited to see what happens with the new Agency, too. :)

      • I’m holding back on a few business sites until it is released.

        I keep thinking that I dreamt about a tabbed slider on a demo of the new Agency theme – was it a dream?

        • Jessica Commins :

          Well, Keith… Tabbed sliders aren’t on the books for the new Agency, but I like where your dreams take you… :)

  3. omlinemarketing :

    which is better Genesis or Thesis?

    • Honestly, there’s no way I can give you an unbiased opinion :-) I could talk on and on about our great SEO options, the support community, name-drop the well-known bloggers who have started using our framework…but really, the best way for you to find out is to try it for yourself. We do have a 30-day money back guarantee. You’re more than welcome to purchase a theme or themes and then apply for a prompt refund if they turn out not to suit your needs.

  4. I purchased the News theme 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t be more happy with it. It’s awesome and so easy to manipulate. And that’s a good thing considering I’m pretty much a newbie at coding. Great job!

  5. BOOM! AgentPress makes it to #1 baby!

  6. I really like the themes genesis, but is there any themes that support with wpzon builder like online shop themes

  7. Some great themes you have here. Also very excited about your ‘PRO Pack All Themes Package’ deal you have going now, surely will bring in loads of traffic and sales.

  8. Generate Theme is really an awesome one for bloggers :) great launch and looking forward for more themes in near future :)


  9. Hi,

    I’m very interested in becoming an affiliate and I’ve seen that you can get paid by check, but I’m living abroad and prefer Paypal. Is it possible to receive payments in that way?

    • Jessica Commins :

      Hi Frank! StudioPress affiliate program payments are processed by ShareASale via check and direct deposit on the 20th of each month.

      I hope one of those will work for you!

      • Nope, that’s not ok for me :(

        Should you ever have a chance to talk to ShareASale guys, please encourage them to use Paypal too.


  10. I can only encourage people to buy the pro-plus pack which includes all themes. Amazing value for a small investment.

    You could buy the main dish (Genesis) with a salad/desert (child theme) or buy the all you can eat (pro-plus pack). You won’t get hungry with the all you can eat, but you may grow fond of the salad/desert at some point. So better have the full course available when you need it. Go Pro.

  11. I think Driskill is the best of the list but apparently it’s also placed on 10th place … curios how it will do in January 2012

  12. Hi
    Can you tell me where I can buy the Spades Word Press theme for poker affiliates?
    I keep getting redirected to your site from many links but cannot see the theme.

  13. Thinking of switching over. Very nice looking themes :0)

  14. Tarran Motilal :

    I am an Engineer trying to set up his first internet site for an Electrical Construction Company.
    I have already arranged for a domain name and its hosting and have drafted what my site should look like in excel.
    Would you kindly recommend a Studiopress Theme that would be suitable for setting up my site.