Top 5 Selling StudioPress Themes – September

Our StudioPress Affiliates frequently ask which child themes they should promote to grow their monthly commissions.

While mass appeal doesn’t necessarily reflect your customers’ preferences, knowing which designs appeal to the most people can help you better target them, whatever their unique desires and needs may be.

So, to help you track what’s popular at StudioPress, we’re going to be sharing our monthly best seller reports… Starting right now.

September was an amazing month at StudioPress, with the addition of the new Marketplace. Two of the Marketplace themes were close to clenching a top spot, it hurt to not include them (so I did).

Here are the top 5 most popular Genesis Framework themes available on StudioPress…

5. Associate

Associate Child theme for Genesis Framework

A steady seller since its introduction in late July, the Associate theme has been working hard to earn attention. Associate incorporates the slick Genesis Slider plugin, 4 color styles and a number of other customization options to provide a clean and professional web presence.

4. Magazine

Magazine Child theme for Genesis Framework

The Magazine theme underwent a major code update and was released at the beginning of September, driving renewed interest in this high-powered theme. Updated to now include 7 color styles, 6 layout options, the Genesis Slider plugin and loads of customization options, this theme’s definitely ready to take on as much content as you can offer.

3. AgentPress

AgentPress Child theme for Genesis Framework

Relaunched this month with 5 color styles, new homepage options, IDX integration and simplified posting options for listings, AgentPress continues to hold strong as the WordPress community’s leading theme for real estate professionals. Check out the AgentPress showcase to see how smart real estate professionals are putting Genesis to work.

2. Enterprise

Enterprise Child theme for Genesis Framework

As Copyblogger Media’s Affiliate Manager, I look at websites all day long and I had a feeling we’d see the Enterprise theme on this list – I just didn’t expect it to be the #2 theme for September! It’s being put to use for more than just business sites, as you can see from the Enterprise showcase, proving it’s definitely not a theme to underestimate.

And, coming in at number one…

1. Lifestyle

Lifestyle Child theme for Genesis Framework

The top selling theme this month just so happens to be one of Brian Gardner’s favorites, the Lifestyle theme. Lifestyle was the first to utilize Google Web Fonts, and has 10 color styles. Check out the gorgeous sites in the Lifestyle showcase, ranging from fitness leaders to mom bloggers.

Honorable Mention

Modern Blogger was only a few sales shy of clinching a Top 5 spot this month, having jumped ahead of Elle as the month’s best-selling Marketplace theme with a surge of interest during the final week. We can’t wait to see what happens with these next month…

So there you have it!

Are you surprised by any of these? Have a prediction for October?

Sound off in the comments!


  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for mentioning the top themes and letting affiliates which themes is popular among others…

  2. This is great info. Thanks for sharing..

    I predict MISSION will be the next hit 😉


  3. Thanks for this post. I love seeing this sort of information. I just set up the Genesis affiliate box at the end of my posts and this got me thinking about split testing various images within the box. It’s a new blog so not enough traffic to test yet, but it would be interesting to see if images of these same themes convert best.

    Mission looks sweet, btw. Thanks!

  4. I am loving “Elle” using it to create my new personal site my weekend project ;0) But I use Lifestyle on my main sites and love it!

  5. Very nice looking themes. I’m liking the lifestyle theme.

  6. Lifestyle has been a great top seller because people like to have plenty of options. Make all themes to have all those options + topic specific features, and you’ll increase SP’s overall revenue!


  7. Lifestyle theme is the one I liked most. Very stylish. btw, thanks for posting the tops. I was trying to choose a theme and this post eased that.

  8. I, for the life of me cannot get my adsense to show via hardcoding editor.

    I want a med rectangle to show in top left of post and a leaderboard ad to show at bottom of post. Where in Studiopress can I do this?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  9. When I clicked on the “Enterprise Showcase” link, it read Not Found, Error 404. Oops!

    Same thing on the AgentPress Showcase… and the “see sites built with Magazine Child Theme.