Win With WordPress – Political Website Solution

Over the past couple of years, many businesses have been built upon WordPress. Commercial Theme & Plugin development are the primary areas where most businesses were focused, but now it’s being taken a step further.

I am very happy to announce that my good friend Wesley Donehue has launched Win With WordPress, which is built on the Genesis Framework. Win With WordPress provides a hosted solution for inexpensive websites for political and non-profit organizations. Not only is Win With WordPress built on Genesis, all of the themes and client sites they develop will also be built on Genesis.

Introducing Win With WordPress

Win With WordPress

Wes and I go way back – he hired me years ago to do a few custom themes for him and we’ve kept in touch ever since. Aside from doing local poltiical websites in South Carolina, Wes had expressed interest in going nationwide – using WordPress, our themes and social media to its fullest capability. You can read the backstory of our relationship if you want to know more.

Wes and his partner, Lauren Mancke (many of you know her from the amazing work she’s done here at StudioPress) have done an incredible job with Win With WordPress. They have launched with three themes – Campaign, Election and Transparency.

We wish Wes and Lauren the very best of luck with their new venture. Not only do we know they will succeed, we know their clients will be in good hands with their sites being built on the Genesis.


  1. Very cool, everything looks great. Seems that each theme is built on top of Prose, which is an interesting idea in itself 😛

  2. Yay! Anything that means fewer “horror show” political websites is a good thing :)

  3. Good bit of work done with the help of great framework.

  4. WordPress + Genesis framework + Great child theme = Excellent Site

    What a good decision that your friend has made!

  5. My girlfriend got this awhile ago and I didn’t notice until she started to show my some of the samples she was able to crank out after just a day or two of poking around with it. This is nice since normally I would end up doing everything for her in the past, and I’m no expert myself 😛

  6. I agree, looks good. I am slowly migrating to WordPress, might as well check this.

  7. Was so excited to see election themes on StudioPress as I’d often wanted to write in and tell you there is a large market for this. The themes are beautiful but I’d have to say, I’m a bit disappointed that they’re only available using the Win With WordPress site. Though their services look wonderful, I think you are missing a large audience by offering an individual theme to also accomplishes the same thing. I am not sure how it is in other parts of the country, but here in Arizona, once you go over the $500 mark in a campaign, you are then subjected to a massive slew of additional paperwork and legal requirements. I am currently an elected official on our local school board and know there is a large market for smaller local campaigns that are going to have friends helping program a site and self host, along with using MailChimp or other type site to avoid hitting that $500 threshold and the legal headaches that accompany it. It’s a step in the right direction though :).

  8. Does anyone know of a plugin that would allow for a voter/supporter to “sign” a list of support directly on the website?