AgentPress 2.0 Beta 2 Child Theme Available

We are very happy to announce that the AgentPress 2.0 Beta 2 child theme is now available for testing. If you are a Pro Plus member go ahead and download the theme and give it a test drive. If you are curious, you can read about what’s new with AgentPress 2.0.

AgentPress Now Has 5 Color Styles

The updated version of the theme now has 5 color styles – you can check out the following color styles: blue, gray, green, red and tan.

Updated AgentPress Listings Plugin

We found a few bugs and needed to add a few things, so if you’re testing, please make sure you update to version 0.9.1 of the AgentPress Listings plugin.

Tutorials to Get You Started with AgentPress

Here are a few tutorials that we’ve written for AgentPress 2.0:

During the beta period of AgentPress, if you notice any bugs or want features added, please provide feedback in the AgentPress 2.0 support forum.


  1. This is great! I have been waiting for something like this. Thank you!

  2. On the download page for the AgentPress 2.0 theme it indicates it is a beta and should not be used for production sites.

    Does this also apply to the AgentPress Listings plugin, or do you feel it is safe to use on live sites?

    • I’d say it’s fairly safe to use both on production sites *if you must*, but we always suggest against it just in case. We’re closing in on the official release of the theme…

  3. Brian, love the updated look and feel.

    Do you know if this is WordPress multisite compatible?

  4. it does feel like a step backwards in terms of usability in regards to the property details. the previous version had a UI, whereas now it has to be done with code.

    • They are a lot of things going on behind the scenes with AgentPress (the child theme) and the Listings Plugin where for us it made sense to do it this way. With so many dynamic things going on, it was simply easier for us to make plugin modifications via the child theme’s functions file.

  5. So when comparing Agentpress 1.0 and 2.0 here is what i think:

    Agentpress 1 looks and feels better than version 2 does. Especially the big slider with bigger images. That really rocks. The sidebar is not so good, v2 solves the sidebar better.

    Also version 1 looks more ‘complete’ – the header and the rest of the page belong togethers. That’s nice. In v2 i just noticed that there is a navigation at the very top. For me it kinda did blend in with my Bookmarks section on Google Chrome.

    So if it is possible to get the ‘old’ slider to work in v2 and have the option to change the header so it looks more like v1 and aditionally have the ‘featured listings’ and the ‘communities’ section also be available as sliders – then v2 would rock. :)

    • Thanks for the feedback. Both of your concerns are easily to do with AP 2.0 – simply undo the code that relocates the navigation above the header and utilize the space homepage top featured area as full width (couple of CSS changes would need to be made) and you can have a full width slider.

      • Glad to hear that this is easily done. :)
        Then i’ll set up my new real estate site with version 2 and get acustomed to it so i can set the site live with the full v2 release and the little tweaks. Thanks for clarifying it.

  6. This is one of the most popular StudioPress themes correct?

    Nice revamp!

  7. Wow! Was just starting a project for a brokerage, knew I would use AgentPress, then saw the AP2 beta. Much more contemporary in appearance, and I like the new slider/search setup in the featured-top area. Having also been a realtor, engaging the audience with the search up at the top is much more preferable to making them scroll for it.

    Would you advise waiting for the official release? Or is it safe to jump in now with the beta? I always have changes for functions.php, etc, so I guess it depends on how much will change in the final version.

    And lastly…how soon to the official release? If it is just a day or two I can wait…

    Thanks for all the great child themes, customizing Genesis child themes is my whole business!

  8. Perfect, that’s what I’ll do. Thanks for the quick response.

  9. Is there a way to make the Communities thumbnails and titles on the home page as a slow scroller? If you have more than 6 communities then this is currently a problem!