AgentPress 2.0 Child Theme Available

We are very happy to announce that the AgentPress 2.0 child theme is now available. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. All others can purchase the package here.

AgentPress 2.0 Beta Child Theme

Take it for a test drive…

AgentPress Has 5 Color Styles

The updated version of the theme now has 5 color styles – you can check out the following color styles: blue, gray, green, red and tan.

Homepage Options

The AgentPress homepage has been coded to load as a blog upon activation. However, if you wish to use a slider, property search box, display featured listings, community pages, recent blog post or more – you can! Just check out the AgentPress sample homepage to see what it can do.

IDX Integration

We are working with Diverse Solutions and IDX Broker to provide integration with their WordPress IDX plugins. Here’s a sample search results page and a sample property listing page from the dsIDXpress plugin by Diverse Solutions.

Listings Custom Post Type

In order to use feature which allows you to manually enter real estate listings, you’ll need to download the AgentPress Listings plugin. After you activate it, you’ll see “Listings” menu in the sidebar of your dashboard – that’s where all the magic occurs!

Special Thanks to Agent Evolution

On behalf of the StudioPress development team, I’d like to extend an enormous amount of gratification to the folks over at Agent Evolution.

Led by Reggie Nicolay, Nicole Nicolay and Chad Johnson, they’ve been an integral part of the development of AgentPress, and exclusively use it to build their client sites. If you are looking for a custom site with IDX integration, you can check out their WordPress Website Package details.

Tutorials to Get You Started with AgentPress

Here are a few tutorials that we’ve written for AgentPress 2.0:


  1. finally its out there, previously getting 404 error when accessing this link…
    Looks pretty good..

  2. Really slick update. I like the way short listings are shown much better now and IDX integration is going to make this very attractive. I’m sure it will remain your most popular theme for quite a while.

    • Thanks Steve – appreciate the kind words. We’re hoping agents who manually enter their listings or those wanting to pull in IDX find AgentPess suits their needs.

  3. Looking good. I’ve just read been reading about the Genesis Commerce theme on Jigoshop too. With that and WooCommerce due on Wednesday, we’re in exciting times!

  4. If we already have the genesis framework, can we purchase the agentpress 2.0 child theme for $44.95, if so what is the link? The link above I believe is showing the original agentpress 1.0? Please help

  5. I purchased Genesis & AgentPress 1.0 through ThemeForest. Is the upgrade to 2.0 going to be available there? I just logged in to download, and it’s still 1.0. Also, what will the upgrade cost be?

  6. Thanks Brian, just purchased the child theme. So is the IDX plugin from Diverse good to use for IDX Integration and for seo? Would you recommend any others?

  7. Is there a place in the forum that will tell me how to set up the Agentpress 2.0 to have it look or have the same feel as your demo page? What widgets go where? and what plugins i may need if any?

  8. Very slick. Definitely get that IDX broker up and running because the dsIDXpress does NOT have all the lead capture elements that are so important to real estate agents.

  9. I too purchased the original Agentpress theme (and some others since then).

    Is there an upgrade path to Agentpress 2?

  10. I am an Agentpress 1.0 user. I understand that this new version will be available to those who currently have 1.0?! I’ve been looking through the forums and blog posts and there doesn’t seem to be a “how to” on converting your site from one to the other? Is this going to be possible or does the site have to be rebuilt to accommodate the new changes?

    • Unfortunately the way listings are being shown now (posts in v1.0 versus post types in v2.0) it’s going to be extremely difficult for an easy migration path. However, there’s nothing wrong with v1.0 if you’re happy with the site. Just use v2.0 moving forward!

      • Brian, I’m not sure what that means. I am an agent who manages my own site (like many AP users), so I am not a techie. While I have done a lot of custom coding on my site, I’d like a very simplistic answer and tutorial on how and the impacts of upgrading to 2.0. Is my content going to be as is? Is my custom coding going to be as is? Am I going to have to re-work my entire site because of 2.0? These are questions that I’m sure a lot of people like me will have – best to have the answers up front, no?

        • I wasn’t trying to duck your question. I was saying that going from v1.0 to v2.0 would require work, as the listings would have to be re-entered. Style and design customizations would also have to be redone. That being said, if you’re happy with the way your site(s) is running on v1.0, then you shouldn’t feel obligated to update.

          • What style and design customizations will need to be redone? I have a lot of the elements in the new version already on my site, but really like the new, clean layout and the new color schemes. Hoping that this update also made adding a header an easier process than having to deal with editing .psd files? It really would be helpful to have a more detailed explanation of what to expect before updating to the new version.

          • First off yes, there is a custom header function inside the theme. This allows you to create and upload a header file if you like – but the header will also show dynamic text as the AgentPress demo does. As for other changes – I’m referring to the general style (or CSS) customizations that you may have done. (inside the style.css file). The theme was rewritten in it’s entirety, so it’s not like you can update to v2.0 and have it look the way your site does now.

            If you like the new look, they I’d suggest activating 2.0 on your site, see how you like it and and go from there. If you don’t like it then you can always switch back. Just know if you do this your widgets might get bumped down to the inactive widgets section so you’d have to put them back in place.

          • Thanks Brian! For those of us non-techie professionals who have spent an enormous amount of time on our sites, it is helpful to know what to expect! :) Did the e-mail link go out today? I haven’t seen anything come through my inbox and don’t see it available through WordPress to update.

  11. Wow! One of the most awaited releases since 2010! Let’s go guys!

  12. Michael Hutchison :

    Really happy about the release of this theme it is amazing and really shows the progress Studiopress is making. I was wondering if tutorials are going to be made available on how to integrate the agentpress plugin into other themes like lifestyle? I have a client who wants to integrate it into their child theme.

  13. Hi –

    I have Agentpress 1.0, can you please send a link to upgrade to 2.0?


  14. Nice updated…

  15. Hi Brian,

    I’m currently using Agentpress 1.0 as well and would love to update to 2.0. Can you kindly email me the link as well?


  16. Wow, I have to say, I’m really impressed. This theme came out gorgeous. Very Nice!

  17. I’m confused on how IDX works. I’d like to setup an AgentPress site for someone but will the IDX integration allow a visitor to search for a home on the AgentPress theme and it returns results from the MLS? Or will the search only return results that have been manually entered into wordpress? I would just give IDX a try but they charge you a BS $100 setup fee.

    • There are two ways to display listings on a site built with AgentPress:

      1) manually enter the listings with the Listings custom post type we built into WordPress
      2) subscribe to an IDX Service (such as Diverse Solutions and IDX Broker) and use their WordPress plugins to pull in the content into your site

      In order to give IDX a try, it appears you’d have to do so through third parties – as we don’t have any control of those types of listings, feeds, etc.

  18. When I activate the Agentpress Theme – (or any child theme) this error pops up – what can I do to rectify?

    Thanks so much


    • Forgot to paste the error message Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _verify_isactivate_widgets() (previously declared in /home/saecoaut/public_html/wp-content/themes/agency/functions.php:51) in /home/saecoaut/public_html/wp-content/themes/genesis/functions.php on line 36

  19. Hi Brian, this is a really nice theme, ive seen a few real estate websites recently that that could definitely do with an agentpress make over.

  20. I am unclear where to find the zip drive when I download on my computer to upgrade
    agent theme 2

  21. Hi Brian,

    I didn’t get the email link for 2.0 download. Could you please send it to me?

    Thanks! Take it easy

  22. I just created this website with your AgentPress Child Theme

    As you can see it is not related to real estate at all. This is interesting to see how much flexibility there is.

    Before I move this website to the root, I would like to know how I can make it a french website. I heard we could do that?

    I would like to offer my visitors a french (default), english and spanish version of the website.

    Thank you for your advice.