AgentPress 1.0 Child Theme Released

StudioPress is happy to announce the release of the AgentPress 1.0 child theme. This new child theme works on the Genesis Theme Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. All others can purchase the AgentPress child theme package here.

If you have already purchased the Genesis Theme Framework and any other child theme, you can simply purchase the child theme by itself, otherwise you need the AgentPress + Genesis Theme package.

Take AgentPress for a test drive…

We have also closed down the website/support forum and merged that here on StudioPress – you can read more about the reasoning behind that if you wish. For those of you who have purchased the original AP theme, your forum account has been merged into the StudioPress forum, and you should now have access to AgentPress “classic” support forum, as well as the ability to download Genesis and the AP child theme for no additional charge.

AgentPress: “classic” Theme vs. “child” Theme

I’m sure there will be many questions, so I’ll cut to the chase – first and foremost, the most significant change is that the AgentPress child theme works with the Genesis Theme Framework. This is a robust theme framework that is now the foundation of all of our themes going forward. The frameworks’ code security is top notch (we hired WordPress lead developer Mark Jaquith to audit the code) and it has been fully search engine optimized. More about Genesis and why it’s so great….

We have changed the way we handle the Property post template – property detail fields are now customizable in the dashboard, and we’ve introduced shortcodes to place content such as the photo gallery (which, by the way is now using the organic WordPress image gallery), property detail sections and property maps. All in all, the process by which a Listing is entered and displayed is much easier now. More about the AgentPress child theme features

You will need to load, BOTH, the Genesis parent theme and the AgentPress child theme for it to work – just activate the AgentPress child theme and you’ll be good to go. Unfortunately there isn’t an easy upgrade path for current AgentPress “classic” theme users, but one of the best benefits of Genesis is automatic updates without the need to re-do any design customizations.

Here’s a screenshot of the Theme:

AgentPress Child Theme


  1. Do you have any information on the IDX integration potentials of the new AgentPress Child theme now that it takes advantage of the Genesis Framework?

    • Diverse solutions has a WP plugin that’s ready to go. Only problem I found with it is that you can not duplicate and integrate into other sites unless you pay an additional monthly fee.

  2. Sweeeeeeeeet

  3. Hi Brian I really love all your stylish themes…

  4. Hey Brian, are you going to be taking the corporate theme and moving it over to Genesis? I was going to buy Corporate, but if you’re going to be making that move, I’ll hold.

    • Hey Jacob – at some point yes, and it should be one of the next themes to get moved over. I’d say safely within the next few weeks this will take place.

  5. Hey Brian. Hate to throw more on your plate, but I’m curious if there might be a list of items to consider before moving an older theme to Genesis. I have a couple people on AgentPress, and my pride and joy on Lifestyle/Church which has over 70 pages, almost 500 post, and several css/php edits. Is there more to consider other than moving over the images and php files for the existing templates?

    Wow! Sounds like I kinda know what I’m talking about!!!!!

    Also, do you have any plans for t-shirts with your picture on them? I’d sure like to get me one.

  6. I see this question answered (except the t-shirt) answered in the lifestyle child theme release thread.

  7. brian staveley :

    hi brian, i have the all themes package…does that mean i now have access to the new agentpress child theme?

    • Craig Tuller :

      Yes, if you are Pro Plus member then you have access to all of the new themes.

      Look for the Genesis Download Forum.

  8. I just looked at the demo – why does the navigation bar make such a weird jolt once the page has finished loading? Also, the featured posts don’t quite line up.

    Otherwise, the theme looks really nice and seems like an improvement to the previous one!

    • Craig Tuller :

      We don’t see any jolt .. ???

      • That seems odd – I just checked it again in the demo. Whenever the site finishes loading, there’s a split second and then the navigation bar elements jump ever so slightly to the right. I’m using FF 3.6.

        I’ll download the theme and try it locally, maybe my connection’s got hiccups. :-)

  9. GReat theme. I think you should open up the marketplace for Genesis, not only within studiopress themes. Thanks

  10. why isnt the property map and details showing up on my site with classic 1.02 on shared hostgator?

    after install of classic i also had some errors.

    please help

    • Craig Tuller :

      Not sure as we would need more details. Please ask on the Support Forum as we don’t give support via comments.

  11. Does the AgentPress theme currently include IDX integration? Or would I need to use a plug-in like Diverse? Thanks!