Apparition 1.0 Child Theme Available

We are happy to announce the release of the Apparition 1.0 child theme. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. Others can purchase the package here.

Apparition Child Theme

The Apparition theme is the 18th theme released here which has been developed to be mobile responsive in design. View all responsive WordPress themes.

Click here to see how the Apparition theme looks across mobile devices.

Theme Features

The Apparition child theme includes the following features: custom background, custom header, featured images, fixed width, mobile responsive, theme options.

Take the Apparition theme for a test drive…


  1. This is a unique theme. Reminds me a bit of Rafal’s site…maybe it’s just the circles though :-)

    It’s also interesting that there are no sidebars…or at least there’s no content in them on the demo?

    • I purposely removed all sidebars on this theme so that there would be intentional focus on the image(s) and content. As we move forward, we’ll be doing more of this type of thing. While Genesis is awesome in that by default it offers 6 layout settings, not all designs (in my opinion) should include them.

      • I agree. For my purposes (business-oriented sites) sidebars are almost always a necessity, but I can see the value of course of just having a single column dedicated to content.

        Regardless, I think the design looks great. I like the circular photos as part of the unique look.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more, Brian. Excellent work, as usual!

  2. The padding and circular submit buttons/images makes me happy. Awesome job!

    Also agree on the sidebar discussion. Definitely not a necessary element to a design, and I actually prefer this open, breath of fresh air approach – it looks great, and focuses solely on your content. I think too many people get used to stuffing unnecessary junk into their sidebars as it is. Not entirely their fault, as most designs center around at least one sidebar, and the designs tend to look like garbage when said sidebar is removed.

    Focusing your readers and allowing for easy navigation is where the magic happens.

    Ultimately, glad to see you guys branching out – can’t wait to see what’s next.

  3. Love it in blue.
    The footer is gorgeous.
    A different theme – good to have variety.

  4. I’m delighted to see no sidebars. I’ve done so many sites in a row with WAY too much info in the sidebars that no one will ever read (against my advice, of course).

    I like the zigzag Rafal style there. Good stuff!

  5. Sorry if I beg to differ :) I appreciate the design skills and good effort to make a glorified landing page, but many of us require layouts for real businesses, in particular interesting, complex, widgeted, magazine style layouts for those selling products, ecommerce sites, affiliate marketers and so on. Instead, each new design is more minimalistic than the previous one.

    • No worries, we’re all entitled to our own opinions — especially when we have clients that request different things. Good thing for you we have an updated coming to the Executive theme that should provide a nice homepage layout for businesses, and is a much improved design than the current one.

      And for what it’s worth, an updated magazine/news style theme is definitely planned, after the release of Executive.

      • That’s terrific news Brian, very excited to seeing the new magazine style theme now! Make it busy!! :)

      • How exciting, Brian! LOVE what you are doing with Executive and can’t wait for it! Thank you so much.

      • I’ll second that Brian.
        Love the new look of Executive – I can see business clients loving it.

      • Wow, smashing! Looking forward to have examine the new Executive theme.

      • Brian, you said… “an updated magazine/news style theme.” Is News or Magazine getting another update or are you referring to another theme?

      • Hi Brian, after reading these comments and others; particularly from the Quttro Child Theme release, I’d like to add my 2 cents worth:
        I think it is great you are coming up with different looks and layouts because ‘one theme does not fit all’. You constantly give people new options but most importantly I think you showcase what can be done with a website these days. Even though some might not use this new design, there are some coding that may be of use; and for me is the real power of Studiopress and Genesis. The ability to mix and match bits and pieces from different themes and their respective functionality makes building a new website enjoyable.
        Have you seen the new Yahoo layout? I echo some of the comments saying a site like that and msn with lots of activity, advertising spaces, tab and category sections that is spaceous and mobile responsive would be great to have.
        P.S. Executive-two looks excellent! Thanks for the hard work.

  6. Very nice theme. I’m going to recommend this to a few family members to see if they would want it.

  7. Great job guys, fell in love with this style after Rafal’s gorgeous redesign, definitely wouldn’t mind a few more single column themes!

  8. Is it easy to resize the width of these mobile responsive themes? Say to 980px instead of 1140px?

  9. A very fresh design indeed. And I agree that a sidebar needs to be functional. I am in the process of completing a site (based on Nitrous) for a small company that does not have a purpose for a sidebar – a footer is included however. Thanks for the Apparition child theme. Keep it up! – Wil

    • After examining Apparition, I have to admit that it is too bad that it is not possible to activate any sidebars. Apparently, the Genesis Simple Sidebars plugin is not supported out-of-the box.

      Although some designs do need sidebars, other times they just deserve a place. I guess the choice using sidebars or not should always be to the site owner.

      After the sour, some sweet: I love the way the round and oval shaped featured images are handled. Great job!

      Looking forward to your next business theme 😉

    • Seconded. I find myself customizing themes to have wider sidebars and NO footers more often than I thought I would.

      Making the sidebars wider properly takes a lot more time than yanking the footers :)

  10. A new design and new type of theme design from StudioPress…and unusual. I really like it.
    I think that sidebars have no room in this type of arrangement.

  11. Oh my…this theme makes me want to run over there & high-five the person responsible (is it you Brian?!) I can’t wait for the right project to land on this one…

  12. This is an unique theme from you Brian. I like the idea of removing sidebar and providing more real estate to the content. Kudos!

  13. This theme is very inspiring to me. Giving me ideas and stuff.

  14. Great job on a nice new theme! I’ve been wanting a minimalistic theme like this for a quick site I’m putting together, but didn’t want to go through and design it myself. This totally fits the bill! I’m always impressed with you and you’re team’s work. I haven’t ever regretted becoming a pro-plus member.

  15. Great theme; a quick query. What happens to the drop down menus (with submenus) on mobile devices? On the responsive demo above the frame stretches, but obviously with proper devices it’ll be different. Has anyone tried it?

  16. Great! I’ll be using this one for a current client. I also LOVE the Executive Two demo. Any hint as to when that one might be ready?

  17. Looks great. Can’t wait for a “News” theme update!!!

  18. Brian, you always seem to release just the right theme at just the right time. I’ve been looking for a while for a theme that I can use to market products. Kind of like a “hub” with tons of information on the thing I’m selling. This theme is gonna work perfectly for me.

    This pro membership (which I’ve had for a couple of years now) was the bargain of the century.

  19. Wow, I LOVE what you did with this theme. And the direction you seem to be taking with the Minimum 2.0 and this one is exciting to say the least.

    Now, what I would REALLY love, love so much that I am writing this comment just to say it, is a “Publisher theme”. For all the self-publishers out there, looking for the sharpest design to launch and sell their digital products. I would cry and sing if it where to happen.

    Great job guys! Impressive stuff.

  20. The theme looks cool. Almost like a photographer’s site.

    I’m so happy photographers are abandoning flash based sites with cheesy music, in favor of WordPress.

    I took a similar no-sidebar approach to my photo site because I wanted it to look/scale the same on phone, tablet, and desktop.

    My instagram pics started getting popular a few months ago. I posted shots from my adventure to Tikal.

    I really enjoyed interacting with people from all over the world. For many, english is a second, third or fourth language, so I needed the site to be easy. Almost all use a mobile phone to connect, so I needed the site to be mobile friendly.

    Mobile friendly and straight forward is why I went with Genesis.

    After a couple of custom loops, custom post types, custom functions, custom templates and a whole bunch of fun, I ended up with

    When users click through from instagram to my site, mobile friendly genesis really shines. Multi-column loops with thumbnails, exif info, geotag and instagram links.

    Now I need to put my copyblogger/third tribe hat on to start writing and molding an actual community! :)

  21. I love the arrange of the featured images on this new genesis child theme. It looks great.

  22. Hey Brian,

    Quick question. Does Apparition support the BuddyPress plugin? I just recently switched over and bought the plugin so I’m hoping this is so. Thanks so much for a great service!


  23. I can see using a circle for the preview but I would have expected it to open up to the full photo at the “read more”. All photos will only be displayed with circles… correct?

  24. Wow, I LOVE what you did with this theme. And the direction you seem to be taking with the Minimum 2.0 and this one is exciting to say the least.

    Now, what I would REALLY love, love so much that I am writing this comment just to say it, is a “Publisher theme”. For all the self-publishers out there, looking for the sharpest design to launch and sell their digital products. I would cry and sing if it where to happen.

  25. Is a really good theme, great job! One thing: I want back the ”just theme” link to buy more easily, i do not know where is!