Backcountry 1.0 Child Theme Available

StudioPress is happy to announce the release of the Backcountry 1.0 child theme. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. All others can purchase the package here.

Original Design

The design for the Backcountry theme was taken from the Viewport Magazine Site Template originally done by Orman Clark, and is being reused with permission.

Theme Features

The Backcountry child theme includes the following features: 6 layout options, 4 theme colors (blue, gray, green, red), custom background, custom header, featured images, footer widgets and threaded comments.

Take it for a test drive…

Screenshot of the Backcountry Theme

Backcountry Child Theme


  1. Nice one, thanks a lot Orman for releasing it on StudioPress Marketplace…

    • To be clear, I personally coded this theme, and we are releasing it here on StudioPress. The design was simply something Orman did and we worked something out with him to be able to use it for one of our child themes.

  2. Right on Brian! This looks awesome.

    Clean, crisp, creative, and easy to read.

    I love it!

  3. Look like lifestyle theme

  4. I love it! Its great to see some collaboration on it as well. Thanks for another awesome release Brian and Orman.

  5. omg – i’ve been working on coding a menu with descriptions for several weeks and banging my head over it!

  6. @Brian

    Well coded and designed in Featured Section areas. Like It. :-)

  7. Love it! Thanks!

  8. So, it is FREE design in PremiumPixels, then why don’t you release it as FREE Genesis Child Theme?

  9. LOVE this!
    Very nice…the menu descriptions are great- hadn’t thought of that and will def. be implementing that.

  10. Wow. This is a really nice theme!

  11. Pretty good. I like it because of its wider sidebar and crisp design. Thanks Brian.

  12. I was looking forward to a “slider” based StudioPress theme for a while now. This is excellent!!!


  13. I purchased this theme yesterday and tried to load the same in wordpress . I am not able to see those options from where I can upload the theme at wordpress . Can I not uplaod the theme in normal wordpress blog . Is it necesary I have to go for private hosting companies to do it for me .

    Also I am not able to see any of the tutorial at forum . It throws an error that I am not authorized to view .

    Please help me how can I use the theme that I have purchased it from you , else it would be a wast investment .